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The Twilight Saga - Epic Fail?

By: xxXBeautifulMonsterXxx

Page 1, I have finished reading all four of Stephanie Meyer\'s Twilight books and have my own opinion based on the series. Lover or hater, you might want to read this

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn: Basically everyone knows the Twilight saga now and it has become a little 'cheap' don't you think? I started reading Twilight in December 2006 and finished by early 2007, way before the books got popular. As I am sure we all know, New Moon is the book that follows up to Twilight and that is great if you are a fan. At the time, I was not exactly a 'fan', I was just more of a 'reader'. I just read it because it was a good book and I exaggerate good because it was not amazing. Anyway, back to the point: New Moon. I loved NM way more than Twilight because there was way less Edward in it. I had grew bored of Bella's constant descriptions of Edward in Twilight so I thought spending time with Jacob was not a bad idea and at least she didn't go on and on describing how Jacob looked which was a relief. Back to the book, the worst part of New Moon was that SMeyer didn't describe the most important scene of the book in detail. When Bella cuts her finger on wrapping paper, Meyer uses no more than three sentences to tell you what's going on so its very brief. I was glad that the film captured it much better than Stephanie. After reading New Moon, I, as I am sure many others did too, claimed Jacob as my favourite character but little did we know that the good friend later on (Breaking Dawn) turns into a Paedophile. Well not a Cereal Paedophile, just Edward and Bella's 'daughtery kind of thing': Renesmee. From the second Renesmee was introduced, I hated her. She was the child of my two least favourite characters and had turned my favourite character into a PAEDOPHILE!!! And Eclipse, how could I miss it out? Eclipse is the third novel and comes after New Moon and before the rather perverted Breaking Dawn. Eclipse was probably the best out of all 4 novels so I kind of did enjoy it though too many vampires for my preference. Okay, so that was my brief review on SMeyer's TwiSaga. I hope we are all going out to the book store to by SMeyer's: The short life of Bree Tanner (An Eclipse Novella) PS You have to read eclipse before the book about Bree Tanner so you know who he is...

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