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the undiscovered artist

By: delapruch

Page 1, na.

striving endlessly to

preserve her/himself in


having spent no time to pop out

the biological pez that 99% of others do,

rather instead,

working to put more

cultural seed out into the


s/he would be at a loss,

the greatest that s/he had ever known,

if in fact,

s/he was found to be interesting

in the eyes of the easily pleased, neon,

five second exposure,

that makes & breaks those who

might’ve spent a lifetime

creating a vast amount of precious


which generations later

might be able to use

in order to stand on the proverbial giant’s

shoulders &

keep the wave splashing up against the

shore of



the irony is that to be found is to be

decided upon, evaluated &

shelved, whilst one is still alive &


killing one’s greatest love so quick

with the label of


as if reinvention & the fun that accompanies

an artist doing so,

would be cauterized by the consuming


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