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No More Tears

Novel By: simplyema

Kate Seyfried was a junior high school student. She was a loner but she doesn't care about it. Everything changed when he met a transferee cute student named Kyle. Kyle did everything that he could just to befriend her or just simply make her smile. But Kate is too hard. She doesn't want to fall in love. She doesn't want to be hurt again.. View table of contents...


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It was Monday morning, first day of school in University of Toronto. Kate was still on her bed, sleeping so tightly .

Aside from her, all the person in the house were so busy. Her two cousins Lily and Rebecca were already dressed for school and they were already eating for breakfast.

Kitty, Kate's cat tried to wake her. It went to her bed and walk on top of Kate. At last, Kate woke up seeing her very cute cat.

Kate went off the bed calmly and went downstairs not knowing that it was the first day of her being a junior student. The house was empty. A few seconds later, she realized that it was Monday and it was supposed to be the first day of her school. She glanced at the wall clock.

It was already seven a.m.! Ten minutes to go before her class will start. She quickly take a shower for three minutes. Then, take her red shirt and put her favorite jacket above it. Paired with her jeans and black sneakers. She comb her hair, brush her teeth, and sip a half glass of milk. Two minutes left!

She hurriedly went to her school for it was just a few blocks away from their house. She was already used to this kind of scene for she was always a late comer or she comes to school one minute before the bell will ring. It doesn't even matter to her, because she doesn't want to talk to her fellow students in free time.

Kate, at last, arrived on school. She searched for her name in the lobby. Room eight, that's her new room. Then, the bell rang .

She went through the corridor with her unruly hair. A handsome guy walked into her in opposite direction.

This guy was amazed in his first sight of Kate. Kate's aura was different compared to the other girls he saw, pretty but calm and mysterious.

This guy is Kyle Cameron. A new student of which was from Montreal, Canada and now their family transferred in Ontario for good. He was looking for his room just a while ago. Since, he doesn't know that the list of student and their respective room was posted in lobby, he searched for his name that was posted in the door of every room and he still can't find his room. He was not really a shy-typed guy that he will not ask some students for assistance but he noticed that no students walk alone, they all have with them their company laughing and talking.

And for this girl, she just saw, she's all alone. It seems that it's okay for her to be alone.

He forgot that he was looking for his room. He waited Kate to walk a longer distance from him so that she will never notice that he was following her. Kate was walking a little bit fast, and so Kyle did.

Kate entered in room eight through the back door. The class just finished praying and greet their adviser but they don't notice Kate entering the room. Kate found her seat in the last row( right side) and in the last seat.

Kyle was outside the room. Few seconds later, he had come to his senses. He looked at the list of students posted in room eight. Kyle Cameron… His name was there.

Kyle was standing outside the door. Without any effort, his classmates including his teacher noticed him. Some girls started to talk about him and felt some chills seeing this very cute and innocent guy.

The teacher stared at him."Who are you?"

Kyle smiled innocently, a little bit nervous .

"I'm Kyle Cameron."

"Oh,you're the new student. You may enter now and find your seat."

Kyle went in the first seat of row four. The moment he sat down, the girls near him started laughing silently and whispering at each other. Kyle noticed them but he thought that his classmates were just being friendly.

The guys in the class also noticed this and felt a little jealousy toward this guy but they still wanna try to befriend him.

Their adviser- Mrs. Carolyn Meyer was talking in front of the class but none of them seems to listen. And if there is, maybe there are only five students listening-the silent-type students or what they called the 'weirdo ones'.

"Hi, bro," a student at the back of kyle greet lively. He seems to be a nice guy and friendly.

"Hello,"Kyle gave him a high-five.

"Wow, I thought you were so vain. By the way, I'm Brian Mcmurphy, and these are my friends, Keith and Carl Morgan. Since elementary, we were already very close that's why our group was called "The Three Muskeeters."

Brian was a nice and a little bit cute guy but not a heart-throb type. Maybe because he's just so nice and friendly to all that he can be Mr. Campus Friendly. And because he is so friendly, he is the junior representative of the school.

His friend Keith and Carl Morgan were twins. They were both tall, white, and very neat. Their parents were faculty member. Their mother was the librarian and their father was just the principal of the high school department. You can always see them both laughing but they were both a genius especially in Chemistry. But Carl always get higher scores than Keith. They are not very look alike and obviously Keith is more attractive than Carl.

"I'm Kyle Cameron, so you're the Three Musketeers. I guess I can't join your group."

"Why? Actually we want you to be one of us. You'll be very lucky to be one of us. Only VIP's got in this slot."

"I'm afraid I'm gonna ruin your group's name."

"Oh yeah, but if you want a company, we are always here for you."

Kyle smiled, overwhelmed by the warm welcome of his new classmates. He looked at the back and saw Kate.

"Bro, who's she?" Kyle asked.

Keith followed the direction of Kyle's eyes through his fingers and realized that it was Kate whom Kyle meant.


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