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A Rainforest without Monkeys and Parrots?

By: Juggernaut

Page 1, Tropicl rainforest covers the Puna district on the Big Island of Hawaii,suprisingly there were no monkeys or parrots in the forest. How can be a rainforest without monkeys and parrots? Thats the question Juggernaut was asking everybody here.

A Tropical Rainforest without Monkeys and Parrots?

Subba Rao


            Guava grows everywhere on the southeast in the Big Island of Hawaii; on roadside, marginal lands, people’s yard and even on lava rock near the ocean. Bananas along with avocado, mango and papaya seems to grow naturally on thin top soil developed over lava rock with abundant rainfall that exceeds over130 incher per year in the rainforest.   The wild guava has more seeds than flesh but hybrids are sweet with plenty of juicy pink or white flesh. While there are small birds with high vocal cords, the island is devoid of colorful birds unlike on the Caribbean islands, perhaps the Hawaiian Islands were far removed from continents for bird migration. But if a pair of parrots or parakeets got lost somewhere to end up on the island perhaps on a cruise ship, there is plenty fruits on wild guava and mango trees.

            Few Cardinals were spotted here and there; perhaps somebody brought from the mainland and let go into the wild on the island. Just imagine a dense tropical rain forest in Puna district on the Big Island has no monkeys, parrots, macaws or parakeets. The USDA shall consider releasing colorful birds and monkeys into the wild on the Big Island brought from the zoos on the mainland that were certified disease free to balance the eco-system on the Big Island and other islands of Hawaii. With plenty wild fruits, colorful birds and monkeys, and all the rain, it will be a real rain forest.  No tropical rainforest is complete without monkeys and parrots. Yeah.

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