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Teahouse etiquette

By: Tea Gypsy

Page 1, In November, 2012 I spent a month travelling across China to learn more about the Chinese Teahouse culture. The experience inspired six short stories, which are currently circulating in a single-box book. This is one of my reflections.

Water must be boiled to the perfect temperature; unlike coffee beans tealeaves are delicate and can easily burn

Smell, see, hear, touch, taste the tea

Eat during tea service to prevent a sore stomach: avoid heavy foods like meat and mango. Candy and small mandarin oranges are a good choice

Empty the teacup in 3 sips

Tap your three fingers on the counter as a sign of thanks to the host

No sneezing, smoking or burning of incense during tea service; tealeaves easily absorb the flavours around them

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