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Meeting a single man and his little boy.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

Delia Mayfield is a beautiful, attractive, single woman, she has shoulder-length dark red hair, and blue eyes, she enjoys taking evening walks, and jogging, she's also a great cook, She lives in a house in a shaded tree-line, picket-fenced neighborhood in a small town called Arcadia, Until she meets a single man named Michael and his 4-year-old son named Davey. View table of contents...


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Delia Mayfield, a beautiful, attractive, single woman, stood on the front porch of her house in a shaded tree-line, picket-fenced in neighborhood, she looked at all of her neighbors, she looked at the house across from her's, and saw a Father playing catch with his son, while the mother watches them, She looked at some other houses, she see's the same thing, Father's playing with their son's, wives talking to their husband's, Delia decided she couldn't take it anymore, She got into her car, and pulled her car out of her drive-way, and started driving down the street, she drove to a park, she stopped her car, got out of her car, She sat down on the park bench, she started watching some children playing, Delia hoped that she'll have a child of her own.

Chapter 1.

While Delia was watching the children playing, a toy ball started rolling toward her, she caught it, Delia looked-up and saw a Little boy running after the ball.

"Is this you're ball, sweetie?", Delia asked as the little boy approched her.

"Yes, it is, can I have it back, Please", The Little Boy answered.


Delia gave the ball back to the little boy, he went back to where the other children were at, About that time, the little boy's father came up to Delia.

"Hi, I'm sorry if my son, Davey, didn't bother you".

"Oh, that's ok, he didn't bother me".

"Good, Oh I'm Michael, and I know that you've met my 4-year-old son, Davey".

"Nice to meet you, Michael, I'm Delia".

"Nice to meet you too, Delia".

Michael looked at Delia and started smiling at her, She smiled back at him, another hour later, Michael's son, Davey came running up toward them.

"Hey, Sport, did you have fun?", Michael asked.

"Oh, Yes, Daddy", Davey answered.

"Ok, Davey, let's go Home", Michael said as he and Davey were about to leave.

"Oh, why don't I drive you two to my house, and I'll cook some dinner for us?", Delia asked.

"Well, I don't know, I mean We don't mean to intrude", Michael answered.

"Please, Daddy, Please, Daddy, Please can we go with her, I like her so much, Please Daddy, Please!", Davey said as he looked-up at Michael with his hazel eyes.

"Well, Ok", Michael replied.

"Yippie", Davey said.

Delia took Michael and Davey to her car, they got into her car, she drove off back to her house, another hour later, They've arrived at Delia's house, they went inside and ate Dinner, that Delia had cooked for them, that evening, while Davey was sleeping on Delia's couch in the living room, Delia and Michael were still sitting at the kitchen table.

"So, Michael, are you married?".

"No, i'm not, my wife died in a car crash, when Davey was a newborn baby boy".

"Oh, i'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure your wife is in a better place, I've lost my husband in a car crash too".

"I'm sorry for your loss too, I'm sure your husband is also in a better place too, But Delia, I think we have something in commen".

"We do?".

"Yeah, We both like the same things, We both have spouses that were killed, and also I think that Davey likes you".

"Well, I like him too".

"and I like you too, Delia", Michael said.

"Me too", Delia replied.

Michael still looked at Delia and was still smiling at her, She was still smiling back at him.

"Michael, I think that you and davey should stay here with me, Just until you find a new place to live", Delia said.

"Ok, that'll be great, and also how about if I take you out on a Date?", Michael asked.

"Oh, I would love too", Delia answered.

They started planning on their first date, The Next Evening, Michael and Delia went out on their first Date together, They ate at a Romantic Resturant, Until Michael preposed to Delia to marry him, and She accepted, another moment later, Michael and Delia were married.


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