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Black or White? Which do You Prefer?

Essay By: SmileValentine

Skin color is not an exact reason to judge someone’s worth. It’s not either necessary in choosing a friend or partner. Complexion is not a factor to start a system of ‘racial discrimination’. Always remember that the important one is the ‘eternal’ color.

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Black and White. The most common misconception among people regarding 'black' and 'white' is the thought that black goes for evil while white is for good. Example is the angel and a demon. I know demons can be depicted in color red, but let's just focus on black and white.

Most all of us are afraid of darkness. It is a childish thought that there are monsters and ghost and other supernatural creatures that mostly appears at night. During night, there is darkness, and when darkness falls; one color is associated with it- black. On the other hand, we all know that most of us sleeps during night and wakes up during the day. When sunrise starts to fade, that is the time to open the closed eyes. Daytime is the call time for the people to start working on their household chores, time to go to the office, time to go to school, etc. Daytime is the time to see the light after a long process of rejuvenation inside a dark room. If the darkness is associated with black, in contrast, the light is associated with white. In short, black is negative, white is positive; black is bad, white is good. In my opinion, this is what "Black and White" means literally-without any reverse psychology.

Now, let's go to the question. "Which do you prefer? Black or White?"

One time, inside the school library, my friend and I had a short talk, which led us to open a long discussion. Let me name my friend as "Babe". I asked Babe, "Which do you prefer? Black or White?" I know my question is too, broad and not specific on what kind of 'black' or 'white' is I'm asking for- a color, a cloth, a design. From my question, she straightly answered, "Of course, I like THOSE WHITES", which she means that she wants to 'have' someone white. It's not something, it's someone. I don't know if she misunderstood my question or what. It is understood by my instinct that my friend is referring to a person although she's not still saying if it's a person or not but it is understood from her answer. Then she continued talking. I have no choice but to listen. "I'm envy to those who have white skins. I just wanna have it, too", she added.

Now, it's clearer that she is referring to a person. Out of my curiosity, I asked her why does she like that such? Well, she answered me this way, "Simply because of attraction. They are the most attractive features under the sun. Besides, they are the most likable human being. That's all!"

From there, you can read between the lines that her skin isn't white as what she wanted to have-perhaps she has dark skin or not too, dark. I attempted to ask another question again, but she anticipated me before I speak. "Even in choosing a guy, I would choose the white one" she added. I just smiled and asked another question again. "Just somebody with white skin, I just simply like them", she ended the discussion with that answer. For the sake of the long vacant period, I shifted the question from 'black' to 'white'. "You said a while ago that you like whites, don't you? But why not black?" "Black? No way. Black isn't gonna be good to me. It seems to be imbalance" she answered directly. From the statement given, we can't make a judgment-what imbalance means to her; if it is imbalance to see the together? Or imbalance that she really don't like to have it?

In my opinion, maybe what she's trying to say is the balance of their colors. This is my explanation:

If she is dark, then she wants someone white.

Now, let's make an analogy about the earlier statements I have mentioned earlier. This is based on literal misconceptions of the people. Black: Negative; White: Positive.

But let's make it the opposite way. Try to look at a chess board. I know the chess board has only two colors-white and green. But sometimes, they make green as black.

NOTE: In one row, every square has different colors. The pattern is black (alternative), white, black, white.

My explanation about the pattern is like this:

In every white, there's hiding a black. Every black, there's hiding a white. And from the analogy, "Black: Negative, White: Positive" there's always "Positive" beyond negative, and there's always a "Negative" in every positive. That's my point. I would not go any further on this. I will just make a very short example.

Example is our skin colors. Not all people have the same colors. Each of us has uniqueness. Just an example, for example, people having dark skin are not always 'negative'. There's something hiding inside them. It's what we call 'hidden treasure'. You will never know how kind is that person by just simply looking at his/her skin color. Just like for those who have white skins, not all of them are kind. I mean, out of 10, there's one of tem who would appear as a "black sheep."

Skin color is not an exact reason to judge someone's worth. It's not either necessary in choosing a friend or partner. Complexion is not a factor to start a system of 'racial discrimination'. Always remember that the important one is the 'eternal' color.


I'm not generalizing the thought about all the people. I just made an example. Sorry for those who got offended. I hope no one did. xD



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