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A Teenager and his 3-year-old Shy Little Brother befriended a Single Woman.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Jason Palmer is a Tall, Handsome, Light Brown Hair, Hazel Eyed, 17-Year-old Teenage Boy, he has a shy 3-year-old Little Brother Named Max Palmer, They live in a Foster Group Home in a town called Richmond, Until he overheard a conversation phone call that a person in charge of the foster group home to an adoptive couple, they told the person that they would like to adopt Max Palmer and not Jason, Until Jason decided that he won't be separated from his little brother, they ran away from the group home, View table of contents...



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Prolog: Jason started walking down the sidewalk by a quiet street, holding his 3-year-old Little Brother Max by the hand, he looked over his shoulder to see if they was being fallowed, Until they stopped and rest by a shade tree, Jason was thinking what to do next.

Chapter 1.

A Clear Sunny Day The Sun Was Shining The Birds Were Singing As They Buid Their Nests In a Town Called Richmond, Jason Palmer and his shy 3-year-old Little Brother Max Palmer were in their hiding place, He was thinking what to do next.

"Jason, where are we going?", Max asked as he looked up at his big brother.

"I don't know, I've got to think of something", Jason answered.

"Ok", Max said.

Suddenly Jason saw a car drive up in a Parking Lot at a Local Grocery Store, He saw a Single Brunette Haired Blue Eyed Woman named Delia Mayfield, she had got out of the driverseat of her 4-door car, and started walking inside the Grocery Store.

"Ok, Max, Let's go", Jason said to Max as they started running across the street and went into the back seat of Delia's car, they ducked on the floorboard of her car.

About an hour later, Delia came out of the Grocery Store with a Shopping Cart Full Of Groceries, She Pushed the shopping cart toward her car, she opened the trunk of her car, and Put her Groceries in the trunk of her car, She closed her Trunk of her car, Put the empty Shopping cart in a Shopping Cart Corral, Walked to the driver-side door of her car, She got into the driver-seat and Drove off, Jason and Max could feel the car moving from their floorboard hiding place, Jason was looking the other way, When Max Decided to look over from the back seat of the car, he slowly got up and looked down the road, Until Delia saw a head of a child from her Rear-View window, when she stopped her car on the side of the street, Jason had to get his little brother down, Delia looked over her shoulder and Didn't see no-one, She continued driving to her house, when she made it to her house, she pulled up on the Driveway of her House, Delia Stopped her car, and got out of her car, Until she saw the two boys,

"Where did you two come from?", Delia asked as she saw them from the back door window in the back seat of her car.

"Please, Ma'am Don't Turn Us Into The Police, They'll take us back", Jason answered as his Little Brother Max looked at her with his loving eyes.

Delia sighed and Decided to say something to them,

"Don't worry, I won't, now why don't you two come out of the car", Delia said until Max started walking toward her Until she saw him.

"Hello, There", Delia said as she smiled at him.

"Hi", Max replied as he put out his little arms to her.

"Oh You want me to hold you, is that right?", Delia asked as she looked at him.

"Uh-Hu", Max answered Until Jason said that it was ok.

Delia Picked-Up Max and held him in her arms, He put his little arms around her neck and put his Head on her shoulder.

"Jason, why don't you get my groceries out of the trunk of my Car, Because I've got my hands full with Your Clingly Little Brother", Delia said as Jason got out of the backseat of the car.

"Ok", Jason replied as he started getting Groceries out of Delia Mayfield's Car.

Delia went in the house, and Jason was putting the Grocery Bags on the Kitchen Table in The Kitchen Of Her house.

"Where did you two boys come from?", Delia asked as she sat down on the couch in the living room With Max Palmer in her arms and Jason sat down beside her.

"We've come from a Foster Group Home Blocks away from Here", Jason answered.

"Oh, I see did you two run away from there?", Delia asked as Max was holding on to her tightly.

"Yeah, and We're not going Back, Because I've heard a Phone Conversation from Mrs. Wilburs that Runs the Foster Group Home talk to an Adoptive Couple over the phone and They told her that They would like to Adopt Max and Not Me", Jason answered.

"Oh, I see, so that's why you two run away from there, so you two won't be seperated from each-other", Delia said.

"Yeah, that's Right", Jason replied.

"Well, I think that you two should stay here with me, Until I can get this sorted out", Delia said.

"Ok", Jason replied.

Jason got up and excused himself to go to the Bathroom, Leaving Delia alone with Max, He looked at her and She looked at him.

"I like you", Max said as he looked at her with a big smile on his face.

"I like you too, Max", Delia replied.


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