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Novel By: shika



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It was just another day for CHRISTENE.All day , teaching english for secondary kids made her tired , especially to keep them quiet.The instant she turns to the black board ,the class would get noisy but when she turns back there would be a deadly silence and not even the sound of a pin falling would be heard.Kids,they are always like that and she loves them all and enjoys their mischievous activities in silence though giving them a sweet advice that may sound stern to them.

Reaching home , she picked the key which she always had in case mom was outside, from her small cute pink leather purse and unlocked the door.

'Ah! Home atlast' she thought

."I'm home" she shouted , closing the door behind her.

"Hi honey! So how was your day?" asked her mom , who was in her late fifties.Old but pretty still .

"Just the usual nothing interesting except the children screaming like anything when a poor little honey-bee lost its track" she replied.

"Oh My GOD! It must have been hard for you I guess!".

"Don't guess!" was Christene's reply.

After a nice warm shower Christene changed into a lovely cotton frock with frills.Frocks were her all-time favourite, a change from the regular knee high skirt and stuffy top.And also ,frocks made her feel comfortable and even more prettier.

"Mom I'm hungry " she shouted coming down the stairs.If she wanted to go to her room , she had to climb a short flight of stairs but that didn't make her tired.

"Come here and take your Raspberry cookies and glass of milk, dear" her mom said.

After eating, she switched on the television and watched a couple of cartoons-yes, cartoons .She loved to watch cartoons just like a child.She was innocent and child-like always.But when it was about her life, she spoke in a matured way.

After watching cartoons, she waited eagerly for the 'TING TONG' sound ,Until then she took to reading the 'FASHIONISTA' magazine. After an hour or so , she heard the sound for which she was waiting.

"I'm home darling".

As soon as she heard the voice she shouted with joy "DADDY".

She rushed towards her dad with her mom behind.After getting loving hugs from his little daughter-who seemed little only for him and his wife LAURA ,he forgot that he was exhausted.GEORGE -Christene's dad ,worked in the 'LUCAS BANK' as a senior finance manager and he had a tough time counselling clients and taking care of the bank operations.

"Why were you late daddy?I was waiting for you!".

"Sorry dear, I was a bit busy" he said.

As he sat on the sofa tired to death , he heard his wife say"George , How many times have I told you to take your shower as soon as you come home?" from the kitchen , preparing creamy chicken paprika along with sourdough bread stuffing with pecans and cranberries.

"Yeah Honey! I'm going right away".

After a refreshing shower George helped his wife in the final steps of cooking while Christene was setting the table,The happy family had a mouth-watering dinner together.Then Christene helped her mom with the dishes after which came the 'FAMILY TIME'.It was the time after dinner where the family gathered in the drawing room to share the things what happened that day or to talk about a specific subject.And today's subject was about"Christene's MARRIAGE".Chris -Yeah! Chris was the name everyone called her by except those who were trying to be more formal.25-year old chris was unmarried and there was not a single day her parents didn't worry about.


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