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Fading Friendship

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, Second work;this is more of a free verse. I hope you enjoy :) The thoughts my long faded friendship.

I wonder why some things never last,
Like relationships , those unforgettable
Memories you make with your best friend.
Or at least who you thought was your best friend.
Everything just starts to fade like smoke rising higher
In the night air, you can still smell, sense it, but
Sometimes you don’t know what caused it.
I’ve asked people why some things never last
And they told me this, short and sweet, “it is because
We’ve grown up”.
We grow up, we grow apart, we grow to nothing.
We don’t even acknowledge each other anymore,
No letters, no phone calls, not a “hello good to see you”,
I wonder…
When I grow up, will I treat people the way they’ve treated
Me only because I’ve grown up?
I do not want to grow into smoke,
Fade into the night, only sense that I am here
And not see myself. Not see you.
I want to know why this happened and where it started.
I want to stop it before it chokes us and kills
The amazing memories we made together.
Our memories.

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