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My Weekly Top 10 (44): (oct 26 - nov 01, 2008)

Book review By: bubbly

It's TOP! It's 10! It's HOT!

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My weekly top 10 (44): (oct 26 - nov 01, 2008)
1. DEREK LAURENS- lizard's lair: a novella prequel to "the survivors"
2. NICHOLAS WATSON - seasons of emotions
3. SAINTCYNOSURE - death sweet death
4. JAY MAGEE - the operation
5. SARAS - dawn - chapter 1
6. CHERRI OSWALD - olympics watching
7. JANESNEWBEGINNING - the love I have for my husband
8. NDOMINGUEZ - madly spinning world
9. VERACITY - who should we blame?
10. MOONBEAMERGIRL - dear bella, love edward
DEREK LAURENS - He is an attorney by profession but the writing bug bit him and out came G Bryan Smith's "lizard's lair: a novella prequel to "the survivors"". A published book, it is all about the sci-fi adventurous tale of Landry and Adams. They are the crew of starcraft Aurora. They later learn the crew of The Green Horizon has been enslaved by a lizard-like race. FUTURISTIC
NICHOLAS WATSON - We all have our mood swings and undergo emotional changes - happy, sad, love, hate, anger, fear, joy, acceptance, surprise, etc, etc. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes something else. It is a constantly changing of the state of our mind. Nicholas in his poem "seasons of emotions" has happiness of sunshine, sadness, anger, peace. SEASONAL
SAINTCYNOSURE - It has been said, man was born to die. Some of us crave fro immortality or at least, that we should go on living. But wishes remain wishes. Saintcynosure in his poem "death sweet death" does not want to (what else!) die. Death has paid him a visit. He refuses to answer its call. He pleads her to claim someone else for the grave can wait. SWEET, eh!
JAY MAGEE - There are times in a marriage when either the wife or husband strays. So what happens to their relationship? Is there any love left then? Jay in his short story "the operation" has one such couple. The wife is about to undergo an operation.The husband remembers his straying and feels guilty. All love and faithfulness towards his wife returns. The bonding is renewed. POWERFUL
SARAS - If we analyze our individual lives, we will find we have been constantly traveling, be it in our city or abroad. We have been moving forever. This is our constant change. Saras in her novel "dawn - chapter 1" tells the story of Rosemary, who moved from the warmer climes of Mumbai, India to cold of Suffolk, England. Life was good until she lost her mom and even her dad. SAD
CHERRI OSWALD - Recently the Olympics came to a conclusion in China. The thrill, the winners, the feelings of cheer and exuberance and much much more was there for us to feel and enjoy. Cherri brings it all out in her poem "olympics watching". Most of us became couch potatoes with popcorn flying (in the mouth as well as around). Those resounding cries of joy still reverberate. SPORTY
JANESNEWBEGINNING - If jay could write about a husband's renewed love for his wife, can Jane be left behind? She professes her innermost feelings for her husband Jason. In her poem "the love I have for my husband" she thanks him for his help in making her cheerful. Since he came into her life, she feels complete. Four years of marriage, this is heaven on earth. LOVELY
NDOMINGUEZ - So much is happening around us in the world that life has gone topsy-turvy. What with wars, turmoil and battles galore, we have our hands full. Ndominguez brings it all out in her poem "madly spinning world". Present times are chaotic and the world itself has gone out of our control. It's nothing like the peaceful life. People fight, peace is shattered but there is HOPE!
VERACITY - If Ndominguez talks about wars in the world, Nikhil has another equally important matter to write about - our conscience. He wanted to help the village children by forming an NGO but his teachers discouraged him. In his poem "who should we blame?" he asks who has to be blamed for the hungry child left on the pavement or a youth left lame by a rushing car or… THOUGHTFUL
MOONBEAMERGIRL - We all are smitten by "Twilight", Bella and Edward Cullen. And why not. It is the rage among us. So, if there are spin-offs about it, that shouldn't come as surprising. Teddy in her short story "dear bella, love edward" was always taken in by the romantic words of Edward for Bella. Here she has Edward write the most romantic letter to (who else!) Bella. CREATIVE
(Well, well. This week's "joke" is a slanderous attack on Obama. Today, slander has become the order of the day but it is still not finding acceptance. There is no bonhomie or camaraderie left. There are more sick minds around than encouragers and appreciators.)
After Barack Obama claimed to have campaigned in 57 states, John McCain should have sent him the name of a good Alzheimer's specialist.
John McCain rolled up his sleeves and went offshore in the Gulf of Mexico looking for oil for American drivers. Barack Obama responded by going to the shores of Hawaii, taking off his shirt and oiling up his torso for American soccer moms.
Barack Obama's camp claims that John McCain was cheating in their first forum appearance because he actually gave straight answers to the questions. Politicians aren't supposed to do that.
Any candidate that John McCain picks to be his vice president will necessarily be a younger candidate than he is. Any candidate Barack Obama picks to be his vice president will necessarily be better candidate than he is.
It's a hard election for conservatives this year. They'll have to hold their noses tight in order to cast a vote for John McCain. But they'll have to hold on even tighter to their wallets if Obama gets elected.
The sad fact is that if John McCain is elected President he might not last another four more years. A sadder fact is that if Barack Obama is elected President then America might not last another four more years.
until next week...CHEERS!... and lots of luv and kisses...and...and...(I said SHUT UP!!!)


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