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The Secret Explained: How to use the Law of Attraction: a Practical Guide to Creative Visualization

Book By: TheScribe

New Thought Movement and the (DVD) The Secret has much merit but both fall short on practical advice and cautionary warnings.
Mental Magic
Ceremonial magic, while it is an important facet of the whole, it is not as important as they make you believe. Ceremonies, costumes etc. are like are crutch to place the practicionair into an altered states, a trance that can be achieved without any costume or hocus pocus.
true magic is not obvious yet consistent. That is the beauty of it! You operate under the radar and everybody thinks you are just lucky or blessed, while you are making everything happen. This way you avoid attention and negative consequences or unwarranted animosity or envy.
People come to you for a good show if you want to show off by all means try - good luck. True, transcendental magic is not like that. You do not want to show off and do not want attention. You do things for others and a little for yourself.
Magical thinking is only partial of the whole - there are the vibrations of letters, colors and sounds can and will work with your mental effort on tandem.
Lastly, your invisible selves must be in harmony in order to work with the elemental forces. Your physical is only ONE aspect of it. The invisible is ALWAYS more important.
On a certain, mental level time and space does not exist, in addition all possible events are not only possible but actual and probable, as nothing is yet final, sequential.

In our so called "reality" much of that we think as actual and final event is in reality, just a perception based possibility of one in the trillion of permutations of the whole.
What finally "happens" is based on individual and collective visualization, ideas, current and old thoughts and karmic balance of positive and negative individual or group Karma. Nothing is by chance or happenstance, at least not the way most people think of it. Akasha, the fabric of the Universe has traces of the karmic information. Everything is choreographed to perfection. but to a certain extent you (the initiated magician) can alter and change it. You can also create! Conjour up things from nothing. In fact, that is easier than altering karmically defined future events. In the old days the rainmaker or the soothsayer was often killed when his/hers prediction or effort was not realized, but many times the desired outcome - rain was karmically not possible that time.
For example, a shuffled deck of cards, on the mental level where there is no sequence of time based events, any possibility of the shuffled deck is probable so a true magician can "invoke" any cards, to the low level thinker(neophyte) who is stuck in the trap of time/space fabric of this Universe cannot see that as a probability but as hard as it is to believe this - ANYTHING is possible when imagined and acted out on the mental body, which then automatically gets pushed(propagated) to the physical realm and becomes, final and "REAL".
This is the true philosopher's stone, the true empowerment!

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There is probably more rubbish written about "The Secret" or the "Law of Attraction" than anything else." The Secret is an "old vine", which has been put into a new bottle". The purpose of this book is to put it in perspective, explain how to use the Secret effectively, without setting yourself up for a disappointment.

I will not allude that I can explain the nuts and bolts of the "mind mechanics" to you; however I can offer some useful tips and several practical exercises that will set the you long way towards success.

In this book, there are references of the Secret (the principle and the "philosopher's stone" that we wish to explain and incorporate in our realm) and the Secret (DVD) that we dare to criticize for its commercialism and crass neglect of many important details.

It is of the utmost importance that the exercises are done in the order that is stipulated in this book, and that no attempt to move from one exercise to the next is made before the exercise is completed.

In addition to examining the Law of Attraction (the other name people use to refer to the Secret), I will also address other mental tricks and tips, which will help to expand on the mentalist's understanding of the secret, and also help them in their pursuit of it.

I did not write this book to gather proselytes to mentalism, instead I wrote it to enlighten the people who may already have faith but would soon lose it, following an incomplete school of thought. Finally, I do not wish to cause disillusionment about something that is immensely popular in one camp and referred to constantly as pseudo science by the other camp.

This book will not utter the word "pseudo science"; after all its meaning is not altogether clear. Is pharmaceutical chemistry a pseudo science? If not then how does it explain the phenomena of placebo effect? The fact is pharmaceutical chemistry cannot explain why their drugs work on some people and do not work on others. It also cannot be explained why sometimes they cause side effects and other times they do not. Much of the time wrong conclusions are drawn, other times conclusions are in the favor of "big pharma", by fudging the test. Nobody calls chemists "pseudo scientists", nor should they be. The fact is, modern science knows enough about the human mind just to be danger in itself.

In this book, I will attempt to teach the reader Eastern meditative techniques and mental focusing exercises that, in my humble opinion, should be taught in schools as early as fourth grade.

The theories and practices behind mental science, such as the Secret, are as old as the hills. They have been proven to work for a long time, and precious little is written about practices that provide self help with regards to the secret . This book aims to change that.

In closing, I full-heartedly recommend you to broaden your horizons and study Hermetic Science, Yoga, Kabala and Tibetan meditative practices if you are serious about benefiting from what I will expose you to in this book.

Thought Control Exercises

Discipline of thoughts and subordination of thoughts are the mental exercises that you must master before any attempt to use the Secret.

It must be said that modern maladies such as ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) could be lessened or even totally eliminated if the exercises described thereon would be more prevailing in the training of school children and adolescents. Furthermore, these exercises are seemingly not hard but we must set aside time to practice them every day, which with our busy schedule is often a formidable task.

The average person has thoughts fluttering in and out of his mind during the day. With the volume of thoughts and formidable distractions these thoughts are all weakened and feeble. A trained person selects his thoughts that he allows into his mind. With the limited volume of thoughts, the ones that are allowed to enter are nurtured and magnified. This is especially describing what concentration is.

A hint to mental exercises

The saying; "I cannot live with myself as I am", is nefarious idea but sadly quite common in our society. People are stressed out and depressed or live with occasional high anxiety. However, the very statement is the key and solution to some of the issues plaguing us. The self is not one; when we say "I cannot live with myself", we imply that we are two.

One can be observer and the other can be observed. This way, we can monitor ourselves and be aware of the thoughts and ideas going through our mind. This awareness is crucial to practice these exercises.

Exercise 1

Observation of your thoughts

Take a comfortable position either sitting or lying down. Imagine that you are the observant of your thoughts. Notice the smallest fragments of thoughts that come into your mind. If you feel the urge to fall asleep, sprinkle cold water on your face to stay awake. Do this exercise for one minute in the beginning, extending it by each day of successful practice until you reach ten minutes. It is preferred that you do this exercise twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. Do not rush this exercise. Take your time and notice your interruptions. It does not matter what the interruption is, rather your own reaction to it.

You will realize that, at the beginning, thoughts rush on to you, and they will pass you so rapidly that you will have difficulty recollectinga lot of manifold thoughts. But from one exercise to the next, you will observe that thoughts become less chaotic, moderating little by little, until at last only a few thoughts emerge in your consciousness, arriving as it were from a far distance.

Exercise 2

Control of your thoughts

(this is a quote from Bardon's IIH)

"The next exercise will consist in not giving way in your mind to thoughts obtruding, unwanted and obstinate. For instance, you must be able not to occupy ourselves any longer with the tasks and worries of your job when you come home from work and return the family. This ability to focus and control of thoughts must be practiced daily and kept up for the rest of your life. Do not attempt further exercises until you are perfectly mastered exercises 1 and 2."

Exercise 3

Focusing on one idea (again a direct quote from IIH)

"Now you must learn to focus on one single thought for an extended time. You must banish all relating or obtruding thoughts from your mind as soon as they pop up. You will find that you can only manage this for a few seconds, but with each exercise you should strive to extend this up to ten minutes."

Exercise 4

After mastering exercise 4 you can progress further. The next task is to lean the absolute vacancy of mind. Take your favorite position, relax and energetically dismiss any thoughts coming into your mind. Initially this will be only possible for a few seconds, but with practice and determination you will eventually reach your goal, which is 10 minutes. You must be able to comfortably reach 10 minutes several times consecutively before you can consider having mastered this.

Keep a notebook of these exercises and carefully jot down the length of each exercise, the time and date when attempted, and also any tricks and tips you have discovered along the way.

Introspection Exercise

Exercise 5


There can be no mastery of the secrets of the Universe before you have mastered yourself. You must be able to know and accept your weaknesses, and character flaws as your strengths.

Make a list of all character traits, good or bad, in your notebook. Be brutally honest; after all, it is you. Do not lie to yourself. If you sincerely wish to practice the secret alchemy outlined in this book, there can be no stones unturned or doors unopened when self-examining your soul.

This list you develop must not be shown to anyone, it is for you only. Use self-hypnosis outlined in this book to correct the negative traits.

Breathing Exercises

Exercise 6

It is important to learn to breathe properly. As we are attempting to perform magic we must be cognizant of using the elements of air. By normal or unconscious breathing, the body is supplied only with as much elemental substance as is necessary for its normal sustenance. It is quite different with conscious breathing.

When you put a thought, an idea or an image (no matter whether it's concrete or abstract) in the air to be inhaled, it will become easier to materialize.

To begin, start in your usual comfortable position., Imagine that anything within the inhaled air; health, tranquility, peace, success, or anything you are aiming at, will pass into your body through the lungs and the blood. Focus on your goal positively, eliminating doubt and negativity from your mind. If you do this properly, seven inhalations in the morning and seven in the evening for a period of seven days, you goal will materialize. At any rate do not attempt other wishes or goal until you succeed with the first one.

Do not extend this breathing exercise to more than one half hour.

Conscious Reception of Food

Exercise 7

What you have learned about conscious breathing also applies to food. The same principle of elementary magic applies to food as to air but the effect is more solid. This exercise should be used for goals affecting the body or the material realm.

When consuming your meal undisturbed, take your time, and before you start imagine that your desire is impregnated in the food. This mental image must be unyieldingly strong, as if the food embodied your desire and by this fact it has already been realized. Now proceed to eat the food, slowly, imagining the desire impregnated in it, passing through your body down to your finest nerves. For this exercise any kind of food is acceptable, but you must consume it completely not leaving a morsel on your plate.

This exercise reminds many people of the Eucharistic mystery and the words of Jesus; "Take and eat, for this is my flesh; take and drink, for this is my blood", and indeed, the basic principle is the same, except in the Bible the explanation is not given of the true mystery behind it, as it is given here.

The Magic of Water

Exercise 8

Water is the most essential element people use daily for cooking, cleaning and drinking. This element is also the most receptive for impregnation of ideas and thoughts.

The temperature of the water must be cold to be used effectively for impregnation of ideas.

Note: A piece of bread as well as a hot soup or a cup of coffee or tea might be loaded or charged magically. This has no bearing to the water it contains. Water, especially at the temperature of up to 43° F (6° C) has a special magnetic potential.

Every time you are washing your hands, think intensely that by washing, not only do you wipe the dirt off your body, but also the blemishes from your soul. Think of failure, trouble, dissatisfaction, illness and the like being washed off and passed down the drain. Whenever possible, wash yourself under the tap so that the dirty water can run off immediately, and at this moment think that your weaknesses are flowing off with the water.

You can also dip your hands into cold water for a short while, and concentrate on the water's attractive force drawing all weaknesses out of your body and your soul. Be firmly convinced that all failures are passing into the water.

You can reverse this exercise also, by impregnating the water with your desire, remaining firmly convinced that, through washing, the power will pass into your body and the desire will be realized.

Creative Visualization

The good folks who had developed the Macintosh computer were aware that, the human mind thinks in colored pictures. Therefore, if we wish to access and shape our subconscious, we can do it most effectively with images.

This exercise, in some form, has been practiced in Tibet among the monks there. It is also known as the "Kim's game", from the novel Kim, by Rudyard Kipling.

In Kim, the game is called both the Play of the Jewels and the Jewel Game. Kim, a teenager being trained in secret as a spy, spends a month in Simla, India at the home of Mr. Lurgan, who ostensibly runs a jewel shop but in truth is engaged in espionage for the British against the Russians. Lurgan brings out a copper tray and tosses a handful of jewels onto it; his boy servant explains to Kim.

"Look on them as long as thou wilt, stranger. Count and, if need be, handle. One look is enough for me. When thou hast counted and handled and art sure that thou canst remember them all, I cover them with this paper, and thou must tell over the tally to Lurgan Sahib. I will write mine."

They contest the game many times, sometimes with jewels, sometimes with odd objects, and sometimes with photographs of people. It is considered a vital part of training in observation; Lurgan says:

"[Do] it many times over till it is done perfectly - for it is worth doing."

Exercise 9

Relax, start slowly with a breathing exercise, auto-suggest complete success and formidable skill in visualization, tell yourself that doing this is easy.

Now, place an object in front of you. Set your gaze upon this object for as long as it takes, study it in every detail possible its color, shapes, fine contours and minute details. Notice its marks and blemishes if possible. Now close your eyes and picture this object. In the beginning this will be difficult. If it helps hold the object in your hand and then close your eyes. It is possible that in the beginning you will have difficulty seeing the colors and the image will only be in grayscale and for a very short time only. Do not worry about this, it is normal. You are only untrained.

I have experienced that choosing an object that had emotional attachment to me was great help in practicing visualizing it. I have a Swiss army knife that my father cherished. It has two colors and a simple shape, yet the blades and other items pose an intricate detail to visualize.

If you find this exercise difficult and have small children, colored shapes of a sphere, a cube or a triangle can be a very useful object to practice on.

At the beginning, do not exercise longer than 10 minutes, but after a while you may extend the exercise little by little up to 30 minutes.

In order to note disturbances you could use rosaries and count down the rosaries at every occurrence of a disturbance; the importance of this is not to count the disturbances, rather to learn how you deal with them. The purpose of the exercise is completed if you can hold onto one object for 5 minutes without being interrupted, (which is not going to be easy.)

Do not progress to this step unless you have totally mastered the above exercise (exercise 9). Now you must learn to visualize with your eyes open.

Exercise 10

Start this exercise the same auto-suggestive way as with exercise 9 before. Place a blind fold in front of you along with the object of your choice. Start visualizing the object after gazing upon it with your eyes closed with the blind fold. After a while during the visualization process, uncover your eyes by sliding up the blindfold to your forehead. You will notice light coming through your eyelids even before the eyelids are lifted. Now, if the image is still held, open your eyes and make every attempt to keep the visualized image. This will be difficult in the beginning as other visual stimulus overwhelms the mental image, of which our exercise revolves around. After some time and practice you will notice that it is possible to do it. Especially if you successfully auto-suggested "success" before you began.

Poke Runyon also suggest using a pair of shooting muffs if you are in a noisy environment as well as black cloth on the table for visual contrast. Do whatever works for you.

This exercise is complete if you can visualize an object with your eyes opened for 5 minutes.

Exercise 11

Now that you have mastered visual exercise, you should move onto auditory exercises. You must be able to imagine hearing a sound. The requisite detail is that you must imagine the sound, such as ticking of a wall clock, WITHOUT the visual image of the clock. This is important. As soon as a visual image emerges in your mind, you must banish it using the skills you have learned in the "emptiness of mind" exercise. Other auditory exercises might be hearing a gong, of course, without the visual image of the gong. If you can hold onto this sensation for as long as 5minutes, your exercise is complete.

Exercise 12

Once you have mastered exercise 11, you can practically choose any physical sensations. You should do as many as you can. For example, concentration of various odors. Imagine that you are smelling the scent of various flowers such as roses, lilacs, violets or some kind of perfumes, and hold on to this sensation without allowing ANY pictorial image of the respective flower to emerge. Also try to practice with unpleasant smells of different kinds. Exercise this kind of concentration until you are able to imaginarily bring about any scent at will and keep it for at least 5 minutes.

Exercise 13

This next exercise is about imagining taste. The sensation of sourness, bitterness, sweetness etc must be practiced using your imaginative power. Without thinking of any food or drink or without imagining the same, you must be able to do this. Again, you have mastered this if you can take any taste, pleasant or unpleasant and hold onto it for the magic number, 5 minutes.

Exercise 14

This next exercise is general sensory concentration. Try to produce the sensations of cold, warmth, gravity, lightness, hunger, thirst, and tiredness, and hold on to this feeling for at least 5 minutes without the slightest visual or auditory imagination. If you have acquired the faculty of concentration in such a degree as to be able to produce ANY sensation you like and hold it fast, you may pass on to the next exercise.

You, the reader will meet with smaller or greater difficulties in practicing these concentration exercises. This means that the cerebral function with respect to the concerned have been neglected or imperfectly developed.

Concentration exercises performed with all the five senses strengthen your mind, your willpower, and you learn not only how to control all senses, but also to develop and finally project them perfectly. You as the practitioner must have all these senses developed equally, and you must be able to control them with ease. These exercises are of paramount importance for your development, and therefore should never be omitted.

Sharing our Experiences

Many people after reading this book will go on the internet in search for other tips and guides. I admit some authors like Franz Bardon and other experts I have relied upon writing this book make this sound too easy. Others project incomplete information.

It is unlikely that you will find people sharing their innermost experiences, or failures for that matter. Whether it is success or failure, one thing people must learn dabbling into Magic (either it is Bardon's or Crowley's) is that secrecy is important. Bardon makes things seem easy if you just read his book, Initiation into Hermetics.

The trick is that magical abilities go hand in hand with Spiritual maturity and advancement. One cannot precede the other. So, I suggest you keep on trying but at the same time acknowledge the need of spiritual advancement which is striving service of humanity and meditation.

When attempting to manifest desires it is useful to start with an altruistic desire, i.e. Desire something for someone else, in need. I know from experience, this works! After a while when you have honed your skill, you can attempt to desire things for yourself. However you must note; during this entire experience you will be constantly tested. Powers that are naturally and inherently yours can be blocked and vice versa. Remember once more, the Secret works but it is not like we can all wish for whatever we whimsically want.

"Takers can fall on hard times but givers keep on giving, in good times and in bad."

Our non-Physical Extensions

Some describe this as a septenary existence, where they count the seven existence of everything there is. Some count these layers of existence as nine, but for the sake of simplicity I just use three layers - mental, astral, and physical. Since the demarcation from one level to another is murky the numbers we pick is not important.
The three worlds or "planes" are as follows: the mental plane is the highest reality, save for the undivided akasha, and is the true and eternal ego. Where the akasha is in a sense the world of ideas, it is the mental plane that sets these ideas in motion. The astral plane is the next one down and contains the archetypes of the physical world and to some extent the vital energy behind it; the physical world is the lowest of the planes and requires little explanation. Each of these worlds forms a matrix for the world below it. Since humans also have three bodies corresponding to their presence in each of the three worlds, severing the link between any two of these bodies will cause the dissolution of the lower forms (or death). Such things as astral projection are still possible as they only involve loosening the hold between the bodies.

The reason this is important is that we often think that the source of all is the physical and that somehow extends out to the higher spheres. The reality is the exact opposite. Our nervous system and biology is controlled and affected by our "doppelganger" at the mental layer. To be able to do extraordinary things we must have these three/nine/seven layers in synch - perfect harmony. When you are finished with the exercises in this book, there are exercises for all the three levels and we must gradually condition the invisible as well as our physical realm.
In order to heal or be healed we must first be effective on the mental level and if successful the result will automatically be propagated down to the physical.
The theory of ascension is also tricky because we exist simultaneously on all the levels. Ascension is actually unblocking the link and awareness of these layers.


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