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finding an abondend newborn infant baby boy.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

something is about to happen in a small town called Arcadia. View table of contents...


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Lynette is going to give, Barry a Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day, He gives her a red paper heart made out of red construction paper, Barry puts his little arms around Lynette's neck, he kisses her cheek, She kissed him.

Chapter 2.

The Next Morning, Lynette and Barry were having breakfast, Lynette looked at him with her loving eyes, until Barry looked at her, he smiled at her, she smiled at him.

"Barry, I have something for you".

"Oh, what is it, Mommy?".

"Just stay right there, I'll be right back".

Lynette got up from her seat, went out of the kitchen, she came back with a Teddy Bear, Barry's hazel eyes were wide open.

"Oh, Mommy, I just love it", Barry said as he got up from his seat and toddled toward Lynette.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Barry", Lynette replied.

"Thanks, Mommy", Barry said as he wrapped his little arms around Lynette's neck,

"Do you like it, Barry?".

"Oh, Yes, Mommy".


"Barry, how about We go to the park?", Delia asked.

"Ok, Mommy", Barry answered.

"Ok, Barry go get your blue sneakers on", Delia said.

"Ok, Mommy", Barry replied.

Barry went up stairs, into his bedroom, he came back down the steps, he had on his sneakers on too.

"Ok, Barry, take mommy's hand?".

"Ok, Mommy".

Barry grabbed Lynette's Hand, she took him out of the house, down the front porch, down the sidewalk, they started walking toward the park, Barry started jumping over one sidewalk ledge, While Lynette looked down at him, and was smiling at him, he looked up at her and smiled back at her. about an hour later, They've arrived at the park.

"Mommy, let's go on the swings".

"Ok, Barry".

Lynette and Barry started walking toward the swings, Barry sat down on the swing seat, while Lynette pushed him on the swings, Barry started laughing and giggling, he looked back at Lynette, and was smiling at her.

"Ok, Mommy, you sat down and I'll push you on the swings", Barry said.

"Ok, Barry", Lynette replied.

Lynette stopped the swing, Barry got off, while She sat down, Barry started pushing her on the swings, after that they continued playing.

"Barry, why don't we go to the ice cream palor and have a bowl of chocolate ice cream?", Lynette asked.

"Ok, Mommy", Barry answered.

Lynette and Barry started walking toward the ice cream palor, Lynette sat Barry on the stool, she sat down right beside him, Lynette ordered a bowl of chocolate ice cream, Lynette took a spoon, she put the spoon in the chocolate ice cream, she had some chocolate ice cream on the spoon, she slowly moved it toward Barry, he opened his mouth, Lynette put the spoonful of chocolate ice cream, Barry closed his mouth, Lynette slowly pulled the spoon out of his mouth, she continued feeding him the chocolate ice cream, after he was done, Lynette wiped the smeared chocolate on his face, Until Barry started rubbing his eyes.

"Barry, are you tired, sweetie?", Lynette asked.

"hu-uh", Barry answered.

"Barry, can I carry you home?", Lynette answered as barry slowly nodded his head.

Lynette got off of her stool, She picked Barry up, he put his little arm around her neck, Lynette started walking him out of the ice cream palor, toward the house, about an hour later, they've made it to the house, Lynette went inside the house, through the living room, up the stairs, into the living room, she went into barry's bedroom, she laid him down on his bed, she kissed his lips, and left his bedroom,


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