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By: AemmaBella

Page 1, This is my first published work, I would like feedback and advice would be nice :) I hope you like it. (scroll down for summary) He\'s not in love anymore and instead of talking about it with her he drifts away and develops a hostile attitude towards her advances. She then leaves him wanting nothing more to do with his callow behavior.

I am the only one here
Yet you never come near
Me, why do you turn away
And run the other way.
What did I do?
Did I offend you?

You ignore my calls,
You’ve been putting up walls
Around yourself pushing me away.
I never hurt you (at least not intentionally)
But you never come my way.
What did I do?

Must I get down on my knees
And beg you to speak to me?
You run away like I’ve done the most heinous of deeds.
I’ve done so much for you and satisfied your needs,
It is as if I am a plague in your eye,
You fight me as if you might die.
Must I look at you and say this end is true?

Bidding farewell is not what I do but I cannot stand this silence,
I will tell you this and I will tell you this once,
I am no plague nor annoyance,
I am a woman with ears and a voice,
I will speak to you, you will listen, and you will speak
To me, I will listen; I cannot let this be the peak
of our liaison, and your cruel animosity will not scare
Me away. Speak to me once more, bare
This with me.
You won’t…
Then I shall bid you a fair adieu.

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