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My Weekly Top 10 (103): (dec 13 - 19, 2009)

Book review By: bubbly2

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It's TOP! It's 10! It's HOT!

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My Weekly Top 10 (103: (dec 13 - 19, 2009)
1. happyangel - my last flight
2. Jbortti - how love is cruel!
3. ezzy - as…i…see…time,
4. Sunset - companion rain
5. jack diamond - diamond- click click
6. suzanne capleton - ramorgra: the toll of immortality
7. sonicstoryteller5 - the rivalry
8. angelxgood - gaara love story
9. deannajoy - what happened?!
10. Twilightangel - broken beauty
happyangel - A dying person has a last wish and that wish remains unfulfilled. Cruel, eh! Joy brings a rare sadness in her poem "my last flight" Death awaits a little girl. She has a wish - to fly in the sky and that too with wings. She wants to see the flowers. She wants to dance and sing. She bids goodbye to her parents. She is just SEVEN!
Jbortti - Hmm. It is true, I guess. There is pain in love and there is cruelty too if what Juliano writes in his poem "how love is cruel!" is true. In his dreams he sees himself being kissed but he can't touch. It is just impossible. The atmosphere is romantic. But an eternal promise of him being hers is there. She too will be his. ROMANTIC
ezzy - If earlier love was cruel, here we find life is nothing less. Ezzy in her poem "as…i…see…time," finds herself growing restless. How will she survive as life has dealt her blows. Times are not getting any better. Each year is troublesome. She is losing hope with passing time. Once life was wonderful. She yearns for those days. Life is painful now but yet she is HOPEFUL.
Sunset - When rain comes pouring down, how wonderful it feels to dance and get wet under it. That feeling is indescribable. Sunset in her poem "companion rain" uses words to portray nature. As rain falls down passionately, it sends her into another world. Her eyes close with pleasure. Her sadness is washed away. She compares rain with her lover, who cheats and lies. Rain is faithful COMPANION.
jack diamond - When one is depressed, one can go to any extremes - even shooting oneself. But here shooting is not the case. Depression is. Jack in his poem "diamond- click click" is not crying for help. He wants to show his pain but is running away from people. He finds solace in his writing. His fears overwhelm him and he buckles under emotional pressure. This can be KILLING
suzanne capleton - Fantasy always fascinates us especially when it is coupled with romance and mysticism. Suzanne in her novel "ramorgra: the toll of immortality" tells the story of an ordinary country girl. She nurses a stranger. And she is led on to an adventure. She is on a journey to discover her past, to save lives and to end evil. She may be an ancient deity. FANTASTIC
sonicstoryteller5 - 'Sonic the Hedgehog' is a video game. It requires some creativity to create a poem about it. Eric Andersen creates magic with his poem "the rivalry". Sonic, Miles Tails Prower and Dr Eggman Robotnik are the characters. While playing the game, there is pleasure but there is pain too. Excite hangs heavy in the air. There are mighty opponents and there is cleverness needed. THRILLING.
angelxgood - Love stories make the world go round. Here too, we have a beautiful story in Sally's novel "gaara love story". It is the story of a beautiful girl Gaara living in a village. She has a good friend in Maria. Both friends look after each other's needs. And one day she falls in love with Kazekage. He too seems to be fascinated with her. LOVELY
deannajoy - When the guy you are going steady with breaks off, it can be the end of the world for many girls. Deanna in her poem "what happened?!" was dating a guy. And he broke off with her. He never seemed to care for her but she loves him dearly. Her head is filled with pain. She feels dead inside and cries. She wants to be TWOGETHER.
Twilightangel - We all place so much importance on physical beauty. But it is a passing phase. One grows old and faded. Life is continuous. This is the message of Twilight's poem "broken beauty". The world goes after a beauty. No one celebrates life, which is the only continuous part. One must fight for such things. This is highly inspiring. It can motivate anyone especially young. COURAGEOUS.
Take care until next week...CHEERS!... and lots of luv and kisses...and...and...(I said SHUT UP!!!)


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