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College Intrusion

Novel By: SilverTonguette

It's about college life in a sorts, but the girl has a plan, and the boy wants nothing to with the plan. He intends to keep him and the girl seperate but the girl is crafty. View table of contents...


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My mom has always taught that if I can't say anything nice then don't speak. I followed her advice as I sat on my bed in my college dorm and my roommate complained about my lock on my door. She stomped around the room as I read the book I was assigned, banging things around, screaming about not having anything to wear. I ignored her until she grabbed my book and tossed it across the room. I calmly looked at up at her and said, "That wasn't nice." I uncurled myself and went to retrieve it. She stood in front of my.

"I need clothes to go on this date tonight. We're going to a club." Her head wobbled after every word she spoke, her blond hair following suit. I side stepped her and walked to my book. "This guy is really interested in me, and I need something cute to wear. Like your blue skirt and white spahetti string tank top. Oh! And maybe even those beautiful white sandles with the wood bottom." I picked my book up and checked for imprefections, again ignoring her. I didn't even know her name. That's how much I didn't like her. "Nalla? Are you listening to me?

"Wear your own clothes. God knows you have plently of them." I murmured, pushing my reading glasses up my nose and peering at her. She was beutiful but stuck up. I didn't like her because she was stuck up and always getting into my clothes. I put a lock on my door, and when she snuck the key out of my bag, I found a tiny safe that took a combination to open, I put the key in there. Ever since, she's been trying to open the safe, using birthdays. I rolled my eyes at her when she huffed and puffed all the way to the bathroom to do her make-up. Resuming from where I was inturupted, I read on, thinking about getting a new roommate. This one was making my life horrible.

When she finally left for this date, I sprawled on my bed and closed my eyes. I was exhausted. My night classes, I have two, trained me. Then I had a 5am class. After that it was breakfast time, then a nap for two hours. My 9am class ran to noon. I free for the rest of the day. except Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays. I have two classes that come once a week, sometimes twice. M y night classes started at midnight. I studied from noon to about 6, unless it was one of the days I had an extra class.

My goal since I was little was to become a female math teacher. All through grade school and high school, I hadn't had a math teacher. A long withmy friends from out of state. I always grimanced, thinking it's about a female becomes a math teacher, and that I was going to be me! My head lolled to the side as I started to fall asleep. The book slipped from my hand and the noises around me turned up then slowly turned down. The light from the room slowly faded until I was fully asleep, where I dreamed of...nothing...

I woke to my roommate coming home, and I roused myself. I looked at the clock on the night stand. I streched and knocked the kinks out of my back. She laughed into the mouth of a guy she just met. He pushed her on her bed and climbed on top of her. I took a breath mint, grabbed my books and left. It was time for my classes anyway. I heard her laugh a little harder, then her laughter was drown out by a smothering kiss, which probably had her gasping for air. I shut the door and all the sounds become quiet. I sighed and glanced up. Coming down the hall toward me was Ronald Roll, the line backer for our college football team. He was all muscle, standing at 6 foot 3, with dark hair and a killer smile. He didn't look up from his phone as he trailed past me. The air left in his wake smelled of laundry soap and AXE. Probably dark temptations. I shivered internally and walked down the way he'd come, my flats making little noise on the tiles, my skinny jeans tucked into the heel of the flates and my shirt untucked. I smiled silently to myself, realising that Ronald always had a dorm room to himself, and he was usually in the co-ed part of the school, because nobody was over there.

This could work to my advanaged. I grinned a little wider and nearly skipped to my next class.


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