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By: Nabila

Page 1, Its all about the transition in me for gaining acceptance




I don’t know where my fault lies. Every time person close to me departs and goes so far that rapport breaks. Distance really separates persons. Situations , things change . Muddled I am. When I speak , when I joke , world objects. When I prefer to be silent , world ( people ) has a problem with that as well. It then tags me as a depressed soul. At each juncture of my life , constantly I had to and have to change for gaining acceptance. I did so because I cannot live in isolation.

Consequently I lost my individuality. How long my destiny will play with me like this ? Cant people accept me the way I am ? Cant people accept my serious and not so jolly nature ? Why always I have to adapt and adjust ? Worst thing is expecting others to understand you, which is pretty next to impossible. I am turning crazy.I have become what I never wanted to . I lost myself. Now just following a path , not even knowing where it leads…I loss myself.....I lost my individuality.....Will I ever be able to regain my originality..........????? 

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