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His dark eyes

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, This is poem is about something I thought would never happen to me.

I see them now.

Those dark pretty eyes.

His dark pretty eyes.

Such knowing and beautiful eyes,

Hypnotizing me with every blink.

Sometimes I wonder what he might think.


His dark eyes seep and slither through me,

Hunting for something,

Hunting for me.

I know he'll find me.

His dark eyes found my secrets,

They found my fears, they found my love.


His dark eyes, the most beautiful of eyes,

Saw me.

The me no one even bothered to see.

His dark eyes healed me,

They loved me,

He loved me.


Those pretty dark eyes

Are my lover’s eyes.

His pretty dark eyes

Will never utter to me any lies.

They calm me still, and stop my cries.

I know God has given me a wonderful prize.

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