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Blindly searching for Meaning

By: Elena ArtistiC

Page 1, Love does not last forever... What do you do the rest of the time?


Blindly searching for Meaning…


Life is a highway

There are times when you don’t’ know where to go

And you wish you had never been born

Life is a highway


It was morning, I think

And it was sunny, when I thought I finally found what I’d been chasing


For so long….


They had told me so many times that life is pretty and it’s a “gift”

And with time I learnt to say it as well.

It’s not that hard.


But it was that exact moment, that morning, when I - still a child – saw it.

It was that moment when I understood and believed what they had been saying to me since I was a little girl.

Then I knew the meaning of life

and its beauty

and God himself!


Because that’s when I knew that all of that was you!

You made me wake up every day wanting to live!

You showed me the greatness of everything

If God did not exist, who could create something as perfect as you?


And when I lost you…

I stood there asking for just one thing…

 just some more meaning in my life…. 

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