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This is written as diary entries, if you like it please say and I will continue with the story! :-) View table of contents...



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October 15th 1996
Today we have moved to our new house! Me, mummy, daddy and our faithful dog Shep, who seemed pretty excited. The house looks like an old Victorian place, with black beams criss crossing all around the walls outside, the indoors is marvellous too! My bedroom has a view of a river that runs through two small hills, it looks so serene in the autumn sunshine! Shep has his own little cupboard room which is full of his toys, he also has a kennel outside. I start school tomorrow I so hope the children are nice!
February 16th 1996
The children at Westfield Elementary are absolutely delightful, they made me feel so welcome. This one girl called Eva - short for Evangeline, helped me all through the day! However a boy, his name was George said the most peculiar thing. He said our house was haunted! I thought nothing of it and said it was absurd to even think about. After school I walked Shep and saw the duck pond in a park a minutes walk from the school, it would be lovely to take a stroll and feed the ducks - I asked mummy and she said it was a great idea! I will ask around about the idea of this house being haunted, and try to put the rumour to an end!
February 17th 1996
After asking everyone, even my teacher Mrs. Perc I discovered most people thought a spirit really wandered through our house! I asked daddy and he said it was an old legend, but that's all he would say, this should be fun. You see I have an idea if I say tales of paranormal activity then I could scare those children, I shall love the looks on their faces!
February 18th 1996
Wow it was such fun! At first I said that the house might be haunted, which grabbed everybody's attention, and then I spoke of such dark tales that some people started quivering! I said 'Yesterday I was eating tea when the door slammed, I thought it was Shep but he was outside chasing some wild rabbits. So I blamed the wind and continued to eat, but then the oven blazed on shocking me and my parents. Daddy tried to turn it of but the knob was stuck, we rushed out of the house and stayed outside for a long time. Daddy went in first, everything was normal, how it had been left. We were spooked but carried on with our meal'. I had added so much exaggeration to my voice that it truly sounded sinister! I shall do it the day after tomorrow as it might seem strange if it was everyday.
February 19th 1996
I tried not to laugh as everyone rushed to me wondering if there was more news. Fortunately there wasn't because if there was I wouldn't have been able to say it in case I went mad with giggles! Aah tomorrow will be funny but I must think of more tales to tell those children! Well I hope the 'ghosts' don't get me while I sleep anyway.
February 20th 1996
The plan went devilishly well, for starters everyone had chills at the thoughts their imaginations had produced from my tales. Today I said 'This morning as I brushed my teeth the window jolted about opening and closing at will, I tried to pull it shut but I wasn't strong enough! Then my toothpaste squirted out of the tube in a minty paste creating mess all over my floor, the cabinets flew open and toilet roll was being flung everywhere sticking to the toothpaste and creating a gooey mixture on the tiles. Mummy thought it was me but it was a ghost and I know it, I am surprised I didn't scream and run for the hills!'. This tale was unlikely but they swallowed it down, going slowly it as if it was the last slice of pie at a picnic. Oh this is gloriously fun and I am the only one who knows!


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