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The French Colonization

By: samdaman

Page 1, A historical story based on French colonization.


             France started an exploration just like any other countries in Europe. They sent out many teams and explorers out and later in the 1600s, New France was established in North America. The French government was a monarch type of government. Everything revolved around the king and its decisions were not the most important but very important. Cardinal de Richelieu was king of New France by the time it was established. Richelieu wanted and everyone preferred to keep the religion of New France Roman Catholic. Churches continued and it was a Christian community.

             France sent out a merchant from St. Malo, named Francois Grave Du Pont with Pierre Chauvin de Tonnetuit , and Pierre Du Gua, Sieur De Monts with four ships and sixteen colonists set up a colonization at the “new world”. They are significant explorers from France that helped establish New France. They were very amiable with the native Americans at first and this settlement with the native Americans was called Tadoussac meaning: nipples and breasts. These explorers did not return to France however others returned to show France the success of New France and its settlement. New France colonization was off to a good start and was successful. 

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