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Single Woman Adopts an Orphan Newborn Infant Baby Boy.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

April Mayfield, Single, Beautiful, Attractive, Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, woman, is about to became a first-time mom to an orphan newborn infant baby boy. She lives in a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a town called Arcadia, the fallowing chapter might have some sexual content that might not be good for small children. View table of contents...



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On a clear sunny day in Arcadia, April was at her house in a nursery, she was getting ready to adopt an orphan newborn infant baby boy at an orphanage, until the telephone ringed, she hurried out of the nursery, hurried down the hallway, down the stairs, she picked up the reciever, it was the orphanage, they've told her that they've found a newborn infant baby boy for her, she told them that she's on her way, she hung-up the phone, grabbed her purse, went out of the front door, walked down the sidewalk toward her car, got into her car, and drove off, another hour later, April arrived at the orphanage, she was put in a small room, April waited to see her adopted newborn infant son.

Chapter 1.

April sat down on the chair in the small room, until she couldn't stand sitting down anymore, She got up from her seat, started walking around, until she walked toward the window, and saw the other orphan boys and girls play, she saw the girls swinging on the swings, going up and down on a teeter-totter, she saw the boys play ball, until the ball started rolling toward the outside of the window, she saw one of the boys run after the ball, he grabbed the ball, looked-up at April, as she was watching him, he smiled at her, she smiled back at her, he went back to where the other boys were at, they continued playing, April gave a long sigh, suddenly she turned around when the closed door opened, a nurse walked in the small room, she was holding a baby blanket with little stars on it, April saw her sleeping adopted newborn infant son, he was sleeping, he was wearing a blue hat. the nurse gave April the sleeping newborn infant baby boy, she hold him in her arms, the nurse told her that his name was Joel. she signed the papers, and she took him to her house, about an hour later April and Baby Joel arrived home, she pulled up on the drive-way, she got her car keys out of her ignation, she walked around the passenger-side of the car, she opened the passenger-side door of the car, she unlocked her adopted newborn infant son, Joel from his car-seat, she picked him up, covered his face with another blanket, She walked on the sidewalk, up the front porch steps, on the front porch, she opened the front door, and went in the living room, she took the other blanket off of Joel's face, she carried him up the stairs, down the hallway, into the nursery, she laid him in his crib, she looked at him with her loving eyes, Two years later, Joel is now a 3-year-old toddler, on that evening, April was sleeping in her master bedroom, when she woke-up to Joel's screaming and crying, she got up out of her bed, went out of her master bedroom, down the hallway, and into Joel's bedroom, she sat down on his bed.

"Joel, what is it, Sweetie?", April asked as she was calming him down.

"there was a monster in my closet and it was about to touch my leg", Joel answered.

"Oh, there's no monster in your closet, I'm going to see if there is", April said as she got up from his bed, walked toward his bedroom closet, she opened it up, and looked inside.

"See, Joel, There's no Monster in there", April said as she closed his bedroom closet.

"Oh", Joel replied.


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