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This is a brief story about my cat and a little about him.

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This is the story of how a marble-colored fluff ball named Pooder, came into my family and wrapped his swishy tail around my heart with his moody personality, his loud lawn mower purrs, and his odd tendencies. I will tell you how he came to be in important part of my life. Then I will tell you a few of his distinctive characteristics that encompass his personality.

In July of 2003, my mom brought home a little fluff ball of a kitten as a surprise for me. I had always wanted a long hair cat, more specifically a Himalayan. I finally had one! He looked like a big ball of fur. He was very light and extremely sweet and friendly. His marble grey color was very unique because his parents were both solid white. He was the only kitten in the litter born with any color.

When I was trying to decide on a name, I began to look at some of his tendencies at the same time I was getting to know his personality. He had some experience with litter box training. He quickly learned where the litter box was, but the skill of actually how to use it, he has still has yet to master. He tends to claw at the sides of the box rather than actually moving the litter inside to where it needs to go. It did not take me long to notice his habit of coming into my room and passing gas. This is when I decided his name would be Pooter. I caught myself calling him Pooder though, so I made a small change from the original name and used this one instead.

He was always very playful as a kitten and occasionally still can be. I have learned through him that animals, much like people, can be moody. He has to be in a playful mood to dart after one of his toys. He is particularly fond of a pole with a feather attached by a string of elastic. We have hardwood floors which he has learned by sliding into things and landing on his face, can be very slippery. He usually will not run after the string unless he is able to keep all four paws on the living room area rug. He likes to creep behind a table leg and watch the feathers for a few seconds and study them before he decides it is the perfect moment to pounce on them. When he is not in the mood to play you can just look at the expression on his little half-way smushed-in face and know. Sometimes he will chase anything that moves and other times he gives you that "Don't even think about messing with me right now, I am not in the mood to chase that silly toy" look and you know not to.

He, like many other cats, absolutely loves catnip. Sometimes I will come in to find the little bag of catnip, usually kept in a box on our coffee table, out on the floor with little Pooder teeth marks and holes in it. He has been warned and scolded several times, but apparently it is just that irresistible. At the end of the day though, he will come sit in your lap, as long as you are petting him, and purr. His purring sounds like there is a little lawn mower is inside of him. Then, when he is especially happy, he will "make biscuits". This is the phrase I use for when he presses his two front paws into the object or person he is on. It is the sign that you are definitely doing something he likes. My ears cringe at the sound of his claws on my parent's wooden bed. I have bought him scratching posts but apparently they do not have the effect wooden bed posts do.

He has also been known to eat our dog's food if he decides it is more tasty than his own. This sometimes creates a problem because of his sensitive system. Full blooded animals sometimes have more problems than animals that are not full blooded. This is the case with Pooder. His urinary tract system is more sensitive than some others' and cannot handle and process high amounts of magnesium. Some cat food and possibly dog food sometimes have too much of this in them. If he does have too much in his food, it will cause him to get crystalline structures in his urine, and he will have difficulty urinating. For this reason, he has to have foods that are for sensitive urinary tract systems and do not contain high levels of magnesium.

Pooder is my love even though he does things I do not particularly like. I have learned that he is unique just like me and can be moody just like me. Cats are an acquired taste so to speak and knowing their personalities as well as likes and dislike can be the key to having a good relationship with your cat. In the end, despite all the quirky traits about him and the annoyances that come with having a cat, I will always love my Pooder.


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