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4-year-old Discovers Electricity

Miscellaneous By: dezbee

This is a true story of how a bobby pin would generate electricity in one of the plugs. This all happened when I was four years old.

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When you were little, have you been curious about anything and everything? Chemicals, plastics, water, insects, mom's makeup, even fire, perhaps? How about electricity? I have when I was four years old and it got me in a heartbeat. Of course, sticking a bobby pin in one of those plugs is definitely not a good idea, but someone had to tell me that. Though we have the plug-ins for plug walls nowadays, I can still look back to see how curious I was with electricity.

It all started when I was only three years old. We had moved in to our new home after traveling for three to four days from New York City by car because we are all afraid of flying an airplane. My parents and grandparents showed us all the rooms, including theirs and ours and the two bathrooms on opposite sides of the house. It was 11:30 at night, so we were very sleepy, but we managed to see the house. Then, I saw the plugs. I never gave too much thought about those plugs because they were the first things I saw. A white background and three holes, looking like a face, much like what we see today. Of course, as a three-year-old, I had no sense of right and wrong, and that is why I was curious enough to place one of the bobby pins in my hair to those plugs in my parent's bedroom. The bobby pins were long and black and they were popular back in the 90s . Nine months have passed by and finally my curiosity led me to do what I wanted to do. I took a bobby pin out of my hair and walked to my parent's room. I sat down looking at a plug like I had a stone face. By then I had a sense of right and wrong, but that wasn't enough to stop my curiosity of electricity (or how it works for that matter). With little hesitation, I stuck my bobby pin in the top plug and short electrical currents came out. I was screaming for help. My parents saw what I did and basically told me that it is totally wrong to put a bobby pin into the plug, so I was basically playing with electricity. I knew I was in big trouble, but it turned out to be not so bad because they bought plug-ins to protect the plugs after what I have done. Who knew a four-year-old would create electricity by placing a bobby pin in one of those plugs? I know no one in my family did, and neither did anyone that I knew.

After that, they placed plug ins into the plugs because they were afraid my sister would do the same thing. There were twenty-seven pairs of plugs, so times two is fifty-four. They bought fifty-four plug-ins for the entire house. The plug-ins looked clear, but they were actually beige with the same design and you place them in the correct order because the left 'eye' is slightly larger than the right 'eye' and the mouth is a semi-circle. Now not many of them have those plug-ins because basically, we have grown. Okay, I will admit, there are some still there today, we just placed them there because we do not need the plugs.

You might be thinking 'why'? As a child, and most of us know, a lot of us were very curious and unaware of our surroundings, especially moving from state to state, in my case. I did not want to do it. I did not choose to do it, but I did anyways and now I can remember that bobby pins conduct electricity. At least that is what I concluded every time I flashed back to 1993, the year it happened.

Now that I am 18, I can still look back and think, 'what was I doing with that bobby pin and that plug,' and 'why didn't someone like my grandma or grandpa come up and grab me like they were supposed to and tell me that it is bad to do so?' This is the lesson I learned the hard way because we have all gotten into a little trouble. I would recommend all parents and teachers out there with two-, three-, or even four-year-old kids to not leave them unattended because they might do the same thing I did, or worse. If it has happened already, try buying plug-ins to protect them from harm.


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