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Finding An Abonded Baby Boy.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Anita Mayfield, Beautiful, Attractive, single, blonde haired, blue eyed, Woman, is about to become a mother to a baby boy that she had found, She lives in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, in a town called Arcadia. View table of contents...



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Anita Mayfield is about to become a mother.

Chapter 1.

it was around12:59 after midnightin Arcadia, ohio,a car was driving down maple street, until it stopped in front of Anita Mayfield's House, a woman named Karen was sitting on the passenger-side of the car, and a man named Frank,was in the driver-seat, the woman looked at the house,Karen looked back at Frank,who pointed to something in the back seat, and to the house,Karen got out of the car, she went to the back door of the car, and picked-up a basket, inside the basket was a blue blanket with a baby boy wrapped-up in the blanket, she closed the back door of the car, walked up toward the house, she put the basket down on the front porch, she opened the basket, she picked-up her sleeping son, and she started hugging him.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't want to do this, but I was forced too, but i want you to know that I love you so much, and I hope i'll be able to see you again",Karen whispered as tears were coming down her cheeks, she laid him back down on the basket, and closed the basket.

She knocked on the door and she went off the front porch, down the sidewalk, in the car,Frank drove off, About 1:00, Anita was up, she walked into the living room, and opened the door, She looked out of the front porch, but no-one was there, she was about to close the door, when she heard some muffled whining, She opened the door, looked down at the Basket, she opened the basket and saw a baby boy, she picked the baby boy up, and held him in her arms, she picked the empty basket up, and went inside the house, closed the door behind her, Anita put the empty basket on the floor, while she's holding the baby boy, she sit down on the couch and looked at him.

"who would leave you behind?", Anita said to herself.

about 1:09, Anita decided to keep the baby boy, until she could find his real mother, at 1:10, she decided to name him, Barry, at 1:11until he started crying, Anita decided to comfort him.

"It's ok, It's ok, Barry, It's ok", Anita said until Baby Barry calmed down at 1:12.

Anita was thrilled that he calmed down, until at 1:13, she decided that she should be his mother, until she could find his real mother.

Two Years Later, at 8:00 the next morning, 3-year-old Barry Mayfield was in the living room watching his favorite cartoon show, (he was wearing, underwear, blue shirt, and shorts), While Anita was in the kitchen washing the dishes. at 8:01 after she was done, Anita went into the living room and looked at Barry, until he looked back at her, and smiled at her.

"Hi, Barry", Anita said as she looked at her boy.

"Hi, Mommy", Barry replied as he looked at her.

"Barry, how about if we go to the park?", Anita asked as she looked at him

"Ok, Mommy", Barry answered as he put on his socks and sneakers on.

At 8:10, Anita took Barry by the hand and they walked out of the house, and on the sidewalk, Meanwhile at 8:12, at an apartment complex, Karen was in her apartment, she was thinking about her baby boy that she was forced to give-up, until she decided to find her baby, at 8:14 she wore a coat and hat, she opened the door, looked around to see if anyone was there, she got out of the doorway, went down the stairs, at 8:18 she went out of the apartment complex, and started walking toward a park, Meanwhile at 8:20 Anita and Barry arrived at the park, Barry started playing on the playground equipment, while Anita was talking to some other mothers, another hour later at 8:21, Karen arrived at the same park, and she saw Barry walking on a bridge toward a slide.

"There he is, there's my baby boy", Karen said to herself as she started walking toward him.

About 8:22, Karen stood at the bottom of the slide, as Barry slide down the slide and saw a woman looking at him.

"Hi, sweetie", Karen said as she knelt down in front of Barry.

"Hi", Barry replied as he looked at her.

Karen wanted to tell Barry that She is his mother, until at 8:23, Karen saw a car driving down on elm street, She started running away, while Barry was looking at her, at 8:30, Anita and Barry went back home, ate dinner, and went to bed.

16 years later, at 6:00, Barry is now a 17-year-old Teenage Boy, he was sitting at a table eating breakfast with Anita, until Barry noticed something wrong with her.

"Mom, is something wrong?", Barry asked as he looked at her with a concerned look on his face.

"Barry, I have to show you something", Anita answered after they ate breakfast at 6:01, they went up the stairs, down the hallway, into Anita's master bedroom.

At 6:06, Anita took out the basket that Barry had been in when he was a baby.

"Barry, when you were a baby, i found you when you were in the basket", Anita said as she sit the basket on the bed.

"Mom, what are you saying?", Barry asked as he looked at the basket.

"Barry, I'm not your mother", Anita answered with a gulp.

"So, who's my real mother?", Barry asked as he looked at her that had rised him when he was a baby.

"I don't know, I didn't get a good look, But I remember seeing a woman at the park, and she had auburn hair", Anita answered scared that she might lose him.

"Well, I have to find her, and ask her why did she give me up", Barry said as he looked at Anita.

"Then, you'll leave me, and I'll be lonely in this house, not having anyone to be with or to talk to or play with", Anita said as she started to cry, Until Barry was at her side.

"Don't worry, whatever happen's, you'll always be my mother", Barry said as he put his arms around Anita's body.

"Ohh", Anita replied as they hugged each-other.

At 6:20, Barry decided to look for his long-lost mother, he put up an ad, until at 6:40, Karen was reading it, she decided to go to Anita's.


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