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The Spectrum Girl Diaries

Novel By: Bernadette Frances

Life as a Spectrum girl can be difficult when you feel all alone and don't have anyone to talk to or anything to write about.
These diary pages contain entries about everday life of a Spectrum girl who tries to fit in with her friends and make a journey of self discovery as she will soon become an adult. View table of contents...

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Friday July, 15th 2011

This is the diary of a Spectrum girl - not yet a woman.

I am proud to call myself a Spectrum girl. Even though I am different to other girls at my age, I wouldn't care. Not even if I was given a job to do either at school or at home. Been different is okay. To me, the word difference means being different makes you special. (I have no idea where I got that from!) You can still be yourself, no matter who you are.

Today at school was a very special day. This was a day, which I thought would make an exciting first entry. We had a Harry Potter Day.

Since my school is an all Girls' RC School, some of the girls actually dressed up as male characters like Darco Malfoy or Harry Potter. It didn't really matter to be honest with you because you can chose whatever character you want to be.

As characters, I saw teachers as Hogwarts teachers/students including Hagrid, Professor Sprout, Madam Hooch, Moaning Myrtle and Harry Potter. For students, there were lots of Hermione's and Harry's, but some in my year dressed up either as Molly Weasley, Cho Chan, Lily Potter (Harry's Mum), Fluffy and different students in all four houses. Some didn't dress up at all and for those students who did just that, we called them 'Muggles'. As for me, I dressed up as Ginny Weasley. I dyed my hair red last night as well as wearing my Gryffindor Quidditch Cloak.

The school was beautifully done. Different corridors had different sets of backgrounds. There were flags and floating candles and a picture of the Fat Lady in the Learning Support Department. There were also signs around the rooms (like 'Keep an eye on the staircases, they like to change', 'Harry Potter's Bedroom', 'The Chamber of Secrets has been opened' and 'Enemies of the heir beware') and a huge cane of Harry Potter's glasses.

The school's canteen also created meals at lunchtime in honour of Harry Potter Day. The Staff actually made different varieties of food we all know, but renamed them to flow in with today's theme. On the menu, there was Hogwarts Heartly Soup, Voldermot's Vortex, Chamber of Secrets, Quidditch Favourite, Dementors Delight, Goblet of Fire and Expelliarmus. To understand what they really are, the soup was in fact chunky vegetable (or vegetable soup, as I like to call it). Voldermot's Vortex was spaghetti bolognaise, Chamber of Secrets; Fish & Chips, Quidditch Favourite was a veggie chow Mein, the delight; chocolate sponge & sauce, Goblet of Fire; jelly and snake sweets and Expelliarmus; cookies.

At lunch, there was a Quidditch match where the teachers in the PE Department ran around on broomsticks, trying to catch either the Snitch or the Quaffle. However, I couldn't go because I had a mass to attend to in the school chapel.

I am a RE Prefect, which means I'm in charge of the chapel. I have to do all the cleaning and the checking as well as attend meetings with the other prefects every Wednesday lunchtime.

Today's Mass was about becoming as Eucharist Ministers. It was a very beautiful service and considering that I was the only Prefect to turn up, my Form teacher (who was also a RE teacher) offered me to hand certificates to give to the students. I didn't know what to do on such short notice. I remained calm and focused on myself in front of twenty students.

I first said my congratulations to all of those who are now ministers, to which we clapped. Then, I apologised to everyone that I haven't prepared a speech. Everyone laughed at this point and one student laughed so much that she cried while she was still laughing! I then presented the certificates and then rushed to the Main Office to collect the register.

On my way back to my Form Room, I saw our school priest who conducted the service. He congratulated me on such a positive speech and said it was wonderful. I said my 'thank you's' of course, since you have to be polite to priests in church and in a RC School.

It was a good thing I missed Quidditch because Slytherin and Ravenclaw won.

On Monday, the students were sorted into the four houses. We didn't do it with a sorting hat, oh, no. We did it by putting our hands into a small white paper bag and whatever card we got was the house we were in. I was in Gryffindor. Daniel, Rupert and Emma would have been pleased for students who were in Gryffindor today, but they would have been gutted if they found out that Slytherin and Ravenclaw won the Quidditch match. So too would J.K. Rowling.

I had a lovely day and I shall never forget it. I realised that I learned a lesson today that if students wanted to be in Gryffindor and instead got into Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, they shouldn't feel disappointed. They should be happy and be proud of who they are because if they work together in a team, they will achieve more success in their lives.

As a conclusion, I believe that teams aren't building a community or feeling proud of yourself, but building a team will actually build a strong friendship towards one another.




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