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Will USA be destroyed due to immorality

Essay By: tahir139

This essay examines the moral vices that exist in the American society and their impacts upon it....

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In my view and perspective, the Jews have really got the world by the scruff of their necks. Today it is impossible to make a movie let alone publish a book that condemns them and their ways. They are the movers and shakers in the United States and its no secret that Jewish Bankers and Jewish Families including the Rockefellers and Rothschild are the people who finance everyone and everything. With a kitty bag of trillions of dollars, they literally own everything.

They have used the entertainment and music industry for glorifying vice in all its forms. It is no secret that even the porn industry that uses women, men and children was started by the Jews. In the name of democracy and liberalism, the very vices that have destroyed nations of the past as mentioned in the Bible and the Holy Quran, are now prevalent amongst the Western nations.

Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their 'joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast'. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having 'to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an "up yours" to these people'. Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on lukeford.net), 'The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism.' Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. Porn is no longer of the 'what the Butler saw' voyeuristic type; instead, it is driven to new extremes of portrayal that stretch the boundaries of the porn aesthetic. As new sexual positions are portrayed, the desire to shock (as well as entertain) seems clear.

Immorality has been a curse upon nations; it is the poison that wrecks families and ruins nations. Indeed the land of Sodom was destroyed by the Creator for they pursued homosexuality. Now thanks to liberalism and in the name of freedom and equality, the civilized West has allowed for Homosexuality to be sanctified as if the USA has not already suffered due to incest, child abuse, rape, and every form of immorality in the book. Divorce rates are at an all time high and broken families are the order of the day not to talk of the immense impact and effect it has upon the psychology of youngsters.

I don't know how women can be declared to be safe in the USA when statistics show that one woman is raped every two minutes and ninety percent of the rapists are allowed to walk out free; free to rape again and again.

Many of the slaves today are girls. Born in America. Hidden in plain view.

They are the lost girls, standing around bus stops, hanging out by runaway youth shelters, or advertised online. At the Motel 8 or the Marriott, at McDonalds or the clubs.

According to the FBI, there are currently an estimated 293,000 American children at risk of being exploited and trafficked for sex. Forty percent of all human trafficking cases opened for investigation between January 2008 and June 2010 were for the sexual trafficking of a child. And while the term trafficking may conjure images of desperate illegal immigrants being forced into prostitution by human smugglers, 83 percent of victims in confirmed sex trafficking cases in this country were American citizens.

The majority of these children being sold for sex are girls between the ages of 12 and 14. They are girls abducted or lured by traffickers and then routinely raped, beaten into submission, and sometimes even branded. When the girls try to run away, their traffickers torture and or gang rape them.

When one talks about the greatest superpower on earth, one doesn't expect to read such horrendous accounts. But these are the truths that no one in USA can deny.

Then take the following excerpt that I took out of an article.

The ugly truth is that it is less risky and more profitable to sell a girl than crack cocaine or meth. The U.S. government spends 300 times more money each year to fight drug trafficking than it does to fight human trafficking. And the criminal penalties for drug trafficking are generally greater than the ones usually levied against those who traffic in girls. Traffickers, and especially the politely termed "Johns," are rarely arrested and prosecuted. Which explains the growing demand for vey young girls- at the click of a mouse, a "John" can purchase a girl online on legitimate websites like Backpage.com, with minimal fear of punishment.

Many of these girls who are bought and sold for sex come out of a broken foster care system. "Of the trafficking victims in Alameda County, California, 55 percent were from foster youth group homes. In New York, 85 percent of trafficking victims had prior child welfare involvement. And in Florida, the head of the state's trafficking task force estimates that 70 percent of victims are foster youth.

The unsettling news is that the American government does not think that rape or sexual slavery are that important an issue. But I think that each parent in the United States should really pursue their congressmen to pass a bill whereby the people involved in sexual slavery, child trafficking and women trafficking are public enemy number one and the use of force should be immediately implemented.

It is in the best interest of the people of United States that they doggedly unite in their ranks to challenge the people behind the porn industry and those involved in the entertainment industry; most of them are Jews. They are busy utilizing the media to destroy the moral fabric of nations across the world and particularly the United States.

The children of today are the future of tomorrow but if these children are exposed to sexual abuse, violence, drugs, alcoholism, porn and other vices, what sort of future will they have and what sort of future will USA have. Often sexual abuse and drug abuse destroys lives and though it is having disastrous physical, mental and psychological repurcussions on the American society but no remedial actions are being taken to curb those elements that are basically behind it.

In a manner similar to the government refusing to budge on repealing the gun laws in the country, in the name of personal freedoms the US government is perhaps unable to really confront the growing problems concerning gun crimes, homicides, drug use and a host of things that threaten peace and stability in the country.

It is a matter of immense shame that Americans and Canadians have introduced within school text books the perspective that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality. Once you do this, then it legitimizes those unnatural acts that have been condemned in the Old Testament and in the Holy Quran. Keeping in perspective that homosexuality was the very reason why the ancient city of Sodom was destroyed by God, do the Western nations not fear a similar fate for themselves.

Pompeii, the city of Rome was destroyed by the single blast of the volcano. During the times when the Romans had been in power, it served as a resort for the high and mighty within Rome. Excavations unearthed artifacts that would have put to shame modern sexual toys and paintings can be likened to modern porno pictures. Infact some of the stuff unearthed was so graphical in nature, that European museums refused to display them. But that was not all that was found. Bodies of people mummified in molten ash with their features clearly evoking surprise and terror clearly spoke of the suddenness of the destruction of Pompeii. There had been no escape for the people of Pompeii.

Coming back to the 21st Century, we find that today in the modern western world, that most of the sins that have been condemned in the Holy Scriptures have been sanctified and legalized. The Catholic Church today bears the ignominy of being condemned for the very fact that senior church officials were involved in sexual abuse of children and adults in their care. Once again the ugly face of homosexuality arose and this time it was the Church priests involved in it.

In a country where women are graced as sexual goddesses and where sex is treated as a religion of sorts, the moral fabric of the society has all but collapsed. Men and women undermining God and religion, have taken to unnatural courses condemned by the Creator. Adultery that is glorified is today the major reason why marriages break up and why divorce rates are high. Men and women have been turned into sexual predators unable to contain their lusts. And as a consequence you have single mothers raising up their children alone. Often the broken marriages and being raised up as bastards has a detrimental psychological and mental impact upon the children. They will grow up with major mental disorders and teen suicides are a consequence as well.

According to a statistic, one out of four, in the United States of America suffers from a major mental disorder. In a society, where materialism and money are graced as deities and where material objects are supposed to make the man content, and where people are categorized as ' winners' and 'losers' according to their material worth, it is clear why the society today suffers from so many stressors. It is not uncommon in the USA for parents and children or siblings not to meet one another for years at a time even though they may be living a few blocks away from one another. Instead of families and relatives caring for one another, the denuclearization of the family system and the selfishness and self-centeredness promoted by materialism and a materialistic culture have made the American society vulnerable to various forms of mental illness.

The welfare of an individual lies in a strong belief system and in a strong value system which can only be harnessed through strong faith in God and by following values that don't conflict with those listed in the old Testament or in the Holy Quran. The way to solace and peace in life lies in the worship of God or Allah and in abstinence in that which He has forbidden.

Within the Holy Quran, it is mentioned that peace and solace of the heart and the contentment in life can be obtained by living a life in accordance with the guidelines set by Him. Humans have been given the will to choose a lifestyle prescribed by Him or lead a life or to follow a path where Satan lurks along with His disciples whose main aim is to lead the person on a path that leads to misfortune and self -destruction and ultimately to Hell in the Hereafter.

It is given in the Holy Quran that when Adam was created, God or Allah asked all the Angels to prostrate before 'Adam' and they did but Satan who was a genie refused to do so adding that he was superior to Adam in that he was made of fire wheras Adam was made of clay. It was this arrogance that God did not like and hence Satan was cast out of Heaven destined for hell. However Satan lay down a wager with the Creator of the Universe, and said that he would mislead all His creation and lead them astray from HIS path. And Allah or God said that whosoever did will end up with Satan into Hellfire.

And the mode in which Satan attacks human beings is to make every immoral thing attractive. He instils within human beings an arrogance; the arrogance of refusing to act upon the path of righteousness and salvation which lies in prayers and His remembrance. This is how Satan, the master of deceit, deceives humanity making them chase all their passions and desires; making good seem bad and bad appear good to them. And since humans are basically weak minded, they commit one sin after another and these sins include adultery, lying, deceit, murder, back biting, envy, vanity, arrogance and a host of other sins which are all punishable in the Hereafter.

Instead of leading our lives according to His commandments, most of us are busy leading our lives chasing our every passion, lust and desire. Societies and nations today have become abodes and bastions for every form of vice; vices and crimes that should be checked but what we find in most Western and Islamic nations as well is that there are no checks and balances being undertaken to check the sources that are involved in spreading evils within societies and nations.

Within most countries today, a small minority of the population controls the wealth and resources of the nation whereas the rest are being made to live lives battling for survival. And in the process, a number of nations especially the poor ones have become bastions for terrible injustices and poverty. Even in the USA which is the sole superpower of the world, you find under capitalism a very small minority owning all the wealth and resources and these individuals are shaping the policies within the country; policies that are rarely aimed at helping the poor in the country or aiding those living without healthcare in the country.

When you read the standard crime news within USA, one comes across crimes undertaken by serial killers, by mothers, by fathers, by children, by school teachers, etc. and the picture that emerges is a very disturbing one. The cases of young children taking the lives of others using guns, those of teachers sexually abusing students, those of mothers poisoning their children and murdering them, etc. point out to the fact that the American Society may very well disintegrate due to the poisons that have been ushered into it.

The following is an excerpt taken from article named ' Confessions of an Australian Satanist' which is available on the web. You can also read confessions made by Deborah Lipsky who is an American ex Satanist and it will help paint a picture that the elitists within Western nations are mostly Satanists. And the Jews and the 13 richest Jewish families in United States are behind a sinister organization named Illuminati and they practice SATANISM.

This is our age: The Age of Satanas!

Internet sites full of the grossest vulgarity and operated out of Israel are mostly founded upon left hand path philosophies. Take Alexia Cage, for example [I put Alexia Cage in a search engine after reading this and up came www.alexia-shitgirl.com. It is described as 'a kinky private website into scat piss and vomit with pics and movies'. Nice] The number of diplomats or their children who are into scat(ology) is legion, with all the possibilities that brings. [Scatology is sexual acts involving excrement]. Billy S. (name deleted) was one of our better acquisitions - until he died in Sonia's arm

Known behind his back as Billy Browno, A.S.I.O. destroyed the records - as they do for judges, senior bureaucrats, our businessmen's clubs and diplomats.

But the average Homo normalis is beyond caring. Provided their bellies are full, their minds empty and their time consumed with frivolous entertainment, Satanists are free to triumph. It took less than sixty years to turn the Western world from war heroes to poofters; from bold, adventurers to crybabies; from devoted couples to divorcees and although never afraid of work in the past, now everyone has a Doctor's Certificate. Chronic apathy bolstered by cynicism litters the economic cul-de-sacs of our society. Literacy is almost gone, television is almost irrelevant, public infrastructure is heritage protected and most are crushed by the foreboding knowledge that tomorrow is another day.

Satanism in America Today , Parts 1 & 2

by Pan Schuffert < MyTWaryor4JC@aol.com>


July 14, 2001


Part 1

Asheville, North Carolina. I have personally done many years of hands-on research, often dangerous, in and around the city of Asheville, NC. Asheville is known as the satanist/pagan mecca of the east coast. Nestled in the mysterious Blue Ridge mountains as they descend from Virginia, such remote mountains and valleys have long been the desired sites for bizarre and often violent cult rituals, many culminating in human sacrifice. As one legal source warned me after I reported a confessed act of human sacrifice involving a young woman,

"Now, calm down, ma'am. THIS KIND OF CRIME IS FAR MORE COMMON IN THESE MOUNTAINS THAN MOST FOLKS KNOW. And DON'T even trust the police you think are working with you, BECAUSE MANY OF THEM ARE ACTUAL SATANISTS." (Admission from the North Carolina Bureau of Victim Justice.) Should the American public receive comfort from admissions such as these?

Hear the confession of a former high school student I personally interviewed after being introduced to him by a satanic crime investigator in this region:

"We skinned that baby alive to the scream of 'hail, Satan!' We then draped it's intestines around the candlesticks of our altar. I cut the baby up into pieces, and each person ate some. Later, I took the skull and remains home. I forced the remains down the garbage disposal to conceal evidence from the police, and then burned a candle to Satan on the baby's skull.And when the mother, my girlfriend, felt bad about giving up her baby for sacrifice and went tot he police, we decided to make an example out of her as a warning to the rest of the coven: NO ONE NARCS ON US TO THE POLICE AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!"

"We took her up the side of one mountain overlooking Asheville...we laid her on that altar, and the sacrificial dagger was placed in my hands. I took that dagger and cut her open from neck to groin, and she was sacrificed. To this day her parents don't know what happened to her."

"Now that I have become a Christian, I can never return to my high school (T.C. Roberson) and tell them I have become a Christian. The students are all into Satanism there...not even their teachers know...not even their parents know! If I were to return and tell them, they would torture and sacrifice ME for becoming a traitor to 'the Craft.' No..I will have to continue pretending I am still a satanist..."

I know this is true about this high school because one of Asheville's most powerful satanists among the satanist youths boasted this to me over the phone while taunting my friend I had moved in (with whom they had targeted for abduction and sacrifice in 1992.) He boasted to me, "...in fact, we DO have alot of our people in that school!"

I have personally held this young man's satanist robe and seen some of his notebooks with satanic writing within. He admitted that the baby sacrifice took place in Ceilie's Castle, long reputed to be a location for the satanic rituals of the "rich, elite and powerful" satanists that populate Asheville and the surrounding region. This grim, grey castle can only be glimpsed through the woods as one drives towards the city of Asheville from the interstate 40 exit. Or, if one has the courage, to drive up Town Mountain Road (where many of the Satanist elite have large mansions) and to park in front of it's somber metal gates with surveillance cameras. As other former satanists have admitted, many a human sacrifice ritual has taken place within it's grey stone walls.

Yet, will the local newspaper or the police ever truly help in exposing such horrors publicly? NOT when such satanists sit in the Buncombe County courthouse of Asheville as several judges. Nor when they have infiltrated the police and sheriff's epartments and the State Bureau of Investigation! ( and I can name names, but in this case won't.) Not when such people work for the local newspaper and are operating under the "good ol' boy" networking system to help cover for their own, even as the satanists in the police department are doing as well! (This is similar to Mafia infiltration to also cover for their own.)

I can never forget taking the hands of one Christian officer in that police department and praying with him in his office. He admired the fact that I had enough courage to come to him and mention exposing satanic crime in this area.

"I WANT to investigate and expose satanic crime here, but I am so afraid of retaliation from them..." he admitted as he held my hand and we prayed. His hand trembled slightly. Yes, these satanists have a reputation for instilling fear in all those who oppose them! In fact, in neighboring Madison County, so great is their terror and acts of bloodshed and retaliation, that it is known as "bloody Madison County" by the locals. But this is one of the major areas I worked together with terrorized and afflicted families who were targets of Satanism in these mountains.

I was recently warned by my father's former satanic high priest, who had operated both in Virginia Beach and later in the Asheville area,

"NEVER go back to those mountains! Your reporting has affected Satanists throughout the entire Great Smokies, and they are mad! They want to put a bullet in your head..both the Feds and the satanists say 'you know too much and you talk too much!'"

(Actually, putting a bullet in my head is quite merciful compared to what I know they REALLY would like o do to me IF they succeed in abducting me!!!)

In fact, I have narrowly escaped several abduction attempts in those mountains, and I was told (by my father's former high priest) that had they succeeded in their attempt, I would have been seized and hauled down in chains in a Ryder rental truck and then chained to the altar in their great Satanist caverns of the Smokies, which stretch far into Tennesee, and most brutally sacrificed for having dared to stand against them. Ryder and other rental trucks, including Paschall Trucking Lines (PTL out of Kentucky and Alliance out of Asheville) are frequently used to secretly haul human sacrifice victims to sacrifice locations nationwide.

I will soon give you a report from former Satanists, actual eyewitnesses of what kind of deaths both children and one woman (abducted because she was a Christian a praying against Satanism in those mountains) faced in the dread Satanist caverns of Western North Carolina.

Part 2


The satanists in the mountains of North Carolina are never shy about announcing their presence. In fact, they have often let it be known that they are quite proud of their exploits! But then, why not? The jewel of Asheville, NC, is the famed "Biltmore Estate, " former home of the the great Illuminati Satanist millionaire, George Vandebilt! In his Illuminati mansion, one large room contains a coven's table, with 13 seats on either side. On the door is a plaque with the words, "Assemblage of the Gods."

Indeed, the Satanists of Asheville and elsewhere all consider themselves to be little "gods" unto themselves. And it is reported that covens often meet in this room by night to discuss HOW THEY WILL BRING FORTH THE COMING LUCIFERIC NEW WORLD ORDER. Satanist imagery is built directly into the architecture itself.

In fact, one of their great recruiting tactics includes the enticement of:

"You too can be part of the rich, the elite, the powerful! Money can be yours! Power can be yours! Why, we will hand you a blank check and you can fill it out for any amount you want!" This recruitment tactic was tried on my personal friend, who was a body guard for the large Asheville Mall off of Tunnel Road. The owner is a known high level Satanist in the Asheville area. Calling my friend into his office one day, he pulled the recruitment tactic on him...not realizing my friend was a Christian and a former satanic crime investigating police officer in Virginia!

My friend caught on immediately and said, "Wait a minute...you're not one of those 'devil people,' are you???" To which the owner of the mall smiled and replied, "Well, now, we don't like to think of ourselves in that way, BUT..." My friend, realizing their tactics, excused himself and refused to work there any longer. But indeed, it would appear outwardly that these satanists ARE the rich, the elite and powerful, not only in Asheville but throughout the nation. But where their souls will spend eternity for such darkness is another subject. No amount of earthly riches can compensate for the eternal damnation they will recieve...

Such Satanists decided to announce their presence and their future intentions under martial law one day. Hated by the Satanists are the Christian pro-lifers! I was a part of the pro-life group in Asheville, NC for many years. The leader, Mick of LIFE ADVOCATES, admitted to me one day that his pro life picketers had experienced QUITE a run-in with Asheville's satanists.

"We were picketing in front of an abortion clinic in Asheville, when about two hundred young people dressed in Satanic black robes and pagan jewelry came up to us with signs, counter-picketing. They looked evil. They were chanting over and over, out loud, "BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS!" Their signs also contained these words. And for two hours they surrounded us and chanted this in strange intonations..."

When I asked Mick if he and the Christians understood what the Satanists were communicating to them, he admitted he did not. (Nor would most Americans understand this either without researching Satanism AND martia law.) I patiently sat down and explained to him what my research had uncovered regarding both Satanism and COMING MARTIAL LAW and the role America's satanists would play in coming Christian persecution. (This website covers this subject.)

"Mick, the Satanists of this region were actually being generous to you Christians! They were announcing to you their future intentions for when martial law comes down across this nation. For in fact, as they have explained to me personally, they will play a large role in the rounding up of Christians and all other resisters (as defined by our corrupt government) and their subsequent termination under martial law. Under martial law, it will be open hunting season for the Christian and Patriot resisters of their Luciferic New World Order..."

Mick was silent as these words slowly were impressed in his mind.

In fact, my research has uncovered the reality of BOXCARS AND SHACKLES already in place in Asheville for the coming hour of martial law, as confirmed by several former Satanists involved in the preparation for martial law in that region. I questioned one, and he admitted that such boxcars were indeed in the area I had searched, Biltmore Village, behind large fenced off areas.

To illustrate the sheer brazeness of these Asheville satanists, I will share with you how LAST HALLOWEEN, THEY HAD SEVERAL OF THESE BOXCARS PULLED OUT OF STORAGE AND PUT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY! According to an eyewitness in that area, they decorated these boxcars' interiors with Halloween decorations, and then charged admission, calling them "Hellhouse!" They were even advertised in the local paper, the Asheville Citizen Times! YET...under martial law, they will be used in earnest to haul arrested Christians, Patriots and others to their brutal deaths in the deathcamps of North Carolina that will be activated! I was incredulous when I heard THAT report!

Two former satanists from Asheville, one with an evangelistic ministry nationwide now, both admitted to me that my research in Asheville was accurate, and that the satanists of that region couldn't WAIT for martial law to be declared. Admitted Richard Morgan of Loving Hearts Ministry, "All the things you have reported on regarding satanists, Asheville and martial law are true...AND MARTIAL LAW IS IT!" He admitted this wihle hosting a Christian Biker crusade in Florida. Richard was a former satanist assassin biker for many years.

Sadly, even when the Christians have the wicked intentions of the Satanists of America proclaimed before their very eyes, "BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS," MANY STILL DON'T GET IT!!!

(In fact, it was reported to me that even some churches took their kids to see "Hellhouse" and go INTO these boxcars with shackles as a form of Halloween amusement!This is the equivalent of Nazi era Jews being charged admission to go into Hitler's deathcamps...don't you GET IT, American Church???)

Sadly, many won't get it...until they are brutally arrested and led away to the boxcars with shackles of the NWO to ultimately die for their faith in the deathcamps of America.

Friends, don't say you were not warned!

Even Asheville's Satanists have clearly told you THE TRUTH!

Satanism in America, Part 3

America's Unknown Martyrs

by Pam Schuffert <MyTWaryor4JC@aol.com>


July 15, 2001


Tragic is the reality that innocent victims are perishing increasingly across America on Satanic altars or crosses in countless rituals. According to noted television evangelist John Haggee, Satanism is AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING RELIGION! Yet you average American knows little about it's reality, or how to actually protect their family and children from such attacks. And many of America's Christians actually believe that BECAUSE they are Christians, they are automatically immune from such attacks. WRONG! Both Chirstians and non-blievers have died on the Satanist altars of America. Hear the words of a former high level Satanist and regional leader for 17 years, also CIA assassin:

"I would get so angry when Christians would come up to me after my lectures on Satanism, and say, 'Well, because I am a Christian, I cannot be touched by Satanists!' Wrong. SATAN HAD GIVEN US A MANDATE TO SACRIFICE CHRISTIANS, and we obliged him. We targeted them, stalked them, abducted them, AND THEY WERE SACRIFICED LIKE ALL THE REST.

"Except that...in many cases, just as we were bringing forth some of them to be tortured and sacrificed, often A BRIGHT LIGHT WOULD APPEAR OVER THEM and they would start to shout, 'Jesus, you've COME for me!' And just like that...their souls would be gone...and we were left with dead smiling corpses. Our night of fun would be ruined! And I would go home cursing and saying,' what IS this with so many of these Christians...before we can kill them, THEY ARE GONE, and WITH A SMILE!' I tell you,nothing convinced me that Jesus was greater than Satan than when these things would happen during our rituals..."

This source admitted that this was not always the case, however, and some died in great agony. I want to point out that Christians die in car accidents. They die of cancer. They die of gunshot wounds. Being a Christian does not make anyone immune automatically to such attacks! Nor does it make them immune to persecution or martyrdom. However, I am also of the belief that certain precautions CAN and SHOULD BE TAKEN to help prevent Satanist attack and abduction of family members and loved ones.

I am sharing the following accounts to wake up my fellow Americans to the reality of attacks of this nature, and will follow it with special precautions to be taken to avoid becoming JUST ONE MORE VICTIM on American soil. Satan is the author of death. Jesus Christ declared, "I AM come that they might have LIFE and have it more abundantly!"

The following accounts come out from the mountains of North Carolina as they stretch into Tennessee. They come from a now Christian source, undergoing professional counseling after coming out of years of Satanism, having been born into a Satanist family and dedicated to Satan from her mother's womb. I have spent hours personally interviewing her, working with her professional counselor for many years in exposing Satanism in this region. Many of her accounts have been further confirmed through other former Satanists in that region.

""I would often travel with my father when he was sent out to abduct people for sacrifice. I was placed in front of the satanist van to make my father appear innocent: he was carrying a child. But it was just a front. And behind us, concealed in the back of our van, were two men with knock out drugs and duct tape. The windows were blacked out and a blanket put behind the driver and passenger seats up front so no one could see them." (This is typical for satanist abduction vans and teams. Beware when you see such suspicious looking vans, especially out late at night.)

"There was this one woman they especially hated and were stalking. She was in her early twenties, pretty, and known as a strong Christian. We knew she was joining in prayer meetings praying against the Satanists here. So we were stalking her for sacrifice. One evening, just as it was getting dark, we spotted her walking home along a deserted country road. Our van pulled up, and our men jumped out. They grabbed her, duct taped her hands and feet together and her mouth shut, and injected her with a knockout drug. She lay silent as we drove her to the caves where our rituals took place." (This location is beyond Murphy, NC, as you drive into Tennessee.)

"When she came out from the drugs, she was naked and chained to our altar. The Satanists then told her that they wanted her to be recruited into Satanism and to work undercover for them, to infiltrate churches and spy on the Christians for them and to help recruit others. But if she would not recruit into Satanism, she would be sacrificed. All she would say is, 'I am a Christian, I cannot...' And when they saw she would not cooperate, they began to sacrifice her. I watched as they did various things to torment her, finally driving a spike through her head from ear to ear. And when she continued to groan, they took a high caliber handgun, inserted it into her vagina, and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited through her head, and by then she was gone. But never once did she deny Jesus Christ..."

I am sparing the American people no details, however graphic. Why? Because of the intense apathy and ignorance that America's Satanism thrives and operates under! Your ignorance is their cloak of darkness under which they must operate! With such atrocities multiplying throughout this nation, it is time the veil be lifted. It is the intent of these accounts to break indifferent hearts in this nation and to wake up America.

She also admitted, "At one time, our coven kidnapped a pastor. He was brought to our cave and stripped and nailed to a cross. He kept pleading with us to repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And when they got tired of hearing that, they slashed his throat and finished sacrificing him..."

Even little children are not spared.

"Our coven often sacrificed children. Satanists believe that the smaller, more innocent and perfect the victim is, the more power Satan will give them through the sacrifice. Some of our members were doctors, and we had shock treatment equipment in our cave. Children were chained to altars, electrodes placed on their bodies, and they were shocked into spasms and seizures. Their private body organs were often ripped off and thrown to our dogs in the caves. They were raped, tortured and killed. I will never forget one little girl...they used a power saw to begin to dismember her, starting at her feet. I will never forget her screaming as they slowly began to cut her apart...the screaming only stopped when they finally reached her stomach, and she was gone. There were always video cameras mounted on the walls so that each sacrifice could be turned into another money making porn snuff film."

"They even abducted pregnant women. I would watch as these women would plead for the lives on their unborn children. The unborn would be cut out of the mother's body and then sacrificed...then they would sacrifice the mother. Or often, we would throw babies alive into vats of battery acid. Yes, I have watched many victims as they took their final breath..."

One friend of mine, now a Christian undergoing extensive counselling, was sold into Satanism and the coven in her area at the age of two (her parents needed the money.) I spent much time with her, interviewing her in the Cleveland, OH, area and also at a Christian retreat. She was personally being trained under the infamous Norma Fitzwater, brutal high priestess of Cleveland and the entire Ohio Satanist region for over 25 years. (Fitzwater's name and rank were personally confirmed to me by numerous fromer Satanists, including my CIA source. I have personally gone on the radio broadcast of Pastor Ernie Sanders of Cleveland to expose this vicious Satanist for an entire week.)

She shared the following:

"I only had a week to enjoy my newborn, Baby Becky, before she was brutally sacrificed. During the ritual, I was forced to the front of the altar. My clothes were torn off. Screaming, I was fastened to the altar as my baby was seized. They laid my baby on my naked stomach and began to sacrifice her. A knife was inserted into her vagina to enlarge it and they then began to sexually assault her...to the extent that her internal organs spilled out. She was cannibalized. When the ritual was finished, I was released and the remains of Baby Becky were handed to me in a bloody blanket."

She led me over to a window in her home.

"See those wild daisies in the corner of the yard? That is where the remains of Baby Becky are buried under..."

My fellow Americans, multiply this wicked assault on the little children of America by the Satanists many times over, and you will begin to have some idea of the extent to which our nation is stained with the blood of the innocents. Does ANYONE care???


How do demons afflict us? Through negative thoughts, says Lipsky. Through lying. Through anger. Through horror movies. Even a small leak in a boat can eventually sink it, she points out. "Demons 'feed' (figuratively) on negative thoughts which in turn excite them," she says. "Once you produce a negative thought, it has a frequency level that easily connects with a demon because like attracts like. This gives the demon access to your thoughts where he will plant similar thoughts so as to stay in your space. Isn't it amazing how one negative thought 'triggers' another and then another? Demons have an insatiable 'hunger' for negativity."

They also are attracted by "unresolved hurts" that fester over time like ugly wounds and "become like perfume that attracts demons." They love fear and anxiety because it gives them energy, and they hover around youngsters because teens are hormonally charged and prone to demonic lyrics that further rouse energy by evoking anger, defiance, lust, and rebellion.

Also: "The quickest way a demon gains entrance is through occult involvement of any type," she writes. "It doesn't matter whether you practice black magic or just go to the latest three-d horror movie; both are an open invitation to demons that they don't refuse."

This from an educated woman who -- while still very new to real Catholicism -- has the insight of one who conjured various entities and on occasion even saw them physically manifest.

"Love is a powerful emotion, especially pure Godly love, which when demons are exposed to it, causes them to flee writhing in pain," notes Lipsky. "Love torments a demon! Love reminds us that we are children of God and no slaves of the devil."[resources: A Message of Hope (Confessions of an Ex-Satanist]

[spiritual warfare retreats, Michael Brown: September 29: Chicago, October 13: Northern New Jersey-New York; and November 3, Minneapolis]


Deborah Lipsky went through tremendous suffering as a child. Her high-functioning autism elicited the frustration of teachers, along with the ridicule and abuse of classmates, leaving her hurt and isolated - and eventually enraged.

She sought revenge through witchcraft and then full-blown satanism. Her goal was to destroy the Catholic Church, which she saw as responsible for her pain. Yet she found that getting even would exact a price. Despite initial thrills of power, Lipsky became increasingly miserable.

Years after narrowly escaping her demonic entanglement, Lipsky came back into full communion with the Church in 2009. Now, she helps others to see beyond the glamour of the occult to the beauty of Catholicism. She does this, in part, through her new book, A Message of Hope, and through a new CD interview, Former Satanist Comes Home to the Catholic Church, both available from St. Joseph Communications.

Deborah Lipsky told her amazing story to Register correspondent Trent Beattie in time for All Hallows' Eve.

Is it true that Halloween is a prime day for satanists?

Yes, it is a "high holy day," so to speak, because it's a mockery of All Saints' Day on Nov. 1. Anything the Catholic Church celebrated we would mock, and this is one outstanding example of that. Instead of asking for the intercession of the saints, we would call upon demons and the damned to grant us all our earthly desires and harass those who had offended us in any way.

Do you think it's okay for Christians to participate in Halloween activities?

Some people think as long as your children dress up as baseball players and angels it's perfectly fine for them to go out trick-or-treating. I disagree because Halloween is predicated upon mocking God and his saints. Even if you have an innocent outfit on, almost everything else around you is not innocent. You're exposed to so much negativity and even downright demonic activity that it's just not worth the little reward you get in candy.

A much better thing to do is to ignore Halloween altogether and concentrate on All Saints' Day instead. Engage in Christian activities. Pray the Rosary as a family; read the lives of the saints; have your house blessed or enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. These are just a few of the countless ways to teach your children about the Christian faith in word and deed.

If more Christians would actually live as Christians, Halloween wouldn't even be a blip on the radar screen. We would be so happily immersed in God's grace that it wouldn't so much as enter our minds to pursue deviant things. Yet we've abandoned the faith in so many ways. That leaves a vacuum - a vacuum that will be filled by something else.

Is that how you got started in the occult?

In a general way, it was. I attended Catholic school from seventh to 10th grade, but there was very little reverence for the faith by my peers. It was more of a surface, cultural thing - kind of a feel-good show. It wasn't something you thought of as being held accountable for on Judgment Day. This made it easier for my classmates to regularly mistreat me because of my high-functioning autism.

In high school, I was even physically abused. This was disturbing, but what happened later was even more so. When I actually got enough courage to tell one of the teachers (who was a nun), she said it was my fault. This was so devastating that it took my anger beyond its previous levels. I had been severely hurt, and someone in authority who was supposed to help, made things worse.

I had been through enough, and I desperately needed relief. There wasn't any to be found, even at home, because my parents were going through a divorce. Everywhere I turned, there was trouble. It was a tumultuous time - a time of great injustice, pain and confusion.

I got started in witchcraft as a way to get even with those who had harmed me. I felt powerful for the first time, and it was addicting. The teachers and classmates who used to despise me now feared me. The witchcraft grew into full-blown satanism, with my main target being the Catholic Church. I blamed the Church for what happened to me, and I did everything I could to destroy it.

This was your main goal and that of those you associated with?

In Matthew 16, Jesus Christ gives the keys to Peter and tells him that the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church. Our Lord knew hell would engage in a battle with his Church, so he gave authority to Peter and his successors in the papacy to win the battle.

Satanists are either so blinded by their anger that they cannot see this, or they do see it, but still attempt to do as much damage as possible.

How did you get out of such a negative mindset?

Despite the momentary power I felt at getting even and receiving all my worldly desires, over time I began to be tormented by the very demons I had sent to torment others. I didn't know it at the time, but I've since learned of this universal law: Any demon you summon to harm others can and will harm you.

I started longing to get past my anger to happiness, so I left satanism. This is not an easy thing to do, once you've made a formal pact with the devil, like I did. After initial trouble, things got somewhat better, but I was still not in a state of mind to return to the Catholic Church. Instead, I joined a religious cult that denounced Mary. Once I started wanting to come home to the Church, however, more demonic torments recurred. The demons knew it was in the Catholic Church that they found their nemesis. As long as I stayed outside the Church, they were okay with that. But once I made a move home, the harassment came back.

It was a difficult journey, but it was definitely worth the effort. I was eventually freed from demonic forces through the intercession of Mary and by the support and guidance of two Catholic priests. My official return to the Church was in 2009. I had previously (and quite unexpectedly earlier that year) met a nun. We became friends, and that made it easier for me to come home to the Church.

Yet it wasn't until 2011 that I became deeply devoted to Mary, who is Our Lady, Queen of Heaven. She had brought me home through others, but, in 2011, she made it known in a miraculous way that she was my spiritual Mother.

Our Lady had worked similar wonders with Bartolo Longo. She rescued him from his satanic past and brought him to Jesus. Bartolo dedicated himself to Jesus through Mary, which enabled him to do the great apostolic work he did, including promotion of the Rosary. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1980, and now we can confidently call upon his prayers in the battle against the occult.

What other things should Christians do in this battle?

The most basic thing to do is get into a state of grace. If you're not in a state of grace, go to confession. Receive the forgiveness Jesus wants so much to grant you. Forgiveness is his mission, and yet we prevent him from operating when we refuse to go to confession.

The thing some people fear the most (confession) is what will help them the most. It's a great gift, yet we don't use it as much as we should. Confession should be a regular part of one's spiritual life.

We should also go to Mass as much as possible. Receiving the holy Eucharist in a state of grace is the best possible thing we could do. We are then more firmly united to Jesus, and virtuous actions become easier for us. We are strengthened in an incomparable way when we receive the holy Eucharist reverently. This is because the holy Eucharist is not merely a gift, but the Giver of gifts, Jesus Christ.

Our participation in the sacraments is aided tremendously by the use of sacramentals. We should use holy water, blessed salt, crucifixes, medals, scapulars, rosaries and holy pictures. These are powerful weapons in the spiritual battle, so we should gratefully make use of them.

What things should Christians avoid?

Many things we should avoid are portrayed as fun and fashionable. Fortune-telling, horoscopes, Ouija boards, Dungeons & Dragons, tarot cards ... are some of the things Christians should have no association with. These are tools of evil because they open portals to higher-level demons that are more eager and effective in derailing us from salvation.

People who are harassed by demons in extraordinary ways have called me to help them out. Usually when I inquire how the demons got there, they have no idea. I ask if they've participated in any occult activities, and the answer is usually, "No." Yet when they search deeply enough, it is inevitably revealed that at some time in their past they have gone to a fortune-teller, played with a Ouija board or engaged in some other occult activity.

Another thing we should all avoid is a sense of entitlement. Anger comes through being hurt, and being hurt comes from having our sense of entitlement violated.

Anger can be a very destructive thing because it attracts demons like blood attracts sharks in water.

Are there any other things we should know about living a Christian life?

One of the most important things I've learned to appreciate is God's all-encompassing providence. Everything that happens to us, without exception, is within the providence of God, who does not make mistakes. Everything that happens to us is an opportunity to learn from, and draw closer to, God, who is our loving Father.

Things which were previously means of our destruction can become the very things we use to serve others and be more firmly united to God. My autism was the occasion of so much pain and confusion in childhood. I was considered too stupid to learn, but now, with a master's degree in education behind me, I help others understand autism through books and speaking engagements.

Similarly, the nun in high school who blamed me was the final straw that drove me away from the Church, but it was also a nun who helped bring me back into the Church. Even our own sins, if we repent of them, can become occasions of grace. This is what happened with Mary. I used to denounce her, but now I venerate her and tell others of her powerful love for them.

Sin repented of can humble us and make us more compassionate toward others. So while we should avoid sin from here on out, there is no reason at all to despair over what we've already done in the past. We must prayerfully trust in the mercy of God, which is open to anyone who seeks it in his Church.

Many times, when there's a problem in life, and especially with health, it's a confluence of the natural, emotional, and spiritual. This is true of illness: Spiritual forces can certainly initiate physical effects, but in many cases their role is more in exacerbating weaknesses.

Is that true of common "health" problems, such as fatigue and insomnia?

It is if you ask a former Satanist and now Catholic speaker on education and spirituality named Deborah Lipsky of Maine, who says that sometimes when we have chronic problems with sleep, "demons are trying to deliberately wear you down physically. Sleep is the time when the body rejuvenates itself. Continued disruptions in the ability to sleep peacefully places a severe drain on reasoning capabilities."

Have we not all gone through this -- the irrationality of exhaustion, particularly as we age? (One prescription: prayer and melatonin.)

Low energy levels?

"Demons are depleting your energy because their demand far exceeds the energy the human body can produce," claims Lipsky in her new and powerful book, A Message of Hope. "When medical causes are ruled out, rule in spiritual ones."

Lipsky, who has been away from Satanism for nearly twenty years, also says that we should be on the alert when we experience "sudden onset of depression or intense erratic mood swings," because the mind may be coming in contact with "pure unadulterated evil energy," in her discernment (and for ours).

Inappropriate angry outbursts with bizarre unfounded accusations can be another marker, as may be sudden physical changes in the body -- weight loss or gain or headaches or intestinal issues or unexplained joint pain (always accent "unexplained," for much can be attributed to physiology). Ditto for frequent accidents.

An antidote? Lipsky recommends avoiding places and people who exude negativity (which she says can be contagious), and being aware of "transference": that a dark spirit around someone can become attached to you. At the first sign of that, use Holy Water, she says, and in Jesus' Name, demand that it stop. Use Blessed Salt. Pray until it feels peaceful, until you feel strong, until your home is calm, completely. And: spend time in nature.

"Take a walk by the water or through some forests or fields. Observe the wildlife be it squirrels, birds, butterflies, or flowers. See and appreciate the beauty of nature and recognize the perfection of an awesome God Who orchestrated such a beautiful Creation. Focusing on appreciation crowds out any opportunity for demons to whisper a negative thought into your head. Satan can't create, only destroy, so in nature we focus on Creation and our Creator which proves that Satan is no match for our mighty God. Appreciating the natural world also leaves us in amazement of God's power of creation and perfect balance in nature.

This should be substantial evidence that the everything that appears to be nice on the exterior is not. It is time that the American public should be questioning themselves about why the forces of evil are being allowed to spread their tentacles within the society and indeed in the country. There has to be a moral and spiritual awakening of sorts otherwise it looks likely that the major cause of Americas destruction will be immorality and vice that has become a part of life.

People should really be pondering about changing their lifestyles. They should really be considering reading about faith and God and worship. Most of the restlessness in their lives and lack of solace and peace arises when they merrily undertake sin as a way of life. And that's when all the misfortunes begin.


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