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Moving on UP! Unfortunate Events

Novel By: anniebirnie

This is Moving on UP! Unfortunate events. This is a sequel to Moving on UP!. It starts of good but a lot of Unfortunate events will happen. How will they all cope with what happens and what has happened.With April out the way what will happen now, how are they going to cope and especially if someone new trys to kill them but how. View table of contents...


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The Background check

It has been 4 days since the Backworth family left LA. They are having a blast in Alaska but Callum is still suspicious. Today the family is going Ice skating. Kayla woke up and ran into Chloe and Callum's room and jumped on the bed waking Chloe up.

"Chloe, Wake up!", Kayla demanded

"Hmh", Choe groaned very tired

Kayla kept jumping on the king size bed then Michelle ran through and did the same but a lot harder.

"I'm up, what's wrong?", Chloe asked

"Someone's at the door", They answered

"Babe, wake up, someone's at the door"Chloe said trying to wake Callum up.

Chloe kept shaking Callum to wake him up. She finally got Callum to wake up and told Kayla and Michelle to go in the bed and under the covers.

"What's wrong dear?", Callum asked half awake

"Someone's at the door, I don't know who", Chloe answered

"I will go have a look", Callum told Chloe trying not to get Chloe worried.

Callum got up and placed on his hollister sweat pants and his hollister t-shirt he got his police fun out from the chest of drawers and slowly walked to the door he unlocked the door and there stood Luke.

"Hey Bro, What can i do for you?", Callum asked polietly

"Hey, I did what you asked, your dad may want to hear this", Luke answered with a worried face.

"Sure, come on in, i will introduce you to everyone", Callum said being welcoming

Callum let Luke in the cabin and they walked into the living room. Chloe came down stairs to see who it was at the door.

"Hey Luke", Chloe greeted

"Hello, Long time no see", Luke said

"Why are you here?", Chloe asked

"I am staying here at the minute while my grammy gets better. I thought i should drop by to see your old man"Luke answered

"Haha, Well tell grammy i send her all my wishes and hope she gets better, I will leave you two old crippled people to it", Chloe said laughing

Chloe walked out the room and back upstairs. Callum pulled Jake aside and him, Jake and Luke spoke privatly in the little hut outside.

"What's going on son, who is this?"Jake asked being suspicious

"Dad this is Luke a old friend, I asked him to do a background check on Detective Rosalie", Callum explained to Jake

"Why did you ask for a background check?", Jake asked

"dad, if you have just woke up, there is someone following us", Callum answered annoyed

"Look, Do you both want to find out what i got, or would you like to carry on arguing like 3 year old kids?", Luke asked

"Yes, we want to know what you found out and we weren't arguing", They both answered in a huff

"Well, prepared to be shocked. I deeped hard into her background and this is what iI found. She was born in LA, her mum and dad moved to Hawaii. Got divorced, the mum worked in a back, her dad got charged with murder. Leslie moved back to LA 10 years ago. She became a detective, started following people got a warning last month she was drunk driving which got her arrested. They searched her house for a murder she was involved in, They found pictured of everyone she worked with and is working with and criminals. They looked deeper into the case she is meant to get 15 years in Jail but on her way to the prison up state, she escaped the 30th came.She was aloud to work and she turned up at the scene. Her family member are hunters. She used and i quote on a recent report " I also know someone will go further than them and a lot worse. That person could be standing here right now. Go home get some rest, Go home , Join us as detectives. You want have long until someone knew tries to kill you because you are a family of police and will always be". She wrote that in her report". Luke told Jake and Callum with a worried face.

"Oh, Do you think that she could be the next person?", Callum asked

"I really don't know" Jake answered

As Luke, Callum and Jake were talking. Chloe, Danielle and Maci walked in the room. They were all wearing leggings, a jumper and boots.

"Hello dad, How was your sleep?", Danielle asked walking over

"Hi, It was ok, Is it ok if me and you can talk outside?", Jake asked

"Sure, Lets go", Danielle answered

Jake and Danielle walked outside and sat down by the iced up pool.

"it feels nice to talk to you for i missed you so much, But why did you pretend to die?", Danielle asked

"I am sorry, I bet you don't like me as much. I pretended because the ambulance men told me. I have been in the witness protection programme as they are trying to get a video. I gave it to the the police and it wasn't till now that they said i should go back.", Jake answered

"I love you so much dad, i understand what you are saying", Danielle told Jake with so much love

Inside Kara and James were cooking dinner together. Chloe and Callum were speaking to Luke. Tyler and Baby Jake were getting ready for going ice skating. Sophie was with Maci getting Kayla, Sean and Michelle to get ready for ice skating.

"Everyone gather inside, we are going to be having a nice hot dinner. We have made choirs list collect it from the table and go work on it", Maci announced

Once the dinner was ready they all sat inside and gathered around the table. Maci decided to make a toast while everyone was just staring to eat.

"Hi, I would like to make a toast. Over the past years it has been a laugh, scared and so many emotions. This is our fourth day to Alaska we don't have long left so lets make it the best days. When you leave for LA, I will be going to London and staying there for a few years. So as a family let's have fun.", Maci toasted to everyone

"Everyone, we need to tell you a secret", Jake and Sophie announced

"What?", They all asked

"We are all Moving to New York City", Sophie answered


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