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The History of Earth

Novel By: FlameandAxe

This is an extended version of my Creation Myth assignment for History class. This story is about a mortal girl who defeated death. Then, something terrible happened to her. A story full of thrillers, actions, adventures, and classics too. View table of contents...


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One day, stars were lining on the dark screen of the world. Then, those stars were arranging it forming a human- like form. And there it turns out to be a real man- like shaped creature, a god. The god was alone, but he has a magic to create things. So, he created two other man-like forms - two more gods. He called them Daermaethor and Dandruil. He declared Darmaethor as the god of seasons and Dandruil as the god of the night time. Then, he called himself Andaer and declared himself as the god of all gods. After that, Andaer started to make several other gods to accompany him.

The creation of Earth

Andaer granted Darmaethor a daughter to accompany him and gave Dandruil two children- a daughter and a son. Darmaethor named his daughter Mother Nature and she has the magic to make natural objects. One day, Andaer made a big round object with stars. So then, Andaer asked Mother Nature to put some ornament inside that object. Mother Nature went inside the big round object and filled it up with sun, moon, sky, land, water, plant, fire, wind, animals, minerals, caves, and many other natural things. As a reward, Andaer let her to stay in that object any time she wants.

The creation of humans

One day, when Mother Nature felt really lonely in that object. So, she asked Andaer to create a creature that looks like them and that could interact with her. Then, Andaer created the man- like form and put it inside the big round object and called them humans. Each human has their own special names. Mother Nature was no longer alone, and she can communicate with humans. Humans communicated with Mother Nature and told her that they called this big round object Earth; so Mother Nature and Andaer agreed. Mother Nature saw that human can gave birth to children, so Mother Nature created her own children by the four elements: wind, fire, earth, and water.

The assignments and the disobedience

Mother Nature created a girl from the wind, she called her Ardhoniel. Then, she created a boy from fire, she called him Limdur. After that, she created another boy from the ground and soil, she called him Dorainen. And the last one she created a girl from water, she called her Eccaia. Then, Mother Nature assigned them jobs to do in Earth. Ardhoniel to help sailors and make sure humans don't get really hot in the sun. Limdur to help humans with their everyday life and to make sure that humans were warm. Dorainen to help the growing of crops and to make sure that there were enough surpluses of foods for humans. Eccaia to help sailors and fishermen and to make sure that there's enough water for humans to drink. But, they don't obey their mother and started becoming so lazy and never help humans. So, Mother Nature gets angry and she cursed them all to become nymph of the elements where they came from. After all that happens, Mother Nature asked humans to give sacrifices and foods to her children to show how Mother Nature still loves them.


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