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A Great Girl's Life Turns for the Worst. (a story with many twists)

By: crzyanglcassie14

Chapter 4,

As the doctor opened the door, the smell hit her first thing, but as she was wheeled through the door she saw an amazing assortment of red flowers covering her whole room.  Mr. Furro looked just as surprised as she was.  There were her favorite flowers, red roses.  She wondered who did this, and looked at the doctor for an answer. 

"I have no idea.  If I did I would tell you, but there seems to be a note right where your bed should be.  Whoever did this had to be a fast worker.  We were only gone for about ten minutes.  Amazing!"  He looked around and then went and grabbed the note, and handed it to her.  "Here you go."  He wheeled her bed to where it should be and left the room letting her know that he would be back a little later and telling her to get some rest.  She slowly opened the card. 

Dearest Rose,

You may wonder who I am, but I think trully in your heart you know.  I've been in your dreams, and I was at the accident.  I've saved you life Rose, and hopefully you will later thank me for that.  I know I am coming out strong Rose, but I know with all my heart that we are soul mates.  I found out from a secret source that you loved red roses so I really hope you like your room.  I felt bad that you would be stuck there for a while since I know you don't like hospitals because of your last incident.  I am not a stalker Rose.  You do not need to worry.  I have not seen anything I shouldn't.  I respect that you are a christian, and I am also a christian.  I have a secret Rose.  I know the future.  I can see what will happen to you years from now.  This is how I know you are my soul mate, and that at one time we will meet, and never leave each others sides.  You are beautiful Rose, and I swear to never leave your side.  By the way I am very sorry about your parents.  I tried my best to save them at the accident, but it only got them to the hospital.  I will tell you that you will be staying with your grandmother for a while, and soon after hopefully you will meet me. 

I love you with all my heart,

Your soulmate.

She stared in disbelief at the note.  Her soulmate?  How could this be?  He can see the future too?  Oh no.  This is just getting creepy now.  She starts wondering whether she's lost her mind, and then the nurse walks in. 

"Hun, its about time you've had some pain medication.  I'm sure the pain is horrible right now.  Oh, you must have a guy that cares about you very much!  These are lovely flowers."

"Yes, I guess I do have a guy, and thankyou."  The nurse nodded, and Rose slowly drifted to sleep after reading the letter one more time.  Not sure if it was trully real. 

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