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My Weekly Top 10 (59): (feb 08 - 14, 2009)

Book review By: bubbly

It's TOP. It's 10. It's HOT!

VALENTINE – Love Is In The Air

The cupid and the lovey dovey align
Chocolates, cookies, cakes beeline
Love and romance heartily combine
Evoke twogetherness that is divine

Casts spell - from Justine to Elaine
Goes down well, makes us feel fine
Kiss aphrodisiac, emotions genuine
Makes her heroine, calls his hotline

Lets you loose to soar and imagine
Streets filled with violets, jasmine
Strikes at canine, feline, Katherine
“I Love You” is the best mushy line

It is OURs and not yours or mine
Hearts beat as clock strikes nine
Dead come alive, love they opine
Right from Pakistan to Palestine

Love even sweetens bitter quinine
Happiness is eternal, it can refine
At Romeo Juliet’s shrine, love shine
Hearts and feelings meet and twine

Day’s importance – don’t undermine
All say – Hello, Be My VALENTINE
Flowers – from roses to woodbine
Love acts as a sweet pill xenurine

Love birds fly free as a yeldrine
Their tales are read at web zine

Anastasia Starlena and Fantasy Deception are two friends cum sisters. Their poems reflect love and romance in no small measure. It just seems right to feature them in this Valentine’s Day issue. When you think of them, your emotions and feelings come alive. Their poems transport you to the realm of love, romance and Romeo & Juliet. The day feels better just reading their soulful verses. Atta, girls!

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My Weekly Top 10 (59): (feb 08 - 14, 2009)
1. Anastasia Starlena - my last breath i take
2. Fantasy Deception - precious little angel
3. coleybear - a night to remember
4. krissibear - relationship hurt
5. xXjadedjunaXx - you're undeserving of all of the above
6. nid - me singing beyonce-if i were a boy
7. parisa sweetheart - what could hav been…
8. BackoffBoogaloo - courtney (ballad)
9. Xavier Zumba - i remeber
10. shadows revealed - the only road
Anastasia Starlena - Now, now. Love is always associated with blissful pain and even death. You will find it incredible but it is so. At least, Ana feels it this way. In her poem "my last breath i take" she wants her lover to be by her side. She wishes to be lulled to eternal sleep with his lovingly moving words. They touch her heart. They move her SOUL.
Fantasy Deception - When you love deeply, your emotions are raw and pure in their intensity. Words pour through when a dear child dies. You cannot hold yourself. It is this emotional chaos FD brings alive in her poem "precious little angel". A mother loses her young child. She is inconsolable. Her hope lies in meeting her again. And she does. MESMERISING!
coleybear - Well, well. If love poems did not quench your thirst, here is steamy romantic story that will transport you into another world (night). Nicole in her short story "a night to remember" spends a night with her lover Chris that is hard to forget. The moments they spend together being lovey dovey are something she will ever remember. How can she forget his touch? SENSUAL
krissibear - If Nicole talks about her relationship, can Kristen be left behind. But that one was about togetherness and love, this one is about break-up and hurt. She in her poem "relationship hurt" thought she knew him well. She also thought they could be together. But she was wrong. Now, she tries to be strong about the failure but the hurt won't go away. AIYA!
xXjadedjunaXx - Here is another one on the same lines as Kristen. We try to give love selflessly but unfortunately to an undeserving one. It is too late to realize this fact. Jade in her poem "you're undeserving of all of the above" loved and thought highly of a guy. She soared high like a dove. But he ditched her. She is strong and accepts the truth. BRAVO!
nid - Wow. If only I could sing (this is just a wish.) So, here we have a budding singer, who has modeled himself after a singing diva! It comes out fine Nid in his misc "me singing beyonce-if i were a boy" has written and sung a soulful song. A promising artist, his lilting voice will take your breath away. A charming song comes alive. EARFUL!
parisa sweetheart - Having high and low moods is part of life. How we deal with them makes us or mars us. Parisa too underwent her lows. And out came her short story "what could hav been…". Her lover has parted ways with her mutually. But she cannot forget him. He is with the other woman. She will accept him if he walks back and work things out. HOPEFUL
BackoffBoogaloo - Aha. You have read about love in its varied forms. How about a ballad. Well, BoB comes up with his poem "courtney (ballad) ". He loves his girlfriend Courtney to death (his words). He has written this song especially for her. She shouldnt forget him and wait for him. They will be ever together. He needs her, he…he… She is the epitome of beauty. STARRY!
Xavier Zumba - Well, this week is definitely about relationships - soaring or dead. Xavier in his poem "i remeber" had a relationship but treated her badly. Everyone around him can see his unfairness. His mother and brother too are deeply upset with him. When he reflects, he realizes his folly. He turns towards her but she has moved on. Now he rues what could have been BEAUTIFUL.
shadows revealed - This one is so heart-breaking with its hopelessness. It just churns your guts out. Alexis in her poem "the only road" wonders whether she should keep moving forward thinking how futile it all is. She has lost all hope and will to live. She feels part handicapped when everyone is happy but not her. She is jealous of their happiness. Where is her SUNSHINE.
Take care until next week...CHEERS!... and lots of luv and kisses...and...and...(I said SHUT UP!!!)


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