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A Great Girl's Life Turns for the Worst. (a story with many twists)

Novel By: crzyanglcassie14

A bittersweet, and sad story. So far my friends think it is amazing. Many of them cried as they read it. I take that as a good sign. It's about a girl. She gets in a car accident. What happens next changes her life forever. There's a lot of twists. But maybe her life will turn back to what it used to be, but just a little different. We'll see. ;) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 21, 2009    Reads: 86    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

"What happened?" The young girl asked as she looked around to her new surroundings. A small hospital room with tubes going every which way.

"Do you remember anything?" The doctor asked while he made sure all her vitals were fine.

"No, should I? Where's Mom and Dad? Are they ok? Why am I in the hospital?" She starts getting hysterical asking every question she could think of. She notices with every word spoken there's a terrible pain in her stomach and that was the reason the guy was looking at her with such sympathy. She realized what was wincing. Or maybe it was the next thing that the doctor said.

"Rose, you've been in a terrible car accident. You rolled into a ditch. I'm very sorry to say this, but you were the only one to survive. I'm really truly sorry for your loss, Rose." He spoke as if it were so painful to say each individual word. He had the most sympathetic expression on his face and in his eyes. She could feel the tears start coming. She couldn't help this, but right now she wasn't ready. Not ready for a life on her own. She had God, but why would God do this to her. She thought he was suppose to help her not ruin her whole life.

"Why didn't you save them? You could have saved them! They can't be gone! They just can't! They're my parents!" She started crying so hard, and it was terribly painful. This wasn't like her to scream at someone so innocent. At the guy that she knew had tried his best to save her and her parents. You could tell by his blood covered coat. It hadn't been too long ago. "I'm sorry for yelling. Could I please see them."

"I don't know if that is the best thing for you to do right now."

"I need to see them. I didn't get to say goodbye. I need to say goodbye. I know they can hear me right now. Could you just give me a second. I need to be alone. Then, I would like to see my parents. Please."

"Yes, I guess that is alright. Call me in though. I will be right outside the door."

"Ok, thank you Mr. ……. uhm.."

"Mr. Furro"

�"Well, thank you Mr. Furro." The doctor left and she knew she needed to say her last words to her parents. She knew they could hear her right now. But she couldn't bare it. She wanted them to really be there to listen. Be able to hug her. She needed them. They couldn't be gone. "Mom, Dad. I miss you already. I'm so sorry your gone. I wish we could have had the chance to say goodbye. I know you are having a good time with other grown ups in heaven. I'm sure God is a great sight, and that heaven is the most amazing place ever. I love you. I wish you could be here right now. Sitting beside me. I'm fine Mom and Dad. The doctor is nice. I'm going to go see you now. This is my goodbye Mom and Dad. I didn't get to say goodbye during the accident. It wasn't your fault. I love you. I'll miss you forever. I will never lose faith, and I will always remember you and wait for that day that I get to see you again. I'll try to keep the smile on my face for you, and keep the tears few. I love you so much!" She broke down crying as she spoke the last couple words. So much has left her life in just a day.

She called for her doctor as she wiped her eyes clean. She needed to see her parents. There was no doubt about it. "Could we please go see my parents now. I'm ready."

"Only if you are sure you can handle it." He looked at her with an unsure face.

"I'm positive."


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