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Vrunda Bhatt a girl of 14…is very normal and helpful girl…she likes to keep things simple and sweet…she has many problems in her house which she can’t share with her 5 best friends and keeps it to herself…showing people that she is okay and giving a fake smile is her hobby…helping her best friends and getting them out of problems is what she always do...she hates the word “LOVE” and thinks about why people change after getting into love…well she gets her answer when she finally falls in love…but all she finds out is love is all about pain…Where’s hearts involve there’s way too much too loose.. View table of contents...


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As the time struck 6:30 we all come out escaping from the long boring class.
"Vrunda what's the matter. Are you okay?"
"Hi raj. Um…nothing it's just di. She got a new boyfriend and now she behaves so weird. I used to tell you na that my elder sister is not at all like other elder sister's, but I guess that turns out to be wrong now."
"Chill. Love changes everybody."
"Well ya I can see that in Pranali's case. But you never changed I mean I know you since we were in 1st grade. You didn't change a bit when you fall in love."
"Because I never got into real love." he said winking at me.
"Raj you bastard."
"Vrunda you bitch."

That's the thing with me and raj. We are like this only. Never mind each other. We have the real boys talk when we are alone. We share non-veg jokes. In fact I saw my first porn video with him only though I closed my eyes after seeing the main characters getting their clothes off. Anyways. He is like my bro. he shares everything with me and I with him. Unlike pranali he listens me and even helps me to get out of it. I can always count on him.

"No but seriously. Who made this love? I mean I think its bullshit. I think its better being single then being in love. At least we don't get changed and forget people like they never existed." I said sounding annoyed.
"That's coz you never loved someone and that's the reason you think like this. Once you fall in love you'll understand."
"Oh please. I am never falling in love."
"You will. As soon as you get a real guy as your type's."
"Hey you asses what are you talking about?" Darshan said from behind running towards us. Darshan. My best friend. I knew him since the 1st grade but never got to know him much. But since 8th grade he started liking Pranali and tried to interact with her through me. As I was the only one who was close to her. That's when I got to know darshan and we became good friends. Well kind of best friends. I didn't succeed in getting them together though…as Pranali just saw him like her best friend. And that broke Darshan's heart. Pranali and Darshan are best friends since then and Darshan pretends in front of her that he don't like her anymore though that's not true.
"Well we are talking about that you and Pranali where real close today in class. I mean common man she has a boyfriend." Raj said
"Shut up raj. I know that. And we were just entertaining ourselves in that boring class."
"Uhuh. Really darshan?" I said teasing him.
"Yes Vrunda. Now shut the fuck up and let's go to Vishal. I'm hungry." Darshan said keeping a hand on his stomach. Raj punched his stomach and they started there funny fight on the road.

Vishal the best place to hang out…the sandwiches here are awesome…coke with sandwiches makes our day.

"Wait where is Pranali?" I said looking around when I didn't saw her with our group.
"I'm here. Sorry I was taking notes from Pratvi."

Pratvi my best friend/enemy. Well you must be thinking why enemy. That's because we fight a lot as we have very less things in common. But still we forget everything once we talk. Pratvi has a beautiful body which is nicely curved and shaped. Her black short hair suits her cute little round face well. She is very cheerful but unpredictable sometimes. She loves to study. We can call her nerd but her appearance doesn't looks like a nerd. She loves to party and spend time with boys. She is the second most popular girl in the school. She loves gossiping about things like this.....

"Guys did you just hear. OMG. Urja is double dating." Pratvi said putting a hand on my shoulder from back.
"Pratvi do we really care?!" Raj says rolling his eyes…
"And who is telling you to hear what I am saying?" Pratvi said sounding annoyed.
"The way you are screaming the whole world can hear you. Anyways where is Umair?"
"Oh he is getting punishment by hirav sir for not doing his homework. There he comes"
"Hi guys. Wassup. You all started without waiting for me?" Umair said smiling at us.

Umair is tall with smart looks and blue eyes. He looks like a model. He is famous in school for his mischiefs and always gets scolded by the teachers. Well he is also my good friend.

"Umair you should do your homework in time." I said looking serious.
"Homework sucks." He said yawning.
"Dude I know it does but at least you won't get insulted by the teachers. I mean in front of all those hot chicks in our class." Darshan said biting his sandwich. I smiled at Pranali who was staring Darshan.
"Can we drop this? Am hungry." He said biting my sandwich.
"That's mine you ass. Get your own."
Umair winked at me, got up and went to the counter to order his and Pratvi's sandwich.

So this is my group of friends. Pranali, Pratvi, Darshan, Raj, Umair and me. Darshan and Raj are said to be gay partners as they are always together. Pratvi and Umair are best friends but sometimes people think they are in love. Actually they should be in love. Because they both look perfect for each other. Moving on I and Pranali are said to be lesbo partners (though we are not) we are always together and look out for each other.

"Hey Stuart you remember Na tomorrow's girls volleyball match??"
I call Pranali Stuart because her nose is like a mouse and Stuart little is the best character which suits her.
"Yeah Vrunz I remember we are going to rock. Right Pratvi."
"Yea babes. Absolutely." Pratvi said winking at Pranali.
"And girls don't forget about the movie later on." Raj said poking at me.
"Ya we won't Raj don't worry. Now bye guys I got to go. See you later." I said picking up my bag and standing up.
"Vrunda am coming with you wait." Pranali said.
We left Vishal and started walking towards our house.
"Vrunda can I call Aayush also for the movie?"
"Do you need to ask me?"
"NO but you know Darshan will be there and I don't wanna see him hurt."
"Well he has to face the truth…"
"I know but still. You know na how much I hate to hurt him."
"I know but I guess he'll be fine."
"I hope so. Okay then see you tomorrow. Bye."


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