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Crypt Of King David

Novel By: abyskaria

This is meaningful understanding when we broke down the glimpse of episodes that gives life to the next entity. You may ask why King David, only because his descendants preceded 14 generation or why he understood even if Goliath could be just sleeping behind us, let us not wake up uncertainty and rapid changes on swiftly and broad-based trajectory? He who explores options has much to find than who keep on author's lines. View table of contents...


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Raining Hot Sunlight On Clauses!!!Does harmony, love, sadness and all other feelings belong only for inhabitants of earth?, asked one stranger to a blind dumb deaf beggar on his journey the dead sea meet the next life either hell or heaven. The beggar showed his soul, gave a pen and asked the driver whatever his ride may cost as one strict word deep imprint like the water once as resource before this journey begin. "They are not what they seems to be so be careful...be responsible and resourceful within reliable foundations." started the written words giving a new begining. When the chariot crossed the dead sea and armed souls asked everyone to line up, they only found the beggar in the boat. The strangers said he is deaf, dumb and blind someone need to push him across the boat. But armed souls couldnt match up the strength written as imprints in his soul, so guided him the way long till the time keepers table. The time keeper whispered something into beggar's heartened soul, the beggar started making some gestures in air as if wanted to write something. The time kepper gave his pen and paper. "If you recollect I am the same person who seem differently but stood as your brother beside your good presence for goodwill in your harmony with happiness here. I cant see yet I understand. I cant hear yet I observe. I cant talk yet I associate. Can you resend all you have like light beside me wherever I travel as once I was a king in this place when the protector asked for the power change, I was devoid of everything yet I thank Almighty as long as the mission never ends with vision that always belong with him?" Seeing this meaningless existence for someone, the time keeper said, "You can go back but I am responsible for all actions here for your request, dont spoil your presence with flirting and understand your wish was overpaid. Things will be challenging for your presence on the earth. God will be there for your help." Till this date the beggar was welcomed for his presence being everywhere. But fate kept his story different. It was almost like there are thousands of Goliath before him whose presence give them life.
"Oh! Almighty, when will my child get out of this? He cannot be not sensible again. Time has come he take responsible for himself", a fathers true wish. The beggar told I will be your child's inner guardian. Days changed and twinkling minds blindfoldly made presence as the same. Everyone wanted more from the family they need to sustain on Earth. "Has there been someone who understand a child? How can the circumstances make true makeup of the man? If he become more conversationlist, less at understanding sketch where do he belong?", wondered the beggar. There are infinte laws under the skylimit more importantly why after every three generation precedes most becomes unknown in time and space, I dont like that answered the child. The beggar advised, why will I not tell my story? I was a king who had 100 childrens. I send each and everyone to sacrifice in red blood before my eyes. I could only knee before the protector and ask one priceless wish for you. Your father has only one son and if thats lost nothing will soon recover in time, space or eternity. Imagine you bring back life into the best events of time. You set business timeless as merits reborn in grace. But be reality that does outlook how this life is like.

This message lightened up one star staring up remarkably. Its presence makes our galaxy and around its presence is the gifted aim in understanding what human rules are made of? There is a daily struggle that meets its presence and everyday you awake there lay the new born gift. You may accept this presence as much as abundant our life belongs for this blessing. When you understand that it was a stranger, your guardian on Earth, wrote these words in the noble soul when you were weak in the imprint for an inner true self that guide along his path. You can see, hear and speak with your presence and right goodwill steping ahead for goodnews, you will be shielded by this infinity within the pain you were brought up. This is the promise the beggar made. Howsoever then why did King David caught up without the rights that belong to Goliath in the midst of existence. David, like you, saw one horizon before him and you have extra creative angle streching this lightest single dream ahead of the father who gifted you.How could someone from backstray be entitled for the merit where kings ruled and only an young person made an image before arena just by knocking at the door and allowed making an entry into glazes of fireballs with his own discreation, may we see that young David never knew how he was before the reality? Having won only at the eyecatch of the stranger's gift, did you meet provisions explaining eachother what is the merit being known and can you explain how endangered this demerit belong for the wholesome highlights i.e., your life? David is past. Take care that david invicibly last till the end in you. This is once in a lifetime law, dont miss it.


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