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Thank You Michael

By: Colby

Page 1, This is to my best friend Michael Taylor on here his name is MASHItaylor

Michael Taylor,

We have been friends for about now three years and it is an amazing three years. We have started our own show called Michael and Skyler Have Issues, we have been close friends for what feels like ever. We are our own brothers, when your at my house your Michael Barrett-Rice-Taylor and when I'm at your house I'm Skyler Barrett-Beach-Taylor. We have done the impossible of making bets against ourselves. It's hard to believe that I've had a friend as true as you. We both entered my contest under different names, you used four names I used one (Anonymous). We set up the MASHI1724 prouduction crew. I'm so happy that I met you because I know what it's like now to have a great friend compared to searching for one all the time. You accept me for who I am, you know about the awful past I endured and yet you still listen. You know I messed up alot, and yet you choose to listen where most people would ignore me, but your the bestest person I could've ever met. When Mark DeRicco moved away he said he'd still talk to me but he doesn't and you told me you'd still talk to me if you ever moved away and you still do. I wish you were a senior with me Michael so we could run off, yes we can take Kayla and the frappacinos. But I wanna always be your friend. Just promise me we won't stop being really good friends.


Skyler Cole Barrett

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