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Tara's Story

Novel By: lexixeri

Abandoned by Their parents in the forest near N.S.W, Tara and Emma are faced with the realities of trying to survive. When Tara and Emma meet a mysterious man in the forest, they think nothing of it. That is until they come across the truth, the truth that changes everything forever! View table of contents...



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Tara's story
Chapter 1: From the beginning

Chapter 1: From the beginning

My names Tara Green and this is my story. When I was just 15 years of age and Emma (my sister) was 13 my parents dumped us in the forest near Armidale, N.S.W (New South Whales). I still don't fully understand why they did it but, it's easier to forget the past and move on. Years later I wrote a dairy entry of the events I could remember, of the terrible memories that would last with me forever.

22nd March, 1993

I remember waking me screaming, being in total shock .It's just a dream I thought, and it's just a dream. Emma was fast asleep on the other bed beside me. I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn't. I guess I just had millions of thoughts running though my head and it was driving me insane. It had been a whole day since we'd been abandoned here. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Mum, Dad, Emma, and I were driving back from the shops. Dad drove down an unfamiliar road down into the forest miles out from town. I don't know why but I could sense something bad was going to happen. Then dad pulled up, I heard Emma ask why we were stopping, but he just ignored her. He and mum jumped out of the car and they told us to follow. Then dad opened the boot and grabbed out a shopping bag and handed it to me. It had food in it. They gave Emma a big bag with blanks and two pillows. Emma cried, Mummy, Daddy what's happening?? I knew what they were up to, I just could sense it, but I didn't what to believe it. I was right, they hopped back into the car and drove off leaving me and Emma alone in the middle of know where. I remember crying for what seemed to be like hours. Then reality hit.

29th March, 1993

Exactly a week later, and we were still stranded here. Emma wasn't coping, neither was I. I thought they'd be back for us, that this was some type of cruel joke to punish us for always fighting with each other. I wasn't that I didn't love Emma, because I did, we just fought more than your typical sisters should. Maybe it was because we were so different, Emma was popular, and I wasn't. I didn't mind, only that she acted different when she was around she friends, becoming the main cause of our fights. It's been challenging trying to fend for ourselves, today we had to go hunting for our own food, and let's just say it was a fail. Some days we went without food, water wasn't an issue as we'd found a beautiful waterfall that wasn't too far away. Your probably wondering where we slept, well we found a hut. Emma noticed it first and scared me out of my day dreams. It wasn't much, but it was shelter. We wondered if maybe someone had lived here as there were two beds made out for sticks and branches inside. We were yet to discover the truth. The truth that will stick with me forever, and will always leave a sick feeling in my stomach.

To be continued ......tell me what you think.

P.s I originally wrote this 6years ago, and have decided to update it.

Alexis xxx


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