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Entertain Me! Challenge Winners!

Book review By: Lady Elizabeth

Here are the winners from my Entertain Me! Challenge, as well as summaries from each entrant's story or novel. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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Entertain Me! Challenge
For this challenge, entrants were asked to provide their initials and were given corresponding words to be used in their stories or novels, one being an action, one an object, and one a place. These words could have as much importance in the story or as little as the author chose. They could choose any genre they liked. Novels had to have 10 chapters or more by the set due date of July 8th. Every entrant who wrote a piece and posted it was given a score, critiques, and a summary of their story (which you will find below). Only those entrants who met the qualifications completely were judged for the prizes. All entrants' scores and critiques can be found on as a comment on their story/novel.
Short Story Summaries:
"Too Loud to Last"
When the cat is away, the mice will play! Jan's mom has lost interest in her current boy toy, the ever-studly Joe. Jan wants nothing more than to say "Sayonara!", but Joe has other ideas in mind. Grief stricken and alone, he joins Jan in her bed, and things heat up from there. Will her mother never find out, or is it too loud to last?
"Girls at War"
What would you do when it turns out you share a new love interest with your best friend? Things get messy in this humorous tale of two girls who both find themselves chasing after the same guy. So settle into this cute read, and watch the punch fly!
"Her Broken Fairytale"
Kate has bad luck when it comes to relationships. Every time she tries at love, it is doomed to fail. That is, until one day she meets the handsome and mysterious Sebastian, who showers her with love and adoration. Kate seems to be getting everything she's ever wanted, but her fairytale turns to disaster. Hold out hope for Kate, though, as her bad luck turns to pure gold!
"The Midnight Visitor"
You know it's going to be a bad day when your dog dies. Don is a typical teen living in a low income family. He sleeps on the couch, his Mom works at Walmart, and his dad gambles on Friday nights. But one day, his life does a complete 180 when Death comes to pay a visit and makes an offer he cannot refuse.
"Be There For Me"
Lila and her family set out on a vacation to Cancun. Things are going blissfully until her older brother, Decker, starts to cause some trouble. Jealously runs rampant in this sweet story of a coming together of two siblings.
"Reverie of a Destitute"
One man, a street bum, has many dreams. Dreams of hope, dreams of warmth, dreams of a fully belly. If dreams are the outlets of our souls, what happens when we live our lives in a daily nightmare?
MissChildish (ECHO, MASK, EQUATOR)
"My Own Little Mistress"
Sandra plays the part of a good babysitter, playing dollies and dress up and catering to her little cousin's every whim. But Sandra has a secret! Her cousin lends her strength, but is it enough to help her deal with her own little mistress?
Ladyjulianac (LICK, JUNK, COUNTRY)
"Fire and Ice Cream"
What could make a girl sizzle with passion and shiver in delight? Love in an ice cream shop, that's what! Grace, new to town and opening her first ever ice cream shop, stumbles upon hunky fireman Jake. It seems that Jake has eyes only for her, and the two fall quickly into love in this wonderful story of romance and possibilities.
Mystic Dolphin (TRUST, JEEP, GARDEN)
"The Mysterious Garden"
A mother's trust is something you should never take for granted, right? Well, when one mother entrusts her son's safety to the new babysitter, that trust gets tested at the annual neighborhood 4th of July block party. When the child comes up missing, things get frantic, and answers are found within the mysterious garden.
WritingandThunderstorms (STRIP, ACTOR, SAN FRANCISCO)
Living the life of a slaveholder no longer makes sense to Madeleine, born and raised a southern belle in Georgia. But she has seen the light, and that light is San Francisco, a place where slavery is unheard of and intolerance is not an issue. She dreams of returning there someday, but will her dreams fade with the sunrise?
Novel Summaries:
Melanielegge (MARRY, SHADOW, LIBYA) - Deadline not met
"Imagine Libya"
A dark shadow lies over Grace's past, and it threatens to return. Is she just imagining things, or will the shadow come back to consume her?
Livelovewrite (IMAGINE, APPLE, CITY)
"Dreaming of the Big City"
When high schooler Ashley lands a prestigious internship with Vogue in New York, her hope of one day living the big city life seems like it might just become a reality. But along the way, there are bumps in road. Can she overcome those hurdles and make her dream come true, or is she just dreaming of the big city?
Irishman 1494 (MAROONED, DVD, MONTREAL) - Deadline not met
"Junkyard George"
All his life, Kyle Rickman has been lost. Lost in a strange realm of emotions, thoughts, pressure, and confusion. For fourteen years, he has stumbled through life, feeling as though he is missing something. Something he cannot explain. But fate has smiled on Kyle.... Now, in his darkest hour, someone has come to show him the light. To become his mentor, his conscience, his gaurdian. And perhaps the first real friend Kyle has ever known... (This is the author's own summary, as I could see no other way to summarize it so eloquently.)
CheetahBear (CHOKE, LOVE LETTER, LAS VEGAS) - Deadline not met
"Dancing for Dakotah"
As a young single parent, Daniel does what he can to pay the bills. His daughter Dakota is everything to him, and if that means dancing in the street to earn a wage, so be it! Their luck is fading fast, until one day a stranger makes him an offer.
BigSunshine (LEAVING, GARAGE, CAR) - Deadline not met
"Just a Junk Yard Baby"
Crystal Starr lives her life a little like a rockstar: lead singer of her own garage band, sleepovers with her best guy friend, and to top it off, a mysterious past… A good rock star always needs a little scandal, right?
Pepper Reynolds (PREACH, JOKE, RETIREMENT HOME) - Deadline not met
"Midnight Dancer"
Adam Breck, world famous actor and most eligible bachelor, is tired of his life. He has grown weary of the Hollywood fast lane, the constant calls, and the ever-present paparazzi. So when he decides to take a three month hiatus to escape his reality, he finds more than he bargained for.
"Love and Chocolate (Laxatives)"
Working in a nursing home has its perks: daily walks, lots of candy, and more than a few history lessons. But love? That was something Hunter Reed never expected he might find when he decided to take his most recent position as Nursing Home Manager. Uprooting his life and making the big move to California, can he survive among love and chocolate (laxatives)?
XxOneAndOnlyBellagirlxX (INVITE, ROPE, ALLEY) - Deadline not met
"Cries of the Eternal"
Blood is thicker than water, some say, but twins have the most powerful bond of all. But when that bond is trusted, and they are ripped apart, will they be able to reunite to stand against the cries of the eternal?
Matius, "Reverie of a Destitute" - Made me cry, it was so moving and beautiful! Please take the time to read this piece and absorb it!
Huskers1221, "Love and Chocolate (Laxatives)" - Interesting take on a romance!
I have to admit that my absolute favorite piece was written by XxOneAndOnlyBellagirlxX, "Cries of the Eternal". There are only a few chapters currently, but I hope she continues with it! It was truly the most entertaining story to me, and I wanted to cry in frustration that there was so little to read and enjoy.
Please check out these stories! And a big thanks to everyone who entered!


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