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Single Woman finds an abandened newborn baby boy on her front porch.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316

Delia Keller is a beautiful, attractive, single woman, she has brunette hair and blue eyes, She lives in a suburban house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a small town called Arcadia. Until something happened that changed her life, Forever. View table of contents...


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On a clear night in a small town called Arcadia. a green four door car was driving down the street in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, until it stopped in front of a suburban house, and two people, a man and a young woman was in the front seat of the car. The woman was sitting in the passenger-seat of the car, she had a basket on her lap, while the man sat in the driver-seat. The woman looked at the house through the car window, She looked back at the man, But the man just pointed to the house, The woman opened the passenger-side door of the car, she got out of the car, taking the basket with her, She closed the car door, walked up to the front gate of the house, opened the front gate, walked up the front sidewalk, on the front porch, she carefully laid the basket down on the floor of the front porch, She opened the basket, inside the basket, was a newborn baby boy, he had blonde hair, and was sleeping in the basket, and was sleeping on a warm blanket, and had another blanket on him, The Woman carefully picked her sleeping son up, she gave him a loving hug, she whispered to him that she loves him so much, and that she never wanted to give him away, she was forced to, and tears were coming down her cheeks, She looked over at the man in the car, telling her to hurry up, She laid him back down in the basket, and she closed the lid of the basket, got up and ringed the doorbell, she went off the front porch, down the sidewalk, through the front gate, and got back in the car, and the man drove off. about an hour later, the owner of the suburban house, Delia Keller walked down the stairs, through the living room, She opened the front door, only to find no-one there, She looked down at the basket, She opened the basket and saw the newborn baby boy, Delia looked around to find his mother, but She didn't find her. Delia picked the basket up, she took it inside with her.

Chapter 1.

The Sun was shining In the Nursery Window, As Delia Keller went in the Nursery and walked over to the crib, and saw her newborn adopted son that She had named Trey, Until Baby Trey looked up at his Adopted Mommy, Delia and was smiling at her, reached his little arms at her.

"Good-Morning, Trey, sweetie, I'll bet you want Mommy to pick you up", Delia said as she picked Baby Trey up and held him in her arms.

Baby Trey started looking at her, and started cooing at her, Delia carried him over to the diaper-changing table, she took off his dirty sleepers off, and put them in the dirty laundry, She took his dirty diaper off and throw it away in the trash can, she laid baby trey on his little tummy, until baby trey started pulling himself up, Until Delia slowly moved her finger on his bottom, Delia put some baby powder and a clean diaper on him, she put some clean clothes on him, she held him in her arms.


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