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Can The Symantec Virus be Removed From Your System?

Essay By: Philip Roberts

I like at one of the worst viruses on the internet and suggest ways to at least partially remove it and deactivate it.

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Like millions of students the world over, I was trapped in 2006 when, unable to afford anti-viral software, I accepted free software from the university I attended on the uni's free welcoming disc. None of the free software seemed of any use, except a thing called Symantec AntiVirus. I was a little wary at first, but when assured that it was made by big name software company Nortan, I assumed that it was safe to load it onto my PC.
I loaded it and found two things quickly. Firstly, Symantec is an extremely weak antivirus software, missing most viruses on my system. A fact that can be gauged by the speed of your PC/MAC. If it is incredibly slow when you have only one or two things open, this means that you have many (perhaps hundreds) of strong viruses on your system.
When my PC slowed almost to a stop, so that it could take an hour just to open a blank Word document, a friend of mine, Vita, who is a PC wizard, suggested that I lash out on the student edition of PC Tools Spyware Software. At $49.95 a year, this was a lot for a full-time student. However, PC Tools soon proved its worth. It soon detected nearly five hundred (500) viruses on my system and over the space of an hour (my PC had all but stopped, even getting PC Tools to download then run was not easy), it managed to remove all of the viruses and low and behold my system was working hundreds of times faster than previous.
So I decided that I did not need the useless Symantec software and tried to remove it. First problem: it has no built in uninstall mechanism as most (if not all) honest software products have. Secondly: Control Panel/Add or Remove Software could not remove it fully. Thirdly: when I went into C:\Program Files\Symantec and tried to physically delete the Symantec files by highlighting and deleting, the following files would not delete: Cliproxy.dll, Cliscan.dll, DefUtDCD.dll, DefUtDCS.dll, DefWatch, DoScan, I2ldvp3.dll, Navap32.dll, NAVLU.dll, NAVNTUTL.DLL, Rtvscan, SavRT32.dll, SymProtectStorage.dll, and a hidden folder VPTray.
SymProtectStorage.dll would seem to be the virus file designed to self protect and stop you from removing these files from your system.
Of course, you can remove anything from your system if you reformat your hard disc drive, this will remove anything including the most stubborn viruses from your system. But I am going to assume for now that you do now want to do this, because it is very time consuming and you need to have a total backup of your system and know where all of your system discs are. Like most people who have had the same PC for nearly ten years, most of my Windows discs are long lost. Yes, I know, Microsoft says to buy a built in wall safe and keep all your discs vacuum sealed for eternity! But in reality no-one actually does that.
So how can we remove the Symantec Virus from our system, if we can at all? I decided to do a Google search in the hope that this would reveal something. Yes it did. It revealed that there are millions of people around the world asking on the internet, "How do you remove the Symantec virus from your PC [or MAC]?" Not overly encouraging.
Deciding to give Norton/Symantec the benefit of the doubt I did a Google search for Symantec and found their site. Will they help you to remove their virus from your system? Yes, on one of two conditions. One, you have a purchased version and you are still paying manually for support. Two, if you have a free version, you can pay them for a year's support and they will then tell you how to uninstall it. It seems there is an uninstall mechanism for Symantec, however, they do not include it with the cheap/free versions, you have to pay for it.
Is the word Scam springing to the minds of anyone besides me?
At one stage I tried to download a free month's trial of Norton to test if it was worth buying. When I tried to install it I got an error message: "You already have Symantec on your system. You will need to remove it first before you can install Norton's trial version." Now if they had said, "You already have Symantec on your system. Would you like us to remove it so that you can install Norton's trial version?" Then I would have been more inclined to believe Symantec can be removed.
But with the message, "You already have Symantec on your system. You will need to remove it first before you can install Norton's trial version." I can only assume that either Norton has no clue how to remove the Symantec virus from your system, or … well, let's just say the term scam keeps flashing in my mind like a carnival red light! You need to buy a year's support from Symantec first, it seems, to remove the Symantec virus from your system before you can have a "free" trial of Norton. So much for the trial version being free!
Okay, well midway through writing this article, I had a brainstorm, which partially worked. I just went into the Start Menus found a file called Symantec Client Services. I deleted it, and this allowed me to delete manually by highlighting then deleting one file at a time: DefUtDCD.dll, DefUtDCS.dll, DoScan, I2ldvp3.dll, NAVLU.dll, SymProtectStorage.dll, and Rtvscan. Leaving me with: Cliproxy.dll, Cliscan.dll, DefWatch, Navap32.dll, NAVNTUTL.DLL, SavRT32.dll, and hidden folder VPTray. Which I still cannot remove from my system. Still I have made some progress even while writing this article.
Next brainstorm: I have just tried to use the DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) Shreader file on the remaining Symantec files. It failed to shred any of the seven remaining files or the hidden folder. So they are shred protected!
I have just renamed VPTRAY "crap" in the hope that a name change would allow it to be deleted. No such luck. I now have a hidden folder named "crap" which cannot be removed from my system.
Here's one thing I've just learnt from Google: Go into C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared and try to delete Symantec files in there. Well, here goes.
I have managed to delete most files from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared.
The ones I cannot remove at this stage are: ccEvtMgr, ccL35.dll, ccSetMgr, ccVrTrst.dll and a folder, SSC now containing only one file: vpshell2.dll.
I am now going to risk complete disaster by restarting my PC. After first backing up this essay!
Okay, I am back on my PC having chickened out a little and only half deleted the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared files, putting them into the rubbish folder, but not double deleting them.
I have since gone into C:\Program Files\Symantec and tried to remove the remaining files. I have removed: Cliproxy.dll, Cliscan.dll, and NAVNTUTL.DLL, and hidden folder "crap". Leaving me with: DefWatch, Navap32.dll, SavRT32.dll.
Now at this stage I am assuming that you already know how to go into My Computer/Control Panel to manually remove files from Add/Delete Programs? You will only get partial success with Norton or Symantec products, since they are designed to be unremoveable.
After this you will need to do as I have done above, go into C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared to manually highlight and delete files/folders. You may find you have to do this one file/folder at a time to get anything to delete. But you should get rid of most Symantec files. For simplicity I am assuming at this stage that you do not have Norton on your system, only Symantec. Norton and Symantec are made by the same people, but Norton is usually slightly less of a bugger to remove than Symantec.
I have just logged on again today. I have attempted to manually delete all remaining files/folders in C:\Program Files\Symantec and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared. Complete failure. No extra files were deleted.
I have attempted go into My Computer to do a manual search for Symantec. The Search located C:\Program Files\Symantec and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared. But again complete failure. I could not delete either folder, and when I opened each folder in term, I could not delete any extra files either.
So onwards. Next a call to Vita got me:
Back up your Registry. This is most important! If your system freezes regulary or is extra slow this may be caused by your registry mentioning folders that your system cannot find!
Once again, go to Start, and then click on Run. Type in regedit.
Go to the top of the Regedit window.
Click the plus next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
Go down the thread until you see Software. Click on Software and scroll down the thread until you see Symantec. Right click on Symantec and choose Delete.
From there go down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and search it also for Symantec/Norton. Restart your PC.
When I went into HKEY_CURRENT_USER there was no mention of Symantec or Norton. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE I found a Symantec folder and right-clicked and deleted it. I am therefore just about to restart my PC.
Okay I am back from restarting my PC and I have managed to get on again, and no yellow dialogue box opening in the bottom right hand corner of my machine, bugging me about Symantec not being fully installed. So I seem to be heading in the right direction.
I have also attempted to delete the few remaining Symantec files in Project Files. In C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared no success I still have four files irremovable: ccEvtMgr, ccL35.dll, ccSetMgr, ¸and a folder SSC containing one file: vpshell2.dll.
Under C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus a little success. I have removed everything except one file: DefWatch.
Okay, now back to regedit: I have attempted the rest of this procedure, but found nothing else to delete. So no need to restart my PC again.
Well at this stage I am left with six Symantec files on my PC, one in a folder and the yellow Symantec dialogue box does not open anymore at the bottom of my screen when I start/restart my PC, so I am going to settle for what I have got.
So, to answer the question in the title of this essay: The Symantec Virus. Can It Be Removed From Your System? No! Not completely. But you can get damn close. Close enough so Symantec is not running on your PC, and the irritating dialogue box no longer opens on the bottom right-hand side of your monitor each time you start or restart your PC.
Hopefully the above has been some help to you?
© Copyright 2010
Philip Roberts


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