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Circus Love

Novel By: Uploaded

Living with freaks in the Circus, with a small group of dancers. Skank, Naive, and Me! but what else is i found my love finally back again.

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" Here ma'am is where you will store you personal belongings" a man wearing a white glove pointed out a locker. I looked at the locker, it's no ordinary locker. It's a wreck! but this is the only way i could get my money. why do i need money when i'm only 17? well simple

My name is Mariana, Marry for short. I'am 17 years old and live a terrible time with a single Mom, my parents got divorced when i was 13. i lost everything with that, my Dad took every stuff of mine from him. well, i' am broke. Heres the thing, i don't even know my last name. I stopped school and have a homeschool life, since we're broke my mom decide i shouldn't go anywhere. I' AM A FREAK.

I sighed, "thank you for giving me a tour in this amazing unusual circus" i said rolling my eyes, can't this get any worst? the guide chuckled " Mariana, this is no ordinary circus, they see us as freaks, we act like freaks no matter when or where" he smiled. "Like being myself? because i accuse myself on being a freak" i looked at him. He smiled and pat my head as he leave me alone.

" You're a dancer?" a girl came to me while i was unpacking my things. I nodded. " Perfect! I was looking for you. I'm glad you're a dancer here!". I'm confused " Who are you?" i asked her. " I'm Nina, and this is Jeniffer. we're both 17 too" Nina have a short beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, while Jeniffer have a dirty pink long hair with bangs and green eyes. " We dance!" Jeniffer said proudly.

Nina came closer to me and whispered " Jeniffer is Naive sometimes, so don't talk too much with her". I smiled and noded. Nina clapped her hand one time " great! lets go to the practice room and start planning for the dance! have you experience dancing? because you will be playing with poles. Poles?! it feels like a club with poles " I experience ballet, contemporary, and other stuffs like that. i can handle poles" i smiled

we then started practicing. it's pretty simple we start dancing and twirling and must practice acting. We did a lot of moves until we stopped and have a break.

Dear Diary

I don't know whats worst, being broke or dancing with freaks. well both of them are bad, anyways i'm tired i will talk again tomorrow.

N/A Sorry if it too short, i will improve in the next chapter. this is just the introduction of a soon to be Circus Freak and sorry if I made mistakes here! chapter 2 coming asap


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