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Those who put us down!

Essay By: jerkulez

A few words to those who dare try to put us down

Submitted:Aug 15, 2008    Reads: 200    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

I write this piece dedicated, to a friend, who is fed-up with dealing with a-holes, who non-rightfully like to put people down, feeling happy when others feel like shit.

Well! No more, today we make a stand, on my tongue (since i am known to be a a tongue lashing person :), today we talk about those sick SOBs, they just piss the hell out of me; i am not a mean dude (but can be), and am self confident (maybe vain), so i never allow nobody to step over boundaries, or try to bring me down, even hurt me in that sense. But that's just me. not everyone is at luxury to de-attach or be self involved to not care about what others might think or do around them.

So why does the sick enjoyment of morons cost us, decent people so much pain; partly because, we do care about those around us, and we effect and get effected by others, so why is there those non-considerate fucks, and to what gain do their actions lead; we can either ask some of those pricks, but i doubt they will come clean, or i turn one myself and try to then revert to be non-a-hole and tell ya the experience, which i think will be a bit hard!

Maybe, they are player haters, lack some qualities and just feel envy of those that have them, and try to bash and ruin whatever good comes their way, it is easy to be a dick! only requires ya to stop using your head before talking, and i know we all sometimes do that, but making a habit out of it, shows i don't know, that you' re twisted, pathetic and totally not kool!

So, will it ever stop? Big chance no, doesn't matter if you change places you work, live or hang in, your just gonna meet the pricks of that new place, every where has those, and it seems nowadays they are tad bit to many out there than before, maybe high season time. As to why we get hurt, well 1. because our moms brought us up to be upstanding functional normal decent humans, 2. It's just not natural to be mean and twisted, 3. Being one of the overly sensitive souls and emotional beings

My advise, toughen up, shit is gonna keep coming your way, life is gonna continue throwing you curve balls, and you have to keep at it, till you hit a homer. Learn the lesson, deal with pain and never show weakness, you can't really shut pain out (unless your a ninja or master samurai), but you can learn to blow it off, to lean and not take the impact full on. and with time and practice, you will not care anymore, problem is, this can lead to indifference in every aspect of life, stop selling yourself short, the reason they are mean, is either they are just that or because you are far better than they can ever be, misery loves company, and only true friends will be happy when something good comes your way.

When all is said and done, at the end of the day, you stand on that much higher ground, that it shouldn't matter those trying to knock you off, picture it like this; self confidence is the ground you stand on, and friends are the shield that blocks the rocks getting thrown at ya

Really what anyone wants is a true smile, a pure feeling, from a real friend to know all is OK!


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