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I have strange dreams.

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I drempt that Brandi was sick and in the hopsital.
I walked into the room to see him lying in the hospital bed with an IV in his arm, he appeared to be sleeping. I said his name but he didn't respond. As I stepped closer he started convulsing on the bed with a silent scream on his face. I called for help but no one answered me. I ran over to hold him down so he could calm down. As i held his arms to the bed our eyes connected. I sent soothing thoughts telling him he was going to be okay and his body slowly started to relax. I let go and sat by his sideand he slowly started to turn pale. With a horrible realization that he was dying I screamed for somebody, but stopped realizing that no one would hear me.The look in his eyes said he was afraid to let go, but awated what was coming. I shed a silent tear as i watched him fall into the abyss peace. He wispered something I could barely hear and shut his eyes with a smile. I repeated the shapes of his mouth to myself and realized he'd said "The battle has been won, but the war still awaits us".



I was at the carnival.
Brandon and Hailey were working in the booth with me. The booth wasn't any game in particular, but it had room for all three of us. A particularly annoying customer came up and started asking questions about the prices and insisting that the game was rigged. Brandon told the customer to stop or there would be concequences. The man laughed and Brandon got out of the booth, which suddely turned into front row seats at a boxing ring. The ref rang the bell and the man tried to rush Brandon, who stepped right and landed one on the guys jaw. The mans eyes were filled with rage as he tried to make a left hook, which brandon blocked and got a clear shot to the stomach. As the man was doubled over in pain Brandon did a hard uppercut and the man fell to the ground. The crowd went nuts.



I was walking down a narrow corridor.
It was dimly lit and empty. I looked as far as i could but i could see no end in sight. I came upon a door and turned the know to see what was inside. The door opened into a black hole that sucked me in. When i was shot out i immediatly hit something hard; i opened my eyes to look around. A creature with its arms and legs bent at impossibe angles and its head turned completly around to rest on its stomach sat watching me, waiting for me to challenge it by moving too fast. I slowly go up and took in the rest of my surroundings I was in a room with no windows or doors and it was painted completly gray; the walls, the table, and the chair all the same dull shade. I again looked at the strange creature in front of me, something sparkled around its neck: a key. I looked at the walls again and saw a small hole which possibly ment freedom. I slowly approached the critter, when i got within a few feet it let out a piercing cry and ran up the wall; that was the first i realized that there was no celing. The walls extended about twenty feet before opening up to the sky. It lept over the wall and i was left alone, the room felt suddenly empty and silent. I went up and felt the wall with the keyhole, completly solid. I picked up the chair and swung it, it shattered and the debris flew everywhere, i looked around and where it hit the north wall it went right through. I walked up to the wall and put my hand up to feel it and it went right through. I stepped through the wall only to be attacked by an army of those creatures. I felt them rip my skin off and tear at my muscles, i slowly felt death come to me.


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