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highlighting some chapters

By: My Ria

Page 1, Through my lense... Drawing I did today...made mistake of trying to blend oil pastels and chalk...and people wonder why I take pictures!!

Through my lense... Damn. I WISH I would've had my camera with me that day. It was an unseasonably warm February day in 2011. When you hopped out of that car with no shirt on, I probably went about five shades of red. It was good there was a bench close by, Cause I had to sit and burn it into my mind...not that that was hard to do, images of you are always close by,inside me. I couldn't tell ya then but I can sure as heck tell ya now, it was pretty damn sexy. Yes, I said it. And I mean it. Sexy, intelligent, handsome, funny, imaginative, dark. Yes, I love even your dark side. And, the author.....i will have to post something I wrote about that back around aug 13 th. You're a champion author. Oh, how could I forget muscles?! Don't you remember those arm muscles and the whole biting the lower lip thing? Do you notice a common thread here? Not one of these things can any human buy with money. I am not a woman who is more concerned about whether my mate is a big whig ceo of some corporate business somewhere. And yes, I can handle the stress of all the crap going on with me personally...What you are sensing is that I can't handle all that AND knowing that you are staying away from me purposefully. Please stop. You would not be adding to my stress! Do you know how long I have wanted to hear, whether in voice or print, you ask me to go Somewhere with you? You don't need to impress me with expensive restaurants, etc. You already swept me off my feet just by being you! Having direct contact with you would actually help alleviate stress, not add to it<3

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