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Bonus to The Undecided

Miscellaneous By: ana jester

A little twist to The Undecided

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Sean is no longer keeping in touch. I may have lost the friendship and the job of being a makeup artist for his movie production. Why? Because of me being with another guy. The reason why Aaron hadn't talked to me-mentioned in the last The Undecided: Final Words- was the fact that he was waiting to say three words.

"I love you," he told me. I was speechless and surprised. Before the morning came when he told me those magic words, I told Sean that I really did like him. He never responded. the first time I told him, he got upset and told me we should just be friends. When he says it to me, he wanted me to melt for him. But when i'd say it, he'd get upset and not talk to me again for awhile. So, i've let the bad guy go. He was the competitve type, an Alpha Male. And he didn't like it when I'd talk to other guys. But like he had said, it would never have happened.

Aaron is amazing, he's really nice, charming, and ever since telling me the words, quite loving. He understands me, all my feelings. And the more we talk, the more we realize we have in common. Music, movies-except he's never seen the Puppet Master series by Charles Band and From Dusk Til Dawn-, food, and he even believes in ghosts like me... It seems weird I know, a lot of people these days don't believe in ghosts. Anyways, Aaron has been awesome though. Better than my exes, nicer than them actually. He has promised that he'd spoil me, but I've insisted on him not doing that. he doesn't have to spoil me, the only thing I want is happiness and love.

I learned yesterday that he seems self conscious of his appearance. He told me that I'm sexy-i don't believe guys when they tell me that, except from him-. I told him that he's amazing and hot. He disagreed about the hot part. But he is to me. Earlier, my little sister started to compare her guy-my first ex, he dumped me for her- to Aaron, mainly focusing on the looks. Yeah, girls do swoon over her guy constantly, I know that in school then two or three years ago, girls were always fighting over him. And he may be all tan and has high cheek bones like a male model, Aaron is still more amazing than her guy. Aaron doesn't drink, drive fast, do drugs, smoke, or make fun of my height. Aaron is still amazing, awesome. He loves me for who I am, I love him for who he is. And my sister trying to talk shit about my boyfriend won't change it.

As for Sean, we're no longer friends. I told Kevin I now have a boyfriend, he seemed a little upset, but he's still wanting to be friends, which is awesome. Yes, I miss talking to Sean, but he's too Alpha Male, competitive, jealous. So who's deal is it? He had stated that we should just be friends and co workers, nothing more. I agreed. He just didn't want me to be with another guy... Will it last with Aaron? Fate will decide, the future will. In the meantime, it's good to enjoy what you have, even when it's the guy or girl you love and they love you back. You have someone who cares, cherishes, loves you, and you matter to them. Like Aaron says to me everyday.




Has anyone else ever seen or at least heard of the Puppet Master movies and From Dusk Til Dawn?? It's really difficult to find others who have seen the movies...I am gonna get Aaron to watch them one day. I got almost all of them, just need the 4th and 5th one, then the more recent: Puppet Master Axis of Evil. Message or Like this if you have heard of those movies. I got a cup of coffee: HERE'S TO LOVE AND TO THE ONES YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE THAT BELIEVE YOU MATTER. Cheers!!


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