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Just some thoughts of the Twilight Saga... NOT A REVIEW

Book review By: RazzleColaYing

This piece of writing is just echoing my thoughts about the Twilight Saga, it's not actually a review.

Submitted:Aug 12, 2008    Reads: 194    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

The Twilight Saga...

The bestselling book about the forbidden love between a vampire and a human... It beat Harry Potter for two whole weeks in the Top 50 list of books in the New York Times!

My initial reaction to the very first book of the series, Twilight, was; it was boring. To me (as it still does), I found it a pointless recount of Bella's stupid, ordinary life. She whined and demanded things from her sneaky vampire sweetheart, who only dated her because she smelt appealing.

At school, everyone was reading it. It was a fad. As we talked about the shallow and un-interesting plot of the series, I kind of found myself telling others it was good! I tried to stop the words poruing out of my mouth!!! But, no... One of the two little people in my brain was yelling out compliments.

I decided to take a trip to Borders to read the second book, this time actually craving for more Twilight. It only took me about an hour to complete the the first five eights of it or so, and I was pretty much able to skim through it quickly. I found my eyes drooping, until 5 o'clock when I realised I had to go home. I was glad I had not bought it, because funding the author for a seven hundred page novel with nothing but depressed people moping around in it, was an entire waste of money!

However, things changed again! When I got home, I found myself looking forward to reading the next two books, and watching 'Behind the Scenes' clips of the Twilight movie. I was even looking forward to January 9th, when it comes out in Australia!!!

Finally, the other side of my brain spoke up. It was constantly whispering into my ear: "You like Twilight, you like Twilight!"

I confessed to myself (and publicly now) that I liked Twilight and it's fake-supernatural follow-ups.

So that brings me to where I stand now, confused about whether or not to like these books, and waiting for bella123 to lend me her copy of Eclipse to read. I have come to a conclussion:

Twilight is a shallow book that does NOT require much thinking to read. It is one of those annoying page-turners, so people just want to read more and more. It is something that I enjoy reading, though I dislike it strongly.

So that brings me to where I stand now, confused about whether or not to like these books, and waiting for bella123 to lend me her copy of Eclipse to read. It is frustrating indeed, just incase you were just about to ask, and no, I will not tell you what happens in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (I looked it up on Wikipedia).

Thank you for taking the time to read this painful and highly aggravating thoughts review of mine. I hope you enjoyed my negative behaviour and will understnad that you should go and read Twilight if you like that sort of thing. Good on you. Enjoy the rest of the day, unless you are a vampire and are reading this in the middles of the night, in which case I shall bid you a good day for tomorrow.


If you are 122333MexicanPeanut122333, bella123 or anyone else who enjoyed the series tremendously, I only wrote this to vent the frustration of my confusement. I apologise if I have hurt your feelings, and I am truly sorry if your Edward Bear and Bella Doll are crying.


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