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The Promises

Novel By: Riley

Two unlikely people - Avisius and Roseline - have found each other in a rather helpless situation. Love, and a total understanding of the other. There is one, or two, very big problems. Not only is Roseline engaged to another, but she is a Princess, and her husband to be is King Victor III, a strong King, who believes in principils and rules, and that they should be thoroughly enforced.

Nathaniel, Avisius' brother is a kindly soul, who is often found with his nose stuck in a book, or re ordering them around in the King's library to suit himself rather than the King, who hasn't stepped into the library since he was ten. Even then, it was to find an unlikely hiding place from one of his nannies.

Despite these problems, Nathaniel, Avisius and Roseline have remained close, and when things take a dramatic and very dangerous turn they'll have to put each other to the test. In a book of magic, love, and danger, they'll all have to find a way to survive. View table of contents...


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"I remember when we met." The voice wrapped around her and held her close with a softness only one could hold. "Do you now, Miss Roseline?" Her reply comes with a thoughtful sigh from the middle of the room where the owner of the voice lays in a tub full of hot water. "Avi, how could I forget?" Roseline says slowly, grinning as slowly as her words come. Moving the water with one hand, the female knight watches the ripples as they spread and slowly disapear, remembering the day the two met.

It had been rainy and cold, not too far off from miserable as Avisius had rode out to Romanoc, to fetch the princess from her homeland and bring her to Legoria. On a paint stallion of large size she'd arrived in the city with her fellow knights and their squires, and were greeted with praise and many a person brought food out to meet them. All along the cobbled street ways people laid the foods down as the men and women rode by, towards the towering castle that rose above, white and shining.

Though she was the youngest, and one of only three female knights, Avisius had been chosen by the king to lead the party to Romanoc, to both further prove herself, but also because she was to not only be the main protector of the Princess, but also because she was to befriend her, and help her feel welcomed and see a bright and happy member of Legoria. First impressions were, after all, very important to King Victor.

Despite her immense pride for Legoria - her new home - Avisius had been unable to not appreciate the beauty of Romanoc, and how clean it was. Casting glances around her, she realized how much it was like her homeland of Drevadii. Still, she had a job to do and it was to come first. Later, she'd ask for a tour of the city. Pushing through the crowds of people the party made its way to the castle steps where the king, King Evanson was waiting for them, a grand smile on his face. Standing next to him though, Avisius had to admit, stood the most beautiful young woman she'd ever met.

"I admit, I did not thing that there would be so many of you." King Evanson had remarked upon seeing all of the knights in their gleaming silver armor.
"Is it really such a problem?" Avisius had asked, bowing graciously as she dismounted and moved to hand the reigns to a stable boy who looked positively baffled at the fact that there was a lady knight leading a party. Still, she managed to shake off her disapproval and smiled gently to both the King, and Roseline.
"Certainly not, unless you're planning to stay for the feast," Roseline had spoken up, curtseying politely and placing a hand on her father's arm. A light chuckle shook her body as she looked over the rest of the knights.
"It would seem that you're the youngest of your party, and yet you led them here? Are you that skillfull, or just daft?" The Princess asked, a light hint of interest in her voice.
"Perhaps a bit of both Princess Nomaii." Avisius chuckled, casting a glance to her fellow knights who had also dismounted at this point. They were all laughing amongst themselves, and nodding their heads.

"You were beautiful that day - you always are - but especially that day.. I loved your dress." Avisius muttered, finally arousing from her dreamy trance to shift in her bath. "You remember what I was wearing?" Roseline asked, eyes twinkling with admeration. "Of course. It was green, with those tiny seashells embroidered onto it." Avi nods, finally lifting her brown eyes to her lover, face rather void of emotion except for careful attraction.

"Do you love me?" Roseline quiestioned, leaning carefully back into the chair she was seated on, trying not to blush. Avi rises from her bath, and wraps a towel around her, before stepping out and casting Roseline a bashful look, before recovering and finding composition. Taking short, nervous steps towards her, Avi tried to figure out what she was getting at. Of course she did.. So why was she asking this now? Placing her hand atop her lover's, Avi relished in the fingers intertwining with hers.

Pulling Roseline to her feet, Avisius had to laugh as Roseline held a hand, trusting that she would be guided carefully in the dance. Turning her around carefully under her arm, Avi watched as the simple white underdress twirled slightly with the dancing motion, before releasing her slowly and watching her spin by herself. "Yes." She finally whispered, running a long fingered hand through her short dirty blond hair. "Yes what?" Roseline said, propping a hand on her hip, teetering this way and that from dizzyness. "Yes, I love you." She says, smiling with a certain coyness that only Roseline understands. "You make me dizzy," Rose' begins, smiling, "and not just now."

"I know." Avisius chuckles, running a hand down the small of her back, feeling the fabric of her dress all the way down to her tailbone. "I..-I-I," Roseline started to say something, but it was lost by a sudden kiss, one Avisius wasn't sure she liked. It was rushed, and unlike anything they'd experienced. Until now, things were careful and almost planned.. But the sexual tension was building and she wasn't sure how much longer she could stand it. Pulling away, she stumbled slightly, a falter that was out of character. She never faltered, and always had something to say, even if it took her a while to think of a polite way to say it.

"What was that?" Roseline almost hisses, and Avisius looked wounded, standing there in her towel totally unarmed. Roseline felt bad now, for disarming her best friend, her lover and confidant. Stepping forward to pull her towards herself, Roseline ran her fingers through her hair, looking for her dark brown eyes as they traced the grain in the floorboards. "I'm sorry, Avi.. I didn't mean to-" But she was cut off again, by Avisius' pulling away from her, only to have her face taken up in gentle fingers. "Avi! Listen to me." Hushed tones were hard to force now, but remained only for the sake of privacy. Anybody could be listening, especially if the King was suspicious.

"I am listening Rose, I'm always listening to you. Don't you know that?" She replied, running a hand up her arm, to the fingers that tenderly held her face, before unlocking them from her jaw and pushing them away. This time though, the distance between them stayed, their closeness.. Their intimacy was returning slowly. "I know you are. You've always listened to me.. He," A pause, it hung there for almost forever as Avisius looked harshly onto Roseline as if daring her to name her fiance. "He, he never listens." Roseline decides carefully, averting her gaze.

"Why should he? All he does is command, beckon and murder innocent people." Avisius hissed, her anger at the one person she hated most simmering dangerously. "He doesn't murder people." Roseline defended, her face flushing bright. "Yes! Yes, he does! I should know!" Roseline looked at her with a look of disapointment, despite the fact that she knew what she was saying was true. Maybe, just maybe, she was trying to look past his actions and find a man she could somehow love. She would have to find a way after all, considering the fact that they were to engage in wedlock in less than a month.

"I know. I know, I know, I know. I just.." It was the look of disaproval from Avisius that caused her to trail off and look away. "I just can't look at that. We're getting-" "You're getting what?!" Avisius snarled, her voice steadily gaining volume. It was the circumstances of their meeting that made her so mad. The whole reason she'd been sent to meet Roseline, to bring her back to Legoria, was to bring her back to King Victor III, to bring his future wife to him. It was.. Sad. Sad, that they had to be in love like this, and then that they were going to be torn apart because of a stupid marriage that Roseline didn't even want to go through with. It was to happen so soon as well.. They had so little time to fit a life time of love into their lives.

"I'm getting married Avi, whether you like it or not. I don't like it either, but if I don't, not only will I shame my family, but my entire country. This is not only a labor of love, but a peace treaty between our countries." Roseline's voice remained soft and calm, caring and sad. It was as she looked away from Avisius that she felt the anger and the shame. Anger that she was going to be taken away from her lover by a man she loathed, and shame that she'd already become an infidel. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." She whispered in loving tones, her eyes still averted. "It's not your fault. It's his fault. I won't..." Avisius took a moment to search for the right words, the words that would give the correct meaning and passion to the situation. "I won't let him take you away from me Roseline. I can't let him do that to me. To you.. To us and what we have here." She sighed, placing a hand over her heart at the word 'here'.

"There's nothing you can do Avi." Roseline protested sadly, her eyes almost welling up with tears. It was the tears that drove Avisius insane. She couldn't stand to see Roseline like this. It broke her heart every time she came running to her, tears in her eyes from another thing Victor had either said or done to her. "Don't marry him Roseline. Please. For me." They'd had this conversation before, and Avisius knew exactly where it was going. Roseline couldn't refuse the marriage proposal at all costs. It would mean war between the two kingdoms which was something her ailing father couldn't afford. "I have to. I have no choice Avisius, you know that already."

She did know, and yet she refused to accept it. Without another word, she went to her small kitchen and drew a glass of water into a pewter cup and drank it all as she stood there, watching Roseline as she pursed her lips and drew her hands to her hips. Finished with her drink, Avisius closed the distance between them quickly, leaving her cup on the counter by the basin she'd used to wash only a half hour ago. Only moments after, she allowed her towel to drop between them, and the heat was immediatly ignited between them. Fervent and needy kisses followed, traveling down the base of Roseline's neck, mutterings of everlasting love whispered between each break.

"Wear this for him tonight, when you tell him you love him." Was the last full sentence before the two made their way towards the bed situated in the corner.


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