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New Year Birth Delight

Novel By: abyskaria

This is a life story so far and born with new year birth delight. I have written so many articles even free of cost & why would someone create scrubs down the mines of his culture and universal heritage in words of futuristic art of recreations just that so many who have crept through similar life begin an adventure with delight. This is a novel that started in an era where people spent lives in dark and with the fear that a bomb may fell over their savings may be you can say another day just beginning of this century. Can you very guess who delighted just few among us could bear this learning from life? See through. View table of contents...



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In a new year late before the birth of time and space, the trinity of three entities in literal existence and in simple words I would say peace, hope and joy made the reality of our universal entry of earthly life. The fire trinity stood edoved in tribute the supreme foundation of existence so known in real words as the source of light and dark that made the final pay and rent to stay in a shelter everyone has done finally. In my culture and heritage we adove that fire is the purest of soul entity in this creation and every life form has some or other form of this energy. A young man finally came before a fire and the day it could persecute mankind mind, body and soul down he asked for a simple wish which crafted even this fire step away. In this star knights in the sky where the kings that lived in this endovement would ask the spirit in your land just one wish that you must ask this source of your existence if we were not just the same person in different existence and if i am wrong you can split my existence into infinite cublicles or safeguard our common faith in trinity till the end of your source destiny. What could the light down in an generation do so far and would anyone come for rescue? Who is this young man in a christmas greenery wish for xmas cherished hope? Would anyone see that reality is a sketch we see among dwindle little kingdom that stretch see one far in a gentle light of magic spell? Can you sketch mantle relationship between any alphabets written below in a bubble that exploded somewhere and milestones made so far entitle making any light into a map? Well here is this story.

"Dont you know how this machine is made and how we wrap protecting in quantum theories so far written in books? Havent you seen how our young minds have a world outside now and how we have made an iceage just crept behind with this lighting edison tungsten?" As these discussions progressed in the roundtable and we need some dialect in the new world to map our foundation, soon the message rang and red alert in the guardmen sounded. Some sessmic teenager is coping some tables we recreated in this map with a camera that had just focussed on their wine glass from the other edge and this message came to the mobile alert. And would anyone attend. Let us meet in the next session of a new crystal daylight memorable day after this new year. These seven people came from seven continents and had been in our hopengen session and their entire network system was genericaly could be taped and relay was audible for credentials palliably profitable in the other side. Yet this was their last meeting and they never met again in history. These seven people has seen wars, adversaries and laid their fellowmen sacrifices unrooten in the dust for this 21st century of support systems. Who were they? Whom has seen them once again? And who was this young man and where does this mantle bubble map be wrapping down the line? Will anyone recollect an captivating episode the other side of history cooperatively? Why would someone unearthen this landscape of native mantle and trust yearning priced? Is this mere words the teenagers who came for a visit saw when they saw one of their young man fading when he could save the rest and had he? How could mind map create unspokable words in plain english language if this wouldnt have happened real in time, space and love? This story starts from the robbery over the rest could stay puzzled down the midst of these discussion and one person just could evade this map in those words written long back in this era birth. His eyes was saved from the burning unidentified flying object and just swing his head saying some words that laid this robbery into knowledge imprints in his brain sketch. Robbery amounted 456 trillion dollars from investment made across the world when one young man could have looted by himself this treasure. But he just kept the seal as broken when appeared but this was reported as a theft by the media in a bubble that exploded in a lake near by the shore when others followed to oversee who was the culprit. None actualy would say this is a mastery of words as this really happened in two centuries that just crept by. I would say let us layout a bridge here so that we can let tourist see this new discovery and allow more reachable investments, went the word to the tribe head. More people settle their homes and we have a new flinging craftmen near by. Whom will someone tell that we will send our chief head own fellow worker down the gateway into the forest and away from among the rest he would layout the rest of us into the daylight that we can rely on in the days ahead in this area where once we never saw inflation burn down our markets and our locals would have native good trust? This was the door bell to the world outside the mask and someone just saw the alarm woke up from bed. Had it been early this teenager would have got everything homemade from nearby store and selfcooked in microwave, jumped back a word to the next door and finally on her way towards highschool deliver the newsparcel in homes making a big noise of trucks with some word dialect from esl lecturer back dreams of her friends in social network just passed by and another stupid would come up telling a bye in oxford may be with call from mobile phones yet on this noisy day she was selling her home for helping her friend from recovery due to accident couldnt even catch her flight and had to call her back in dream to say I miss you! "Mom, what a boring sleep?" "How can I keep this stranger whom I never knew yet hiring mails in my mailbox?" Search in google dear, we cant just fringle with networks again. Or hire that writer so that he pays back. "Good idea. Let me try. Thanks Pop."

The second part of this novel would unwind how the strangers meet and depart whom they never faced. Why? What for? Why 2 centuries of never told tales under a title? Unlock and find out. :)


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