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Suspects & Sleuths Murder Mystery Design Guide

Book By: SteveDestiny

If you have ever wanted to write and host your own murder mystery party games but you did not know where to start or how to begin than this book is the perfect guide for you! All the ideas and inspiration you could possibly ever need to create the professional quality murder mystery dinner party games of your dreams are included here in this guide. You can create an unlimited variety of murder mystery scenarios and stories using our system. I present to you a step by step guide for not only creating unique murder mystery scenarios but also a guide to hosting the games you write and ideas for creating your own game components, props, decorations, and costume suggestions.

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What is a Murder Mystery Party?

A murder mystery dinner party game is an interactive live action role-playing game where your guests take on the roles of suspects or sleuth's and attempt to solve a murder. The host decorates their home to represent the scene of the crime and the guests attend dressed in costumes playing the parts of their characters. A murder will occur and the guests will try to identify the villain by investigating evidence, examining clues, and questioning each other until they can come to a conclusion. Murder mystery games are a great way to liven up your next dinner party and offer your guests an experience that they will rant and rave about for months to come.

Sure, those store bought murder mystery game kits can be quite fun, but there are a number of issues with them:

    • You may not be able to find a kit that contains the theme or genre you desire for the game you have in mind.
    • These types of games are only playable once. If you intend to play murder mystery games within the same circle of family and friends you would have to buy a new kit every time.
    • Indeed, you may buy a game kit only to find out its game structure does not suit the needs of the play style you had in mind. The difficulty level of such a game may be too hard or not challenging enough.
    • Other writers and creators of these kits do not know you and your players. What if you do not like the characters included or more importantly your players do not like them? What if you need a scenario for all male or all female characters?
    • Developers often do not know your personal preferences. The content and themes involved in the plot of those kits may not be suitable for all of your guests.
    • Most game kits are typically dependent on a set number of players to work. They may require more players than you desire or simply not enough.
    • Additionally, they can be quite expensive.

Writing your own murder mystery game scenario is the best solution to all of those problems.

Sure, you could read a few articles on the web and gather some general information on how to write a murder mystery game. There are also a few books on the market that claim to tell you how to write these types of games, but the content is usually quite limited. Perhaps you could read one of these books, follow the instructions, and someday, after weeks of research and hard work writing, finally end up with a workable murder mystery game scenario.

What are you to do, however, when your friends and family are asking you, or begging you, to create another game and you feel your inspiration has already been spent writing the first?

Where do you get more ideas and inspiration when you feel your murder mystery Muse has left the building?

Using this guide and my system is the best solution to all of these issues described. Here is why:

    • You get to decide on any time period, theme, genre, and whatever location you desire.
    • The games you create with this system are playable one time, but you can use the system to create a unique murder mystery scenario every time you desire with a new theme, new location, new event, new victim, new villain, new suspects, new clues, new plots, etc.
    • Not only can you decide on the structure of the game scenarios created with this system, but you can also customize them to meet the needs of the game style you wish to play. I will give you several variants for the games created with my system and various ideas on how to begin and end them. You can also control the level of difficulty in your scenarios.
    • Using this guide and my unique system, you have the flexibility to write characters for your game scenarios that will also suit the interests of your players, as you know them better than anyone else. You can write your scenario for all women or all men, or a combination of both.
    • My system allows you to choose whatever themes and content you feel is suitable to the type of scenario you wish to write for your players.
    • With my system and method you can write your scenarios for as many players as you might want. You can write them for six players, or one hundred. It's up to you.
    • Creating a new scenario is free; you only have to buy my book one time. You can create an endless number of scenarios with this guide using this system.
    • This guide contains numerous lists to provide you with a limitless supply of ideas and inspiration for writing a new scenario any time you want. My system is flexible and customizable. Each chart lists numerous possibilities to choose from and you are able to expand them as needed or desired.
    • I have provided all the information, suggestions, and advice you could possibly need in order to host your game event from beginning to end.
    • I include ideas for creating your own props, decorations, and costumes to be used in the game and information on how to create any game components you may need for a game. I also give you the ideas on how to achieve all this on a shoestring budget. You can make your games as cheap or as expensive and elaborate as you so desire.

In this guide you will find everything you need to create a super fabulous murder mystery.

Dear Reader, my name is Brianna Carlisle, and I enjoy hosting murder mystery dinner party games. Since you are reading this, I can make a fair guess that you might have an interest in not only writing a murder mystery game, but hosting one as well. With this book, not only will I show you how to write a murder mystery scenario, but also how to host it and how to play it from beginning to end. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or even an experienced writer, this book is the perfect guide for writing the professional quality, murder mystery dinner party games of your dreams.


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