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Ignorance: Christian Apologetics

Essay By: Mike Lachnicht

my attempt at apologetics its about my view on ignorants

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The darkest part of the world are the people in it and the darkest people in existence our those who are ignorant, those cast in the shadow of perpetual lack of understanding. Those who fall into the influence of knowledge are the people who succeed, who live in the techno-colored world where dreams and reality inter mix and breed three dimensional personas. Where myths hold sprinkles of truth and truth is ultimate in its perplexities. Ignorant people are cast out of this arena of play, this "fantasy" where myth and reality both hold reign. Where man is but a figment of some diluted mind, fantasy holds the most reign. Science is as much truth as fantasy. Within the many layered valley of fantasy where elves play and fight amongst themselves, man is seen wondering on the journey of self-enlightenment. Throw back the blinders of being alive, enter the mind and see what you see for that is all you can do and in failing to do so may you be cast among the ignorant. Lay down the sword upon which you rely and cut with a sharper weapon, your mind. For which is sharper a sword or a pen? The pen is mightier by far than the sword. With one pen a thousand soldiers may live or die, with one pen many nations may crumble or strengthen. The pen may be mightier or it may be weaker depending on the wielder. It is better to be counted among the man of philosophy, the man of science, than to be counted among the man of hate and bigamist, hate weakens the mind. Many of my fellow man has been weakened by hatred and ignorance that I am surprised that their mind haven't crawled out and died. Socrates said "Question everything" and in so doing I question whether those among the ignorant know for what they pre-mote: hatred, death, and destruction, what forms of humanity are these? Stuck forever in blinding darkness where the barest light of knowledge is garnished and used up. Words which are oft times repeated over and over chanted and promoting hatred as old as time "N**ger, N**ger, N**ger" a disgraceful act of mankind, "What is in a name that smells as sweet" says Juliet, what is indeed in a name, what is in defining something wholly true or wholly untrue, who is to say lies are lies and truth is truth? Who is by denying knowledge defending their position? Knowledge, o fruit of all evil, may Adam and Eve are cast out among the ignorant for denying the truth: God is grander than the serpent. Aristophanes said this "People among us, I don't mean the polis, remember this--- I don't mean the polis, but wicked little men of counterfeit kind…" and too this day those small man with small minds such as Satan fight to control the world in which mankind live. Spreading hate and murder through a society that breeds and multiplies, the criminal world, the prison, we all are in a prison in which death is the only escape. Life is the ultimate prison. Humanity thrives on life as the prisoners of the criminal world thrive on crime. "Jerusalem if I forget you may my right hand wither"-Psalms 137:5. May not one man forget that he is human first and may not one man forget where his heritage came from? May those who forget this simple lesson be cast among those of ignorance. To quote famous musician Matisyahu "In this maze you can lose your way (lose your way)/it might drive you crazy but don't let it faze you no way (no way)." A thousand miles begins with the first step, the first step on the road to knowledge is to find knowledge your own way whether it be reading, writing, or just going to school you should find the way of the world and reach enlightenment.


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