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Live to Die for the Love of Mango

By: Juggernaut

Page 1, Mango is beleived to be native to India. Mangoes outside India too have superb quality; Hawaii is one of those places where one can get top quality mangoes.

 Live to Die for Love of Mango

Subba Rao


            The relation between mango and Indians goes back to thousands of years. Mango is native to India from there it spread worldwide wherever the climate suits its growth. Every mango growing country boasts having the best quality mango on its soil.  Trinidad and Jamaica have Julie mango; India has several verities’ each known for a particular characteristic such as for sweet juice, flavor, and flesh without fiber and so on.

            On the Big Island of Hawaii, the mangoes are superb in taste and quality as good as or better than Indian mangoes and this coming from a person tasted many varieties of mangoes from Indian and the Caribbean. Mangoes were brought into Hawaiian Islands from all over the world; Florida on the mainland USA, Philippines, South America, Caribbean and other regions from late 1700’s by Christian missionaries, ship crew and private citizens. From these imported varieties, the local research station developed varieties to suit local climatic conditions.  Mangoes from trees that grow on roadside and marginal lands are small and fibrous with a turpentine odor.  Varieties such as Gouveria, Pope, Keitt and Momi K grown in farms have excellent fruit quality in terms of juice and flesh.  There are other good mango varieties sold in the farmers’ market.  At 3 dollars a pound, every cent is worth for its quality and taste.  One don’t have to travel to India for good mango, Hawaii has best varieties too.  I am enjoying it.

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